Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Report Exonerates Me!

This is one of those little things that make me wish that I wasn’t on holiday hiatus.

President-Elect Barack Obama finally addressed his transition team’s connection to disgraced and corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and the governor’s desire to whore out Obama’s senate seat to the best deal that he can get out of it. They released a report on December 23rd that pointed out all of the times that Obama or his people, including his intended Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, met with Blago and his people, and then concluded that the transition people did “nothing wrong” because Emanuel and group had “no idea” that Blago would be demanding anything in return for fulfilling his constitutional requirement.

See? That’s it! There is no “there” there! Show’s over, guys! Pack it in and have a Merry Christmas!

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it.

Yes, that’s right, cons and neo-cons, I said that I DO NOT BUY the report!

It’s not that I question the information they provide in that report, or that I disagree with the conclusion they provide.

I question the source. I question the supplier of this report.

Who came out with this report that exonerates the Obama transition team? THE OBAMA TRANSITION TEAM!

This did not come from the federal prosecutors investigating Blagojovich, mostly because chief inquisitor himself, Patrick Fitzgerald, has already cleared the Obama people of any wrongdoing. But it also didn’t come from any independent investigation of the situation. This came from the Obama people.

Is any of this sinking in? The people accused of wrongdoing are judging themselves to be innocent and we are simply expected to BUY that!

Sound familiar? Absolutely!

It was just two months ago when Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin, already in the throws of her GOP running-mate bliss, was hit with a scathing investigative report concerning the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan for his refusal to fire Palin’s former brother-in-law following a nasty divorce and custody battle. The report concluded that Governor Palin violated the state’s ethics law by using her office for personal gain, even though it was not the sole reason for Monegan’s termination.

Prior to that report, though, Palin’s people released their own version of the investigation, which completely exonerated her, and told reporters that they didn’t have to pay any attention on this issue because it’s already done and she’s innocent and we can go back to the presidential election.

I didn’t buy into that report, so why should I buy the one coming from the Obama people?

In fact I believe that this is a trend that really needs to be given its long overdue Bernard Goetz treatment.

One of the surest ways to make government corrupt is when it is allowed to serve as its own judge and jury, to say that NOBODY can judge them, except themselves. It’s bad enough that we have religious leaders that proclaim that they answer to nobody but THEIR interpretations of God. They don’t have guns! (That’s why they latch on to government.) But when you have political officials… people WITH guns… that essentially declare the same thing… then we got a problem.

This is something that local governments do quite often. Atlanta’s former thug-mayor Bill Campbell was notorious for his abuses of power, and he was able to get away with them time and time again. Do you know why? Because all complaints went through the city’s Ethics Committee… which are all HAND-PICKED by the mayor.

In other words, the mayor declared himself, through his cronies, to be the judge of his own actions. Every time someone filed an ethics charge, the evidence would be dismissed, the mayor would be vindicated by his cronies, and then he would gloat about how “honest” and how “ethical” he really is.

So why did Campbell end up going to prison anyway? Because he was prosecuted and convicted in FEDERAL court. He was judged in a system that he could not control! And THAT made all the difference.

THIS is the world that Sarah Palin and Rod Blagojevich come from! They came up from this kind of arrogance and pompous self-righteousness. An environment that suggests that they are answerable to NOBODY except for the voters, and those “poor saps” are more malleable than Play-D’oh!

This is why America’s founding fathers set up things such as separation of powers and checks-and-balances in the federal government! It wasn’t to make life difficult for those in power. It was to make sure that they be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions!

This is why I’m a supporter of a Special Investigator looking into White House activities. I’m also very critical of watching members of Congress judge themselves. Members of the House and Senate should not be judging themselves. They sit in judgment of the White House and the Judiciary. They should NOT be judging themselves.

It is THIS kind of impropriety that Obama and his people have to kill. I mean, did Emanuel and Obama and company REALLY think that issuing THEIR OWN REPORT THAT EXONERATES THEMSELVES would put this issue to an end? Did they REALLY think that the conservatives and neo-conservatives and their trained parrots in talk radio would simply back off once this report came out? HELL NO! They still don’t believe that Obama is a US Citizen; or even a Christian; much less that he won the 2008 Election fair and square!

No, this will HANG on Obamamania. This will HANG on Obamamania like Vince Foster clinged to the neck of the Bill and Hillary Clinton. You remember Hillary, right? She whose aspirations you trounced and who is now going to be your Secretary of State? This is something that conservatives and neo-conservatives are the masters of… transforming moronic single-mindedness into a colossal white elephant conspiracy.

If Obama and company want to PROVE that they are different from the abuses of power that so characterize the Bush Imperium, then they have to DEMONSTRATE it. And that means not doing ANYTHING that even remotely suggests that they are above reproach or above accountability.

When the neighbors come a-knocking

Forget "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" and "Meteor". Forget those bad made-for-TV movies on the subject.

What would happen if a serious asteroid hit the Earth?

Not those little itty-bitty ones the size of a car. BIG. BIG like in one of the serious asteroids that has been coming closer and closer to this planet.

Here's what it would look like. (Note: the Pink Floyd music was added by the poster.)

NOW... are you ready to put some serious thought into space colonization?

Friday, December 26, 2008

The bill is due!

Now that Christmas is over with, the presents have been opened, the toys have been played with, the meal has been enjoyed, and the toasts were made.... now we have to worry about paying for it all.

For years I warned that economic downturns were coming. I was ignored. I was ridiculed. People refused to take me seriously.

To all those people I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

To all the people that bought into the lies about how "the fundamentals are sound", I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

And to all who were thinking that mine was the only prediction, I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

And it does not matter if you REFUSE to admit that you were WRONG! REALITY is PROVING you to be wrong!

There were others who said the same thing that I have been saying. There were others that saw the same signs that I saw. Some even saw them earlier.

Those people have been intentionally and systematically marginalized so their warnings would not be heard.

But REALITY cannot be silenced in the same way as our predictions can be silenced. REALITY proves myself and those like me to be RIGHT.

Had my warnings or even the warnings of others been heeded, we would not be facing the kind of problems that are plaguing us today, or at the very least not with the severity that we are dealing with right now. It could be managed without needing to spend trillions of dollars that we do not have and worrying about whether or not it would be enough.

I'm not here to gloat. I am not here to relish in my being proven right. I would rather be proven wrong in this, but I wasn't. I am here to inform you that the sharp pain in your rear, and the slap upside your head, and the stick in your eye, is all from REALITY.

We have a new president coming into office next month. He will be handed the same bill that was handed to his predecessor. It doesn't matter if he addresses that bill or if he tries to pass it on to the next person with a little extra added in. At some point, that bill is DUE, and we are already paying the consequences for it being due!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This just in... Bush Bails Santa Claus!

White House Bails Santa
Treaury Department To Issue $30 Billion After Congress Fails

WASHINGTON DC - (Whazituya News Service) The Bush Administration has announced that they will be authorizing $30 billion of the $700 billion bailout program to aid in Santa's Workshop in the North Pole.

"Children may still be nestled all snug in their beds," said Treasury spokesman Ima B. Glyer, "but they no longer have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, and we can no longer pretend that they do. Santa needs this money just as much as any other struggling company."

The bailout program comes days after President George W. Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson authorized the spending of $17 billion in financial assistance for the US automakers following the failure of Congress to authorize $15 billion in a separate program. While Democrats in both the House and the Senate had intended to approve up to $25 billion for Santa, the measure was pulled after Senate Republicans had threatened a filibuster.

"The members of the Senate are acting like grinches," said Glyer. "They watch as an institution that has brought joy to countless billions of boys and girls for generations collapse. President Bush said that was unacceptable, and we agree."

What was not mentioned, however, is an explanation of where the $30 billion will come from, since the first half of the allocated $350 billion from the Paulson bailout has already been spent, with the remaining $17 billion going to the automakers. Glyer says that will be up to the Congress to work out in January.

"This was a time for quick decisions, and since Congress was unwilling to make the right decision, President Bush decided he needed to make it. This is truly an institution that is too big to fail."

Santa's Toy Factory Incorporated has been posting negative gains for several years, blaming most of it on the demand for hi-tech items such as video gamess and televisions, as well as the mass-production of cheap imports from China.

A spokesman for Santa's Toy Factory says that Santa welcomes the effort of the Bush Administration to come to their aid in a dire time of need, although they refuse to comment as to whether or not President George W. Bush would be put on the "nice" list because of it.

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"On The Bubble" - SciFi’s Predictions and My Own

The SciFi Channel’s website just did a little article talking about the science-fiction-related TV shows that are considered to be “on the bubble” of being canceled. I figured I would toss in a few of my own critiques, especially after my segment on TV programming just the other week.

Show: Chuck. NBC, season two. Episodes this season: 24.

D2 Summary: Nerdy dead-ender gets involved with a superspy group.

SciFi Says: This oh-so-charming series impressed NBC brass so much before it even began airing its second season that they ordered a full season's worth of episodes. And while the ratings aren't thrilling, the show hasn't missed a beat creatively, and those ratings are starting to creep up on the much more hyped Heroes. Filled with funny secondary characters and charismatic leads with the best romantic complications this side of Pushing Daisies, what's not to love? But Chuck remains on the bubble, with just 7 million or so viewers, though they seem to be ticking up.

Odds of getting a third season: Even

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? Just keep doing what they're doing already. It's not a runaway hit, but this series knows exactly what it is, and nobody does comedy/romance/action better.

D2 Says: This is not SciFi. This is a nerd fantasy, especially when hanging around with normal people and falling for a hottie. And it's not "on the bubble" if they have a steady audience.

Show: Eleventh Hour. CBS, season one. Episodes this season: 18.

D2 Summary: X-files with different people and weirder events.

SciFi Says: Who would have thought that being a Jerry Bruckheimer production would hurt a show? Expectations were huge as this series kicked off, and it gets the best ratings of the shows on the bubble. But ratings vary week to week more than they should. CBS did not have enough confidence to give the series a full-season order, which is never a good sign. But ratings have ticked up lately, and the series is beginning to find its rhythm. Hood and Rachel's relationship is growing, and there are plans to bring in a third character to help add some more spice to the mix.

Odds of getting a second season: 1 in 2

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? The flesh-eating-sexually-transmitted-disease-turned-loose-during-spring-break episode that attracted more than 13 million viewers: Do more like that.

D2 says: How about you skip the flesh-eating part and stick with the STD and spring break parts? You're up at 10pm anyway, so give the freedom-haters something to bitch about!

Show: Heroes. NBC, season three. Episodes this season: 25.

D2 Summary: What happens when ordinary people discover they have superhuman abilities? Think more along the lines of Bryan Singer's "X-Men".

SciFi Says: What's happened to our beloved Heroes? Season one topped out at just over 16 million viewers, while the final episode of "Volume Three: Villains" wasn't even able to hit 8 million. The first season was brilliant, but how many times can you save the world and have it mean something? The upcoming "Volume Four: Fugitives" holds possibilities for more personal storytelling.

Odds of getting a fourth season: 1 in 5

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? We already love these characters, but don't be afraid to kill one or two of the regulars off ... permanently. For the world to be real to us, there need to be consequences.

D2 Says: How about stories that make sense? And whoever decided to put Heroes on the long hiatus should be canned. THAT killed the interest more than the confusing storylines. By the way, don't complain about death after Arthur Petrelli, Elle, Eric Doyle, Knox, Niki Sanders, Meredith, and Usutu all died in this season. Oh, and more powers, less moping about them.

Repeat after me: ANGST KILLS!

Show: Life on Mars. ABC, season one. Episodes this season: 17.

D2 Summary: Present-day cop gets knocked on his ass and ends up in the 70's. No, I'm serious.

SciFi Says: Considering Life on Mars is a tough sell (What is it about, anyway? Time travel? Coma dreams? Alternate reality? Aliens?), the series has developed a consistent fan base. This is no doubt because of a terrific cast and challenging storytelling, with surprising mysteries episode after episode. But 8 1/2 million or so viewers aren't enough to make this series safe. Life on Mars is being moved to Wednesdays after Lost on Jan. 28.

Odds of getting a second season: 1 in 8

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? Give us some answers, but not too many. We don't really know what's going on with Lost either. In fact, this mind-tripping series probably has more in common with Lost than any other series on television. But can Life on Mars overcome the fact that no series has successfully been able to follow Lost? That one is too hard to predict.

D2 Says: This show can go away. We don't need to be reminded that there are things that happened thirty years ago that don't happen today.

Show: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fox, season two. Episodes this season: 22.

D2 Summary: Somewhere in between "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines", the cyborg killers return, and a sexy waif Terminatrix sends mother-and-son fugitives Sarah and John Connor a few years into the future to stop Skynet. (In other words, everything in T3 doesn't exist anymore. Sarah still lives and Connor is still a headcase.)

SciFi Says: When Sarah Connor's first season premiered early this year, Fox executives were doing the happy ratings dance. It looked like it could be the next House. Unfortunately, House isn't even House these days, and no series has fallen farther. Sarah Connor hasn't been able to crack 6 million for most of the season. But there is hope. The series is moving to Fridays, paired with Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

Odds of getting a second season: 1 in 20

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? The move to Fridays will make or break Sarah Connor, and partnering with Whedon's latest brainchild can only help. But there's one big problem with the series: It's got terrific action, a powerful mythology, hot actors and the saddest characters on television. But does it have to be so depressing? Lighten up already!

D2 Says: Problem one is that EVERYONE seems to be going back into time now. It's Grand Central Station now. Problem two is that Cromarite (the cyborg that followed the Connors into the present) is still alive. They shoot it, they bury it, and they go to melt it down and it's gone. Will someone PLEASE just melt that junker and be done with it? Problem three is that our ginger-haired Terminatrix seems to be doing more to interfere with the timeline than anyone else by literally creating Skynet herself instead of it being a fluke of technology. (In other words, she gets to be her own grandmother.) At this rate nobody will recognize the story from the next Terminator movie when it comes out. Or maybe that was the whole idea anyway?

Show: Knight Rider. NBC, season one. Episodes this season: 17.

D2 Summary: Continuing from the NBC post-Super Bowl movie, Mike Traceur gets recruited to drive the Knight Industries Three-Thousand (KITT) and serve as the point man for "The Foundation" and their small team of super-tech specialists.

SciFi Says: It was a bit of a surprise when the ratings-lite Knight Rider got picked up for a full season. The series does well among the young male demographic, a traditionally hard-to-reach audience. But ratings started to erode, and the audience has dwindled to just over 5 million viewers. The network recently pulled back the order to 17. Now the producers' mantra is "reboot." They promise characters will die and the series will move a bit closer to the original 1982 series.

Odds of getting a second season: 1 in 100.

What do the producers need to do to improve the odds? Let's face it, Knight Rider needs one hell of a reboot to build its audience to a place where it would have a chance at a second season. Right now, the season finale is set for Feb. 25, and unless there's an immediate bump in ratings after the new year, you can say goodbye to K.I.T.T.

D2 Says: I talked about this on my show. The original premise of KR was that it was a continuation of the original series. You had the original KITT in pieces in the movie, and you had an appearance of the original Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), who was the new Michael's father. Suddenly they changed the premise in the series and turned it into a REMAKE. That was a HUGE mistake by the series execs and it needs to be fixed.

The Knight Foundation for Law and Government was NOT a super-secret spy agency. It was supposed to be a private foundation. KITT's predecessor, KARR, was NOT a Transformer; it was identical in every way to KITT except in temperament. Also, less sexual teasing and more storyline. They started out with a great conspiracy story that somehow just vanished. They need to work on that instead of seeing who in the cast of characters will get laid next.

Also... seriously consider bringing "The Hoff" back. Not permanently, but just for one guest appearance. You'll see the ratings go up again.

Well those are my takes... what are yours? Drop a comment or two.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helping out a couple of friends...

Okay... it's no big secret that I am a friend of a certain Playmate from New Hampshire (there's only one so far), so I get this email from TC Restani, who does a Boston-based interview and variety show, and he asked me if there is any way I could promote the YouTube footage of his two-part interview with Model and Businesswoman Jenny Lavoie. TC would like to make his interview segments the most popular there is, so he asked if there was anything I could do to help.

Hey, from one media personality to another, why not?

Here's part 1 of his interview with Jenny...

And here's Part 2...

And if you want more I have a full playlist set up of some of her other YouTube appearances. (Don't worry, they don't show anything beyond PG!)

Hope this helps, TC!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 12/20/08 Show Notes

Well this is it! It's been a fun year and now it's time to pack it in for the holiday season.

But that doesn't mean that I will be going gently into that good-night.

Tonight's show (12/20) will be a very special broadcast, not just because it's the end-of-the-year. Tonight I have a special audio story for you that answers a question you may not want to think about: What happens if the bible-thumpers win in their "War on Christmas"?

Don't think it won't matter, right? Wouldn't make TOO much of the season if there's no holiday rush to the stores or if Santa disappeared, right? Well, listen to my story and judge for yourself.

PLUS what's an end-of-the-year celebration without a look back at some of the notable stuff that happened and a taste of what is ahead? All of that AND the news for the week, and a special lightning round of the "Unflushed Awards".

All of that is TONIGHT (12/20) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, 4pm Hefner Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

By the way, the archive for tonight's show will be posted on December 24th, and it will be re-aired on ShockNet Radio on December 27th. After that there will be a few weeks of "The Best Of" until our triumphant return on January 17th, 2009

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DO NOT Mess with Santa!

I'm just sayin'....
Santa is a NINJA!

In case you forgot...

Brian gets it. I get it.

Peter's been watching Fox News too long.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just had to get this off my chest...

I just have to get this little vent off my chest...

I live in a gated apartment complex. The front and back gates have both a rising arm and a metal gate. Access is through a key card or remote key (like a garage door clicker). Metal gate opens first, then the rising arm goes up.

We have a problem with people that try to crash the gate. Either they don't have their card or they don't live there and they just don't want to wait for the resident to come home. If they don't have their card there is a night watchman or the office staff will let them in. If they don't belong there then they have a problem.

What most of these annoying people do is they try to ghost their way in with normal residents. They wait in the guest lane until a normal resident comes in and they pull up right on their bumper and try to ride in behind them. And they do it by going on your blind side so you can't see them. One annoying putz went so far as to rev his engine up right as he pulled behind me to try to scare me into drive faster. Sorry, don't buy it.

So tonight one of those putzes wait by the visitor's gate. In hindsight I probably should have turned around and went to the back gate just to piss him off, but these bastards are sneaky. They wait until you're at the keypad and then park on your bumper so you can't back up without hitting them.

The metal gate opens, the arm bar rises, and I'm CREEPING over the speed bump, and I see the lights behind me that let me know the bastard followed. Then as he's half-way through... the arm bar drops.

BAM! Right on his roof! He stopped right there to see what happened.

GOOD! PHUCK HIM! I hope he got a cracked window and a nice dent on his roof to remind him! He had no business doing that and I had no obligation to help him!

I know that's not nice to say or think, but I just need to get that out there. I don't know why people feel that they are ENTITLED to be let in if they have no business being in.

What do you think?

Reason on Chicago Politics

Some of the best in Chicago politics talk about the worst.

Video courtesy of the Reason Foundation.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 12/13/08 Show Notes

Hey, you didn't think some German guy named Claus was the only major gift-giver this time of the year, did you? No, there's another "Santa" that has really been coming on strong of late, giving out presents to those that claim they "need" it.

Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as Santa Government, and tonight I get to show you how he rewards others.

(Oh, and forget the milk and cookies... this Santa operates on a different revenue stream. How's your home improvement skills?)

PLUS, some words of advice to TV and Hollywood, why a certain rating system is now useless, and the latest news of the week, including how ANOTHER embattled U.S. Senator is under scrutiny for his personal gift.

All of that is TONIGHT (12/13) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, 4pm Hefner Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Was this REALLY pulled?

The neocons are complaining that NBC pulled a certain SNL skit from their website, one that bashed Democrats over the auto bailout.

What, you mean THIS skit? The one I pulled from NBC's website just now?

Well if it is still here then the question is... was it ever pulled? Or are Fox News and the neocons just inventing yet another phony crisis?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Big Surprise: "American Heathen®" RETURNS!

If you didn't get to hear my show this past Saturday, don't worry, I won't keep you in suspense any longer...

The big announcement that I was hyping...

"American Heathen®" is coming back to ShockNet Radio!

For those of you who are new to the world of Brutally Honest, "American Heathen®" was ShockNet Radio's weekend show, hosted by RJ Evans. It was on the air on Fridays and Saturdays for three hours and it had a good collection of co-hosts and characters that dealt with various social issues, mostly involving religion. I provided some of the material, eventually becoming a regular fixture on the show as "The News Pundit". This eventually inspired me to go ahead and resurrect my radio show.

Sadly, RJ got sort of burned out by some of the things that went on behind the scenes and he closed shop on the radio show. But he never got rid of the radio bug, and after several long phone calls with me, he finally decided to bring "American Heathen®" back on the air.

But it won't be the same show as before! In fact, the new incarnation will be called "American Heathen® Redux", and there will be some serious changes to it.

First of all, it won't be a three-hour program with numerous radio personalities. This will be ninety minutes of social-political-commentary on various issues of the time.

Second, RJ will have his first CROSS-COUNTRY co-host. Yes, *I* will be RJ's wingman from my recording facilities here in Atlanta. "How is that possible", you ask? Stay tuned and you'll find out how RJ and I will pull this off.

By the way, we will still have the chat room, which I will be taking part in, and we will be accepting calls. Andrew the Intern will be manning the phones, and yes all calls will be screened.

So for all of you ShockNet fans who have been hoping and praying that the "Heathen" would return, I hope you enjoy the new incarnation, and for my Brutally Honest fans, don't worry, I'll still be doing my own program in addition to this one.

(OH, btw, the reason why I have to have that funky little circle-R is because "American Heathen®" is an officially protected trademark of RJ Evans. He really does own that moniker.)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 12/06/08 Show Notes

As I teased earlier, I have a really BIG ANNOUNCEMENT concerning not only yours truly but also for ShockNet Radio. For seasoned ShockNet listeners, especially those whom remember a certain show, this news will be a pleasant surprise. How the announcement is release will probably be another shocker. TUNE IN TO HEAR IT!

PLUS, a really good question about how I would handle the next occupants of the White House, and a two-pronged attack on the biggest bully in town. This bully really gets a beat-down from yours truly. Who is it? You'll just have to listen in!

All of that is TONIGHT (12/06) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, 4pm Hefner Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Friday, December 05, 2008

BIG Announcement this Saturday!

I've been holding back on this news for a while, but RJ has made it official on the "Rock and Roll Diner" show, so I don't have to keep it secret for very long.

If you didn't catch it, I will make the BIG announcement this Saturday on my show "Brutally Honest" at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and 4pm Hefner Time. This is the next step in the continuing evolution of ShockNet Radio and something that older ShockNet listeners have been hoping would happen.

Tune in THIS SATURDAY (12/06) for the big news!!! You can listen to ShockNet Radio either through the website link or through the iTunes radio tuner under both "Classic Rock" and "Talk/Spoken Word" categories.

You do not want to miss this!!!!

Judgement Day For OJ!

OJ Simpson finally has to face justice for his actions.

For the longest time OJ has skirted the law. After all, he could afford to. He was a celebrity!

No more.

OJ was sentenced for his role in a robbery in a Las Vegas convention in which he claimed that personal merchandise was being wrongly held. He thought he would get away with it. After all, he was acquitted of his murder charges. Sure he was held liable in the civil lawsuit against him, but that doesn't count, does it?

Well now he can't wiggle out of this. OJ is going to PRISON!

The judge sentenced Simpson to a rather complex series of concurrent and non-concurrent terms in prison, but the gist of it is he's going away for as much as 33 years.

That's YEARS. Not months, not weeks, not days, and certainly not HOURS... which is how celebrities often measure prison time.

OJ Simpson is not a celebrity anymore. He's now a CONVICTED FELON, just like outgoing Senator Ted Stevens. And unlike Scooter Libby, he's really going to SERVE TIME!

But don't worry, he'll be back to plague the media in at least nine years. Or maybe sooner if he can get the Bush Imperium to issue a pardon.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/29/08 Show Notes

So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I seemed to spend most of the day either cooking or cleaning afterwards, but the end result was what mattered, and my turkey feast was great!

But...*sniff-sniff* is there something funky in the air? Maybe not in your home... certainly not in mine... but it's there nonetheless.

What is it?

Well it could be that something that smelled from a certain sales event. Something so retched that it should make everyone stop and think about what it is. Or it could be the sour discussions concerning a recent election. Maybe it's something reeking in Washington? Or perhaps a certain court case?

Either way, we'll get to the root of it all by the time the show ends.

All of that is TONIGHT (11/29) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Why I don't trust polls!

Here it is boys and girls... why I take all polls with a grain of salt and so should you!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day!

And be sure to catch my show this Saturday at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Norman Time, here at ShockNet Radio!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/15/08 Show Notes

Who could use some extra money? We all do!

But do the people who get that money deserve it? Certain groups really don't.

Tonight I go over those groups that are getting billions in bailout money from our government and spell out what they should be doing to get it.

PLUS, tonight I go over some unusual feedback I got concerning the recent elections, and I give you the lasted in news from the wire services.

All of that is TONIGHT (11/8) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

By the way, next week I will be on vacation for my birthday, so next Saturday's show will be a repeat. What will RJ air next week? You'll just have to tune in to find out. Also the archives to tonight's show will be uploaded this coming Wednesday, so those of you signed up with Apple's iTunes free podcast will be getting it just a few days earlier than usual.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/08/08 Show Notes

It's (almost) over with except for the crying.

It is hard to believe that it is finally over with. The election that couldn't get here fast enough finally did, and now it's over with.

There are still 3 U.S. Senate races to be decided, but for the most part the 2008 Presidential Election is finally in the bag, and it literally was one for the history books. We know who won. But there were also some folks who lost and they lost big-time, and I'll go over those losses tonight on my show as we churn out the "Political Quick Shots" one last time for 2008.

Plus, there's a certain political bogeyman that has popped back up into talk radio. What is that bogeyman and why does it even get under my own skin? Find out tonight.

Then finally I give my postmortem on the party that lost big-time this past Tuesday. Why did they lose? Who is really to blame for it? And what can they do to fix thing for the better for themselves the next time around?

All of that is TONIGHT (11/8) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Reason: If you think that's bad...

Now you know why their arguments fell flat.

Luckovich: Bygones?

You know, it was much easier for Zig Zag Zell Miller to bash his own party in 2004, and he did it with far more vinegar than Lieberman.

But then again Zig Zag Zell wasn't planning on going back to Washington afterwards. Maybe Joe should have kept that in mind.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post-Election Depression

How To Deal With Post-Election Depression

And remember, if the drug industry doesn't have a pill to cure you, they will soon.

Luckovich: Obama Day One

I would love to see that happen.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History was made


Whether you wanted it or you didn't...

Whether you voted for it or you didn't...

You cannot deny that history was made at 11pm Eastern Time last night. America woke up this morning to the reality that (in all likelihood because it is still theoretical) it WILL have a new President of the United States in January of 2009, and that President will be a black man, the son of a Kenyan father and a Kansas mother, by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

Conservatives cannot deny that fact any more than liberals can deny Barack's middle name.

Obviously the turnout will be the dominant subject of my show this weekend, but I just wanted to get those important digs in.

And yes, I DID vote yesterday. And I WAS watching at 11pm Eastern as well as chatting on the phone with my good friend from ShockNet Radio, RJ Evans, when history was made. No didn't vote for Obama (I voted Libertarian), but I still will not deny the fact that he did earn his victory.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sad news

The site that had been in operation since 04/01/1996 is no longer in operation.

AOHell strikes again.

Dear AOL Hometown Users,

We're sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Hometown has been shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

No, I'm sorry, but I really don't think you're sincere about that, AOL. I really don't. If you WERE sincere, then you would have offered to find ways to move those web pages over. Instead you arbitrarily KILL the program and then claim to be "sorry" about it.

I only have two words to say, America Offline:


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/01/08 Show Notes

Whew! Talk about busy these last few days!

First, of course, I had to take time away from working on my show to put up a special "War of the Worlds" anniversary article and then promote it on Current TV. Then I spent some time uploading my Halloween Show early to the Internet Archive for people to listen to. Then RJ sent over an early birthday present in the form of some tools that will allow me to run phone calls through the sound board so I can do telephone interviews (look for that soon). And then I'm having to sort through a lot of the news stories about the election to see what will stick.

Is it over? Almost.

Tonight's show will spend most of the time putting both Barack Obama and John McCain through a more REALISTIC filter. What would America be like with either of them winning the election this Tuesday? Set aside the hype, set aside the lofty dreams, and let's see what will happen. I think some of you may come away from this a little disappointed about what the future will hold, no matter which one of those two wannabes wins.

PLUS... Sarah Palin plays the "poor victim" card, a Palin "pal" goes down, a disturbed supporter pulls a "Mort" act, ACORN is nuts, and Obama's infomercial is either sink or swim for his campaign. (Times like these make me glad that I'm a real libertarian.) AND I have a special rant for YOU the American people to top it all off on this Super-Sized EXTRA-LONG show! Yes I'm going into OVERTIME! I hope RJ doesn't mind...

All of that is TONIGHT (11/1) over at ShockNet Radio starting at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As promised, here is my special Brutally Honest Halloween show from this past Saturday... enjoy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"War of the Worlds" - Seventy Years Later!

Click Play to hear the actual radio show.

(Radio show comes courtesy of Old Time Radio and the Internet Archive.)

On October 30th, 1938, a small group of radio performers gave a performance that would, quite literally, shock the world.

To lead actor and star Orson Welles, the performance was nothing more than a cleaver Halloween stunt; to scare people on the radio in the same way that people scared themselves in front of the campfire for generations gone by.

The show certainly sounds innocent enough on the onset. Some timely music, reportedly coming from a hotel ballroom, and the occasional discussion about an otherwise innocent meteor strike. But then the story takes a more dramatic turn.

Unfortunately Welles did not take into consideration the fact that certain listeners would not be able to listen to the start of the program, which announced that the production was actually fictional. Even in those days audience members would engage in what we today refer as "channel jumping", where they would jump from one station to the next every time that station would go to break. So some listeners would go from Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy to boxing to shocking news from Grover's Mill.

Before the show reached the halfway point, the panic was nationwide. People were fleeing their homes in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois. Police stations from Boston to Los Angeles were flooded with calls from frantic listeners that believed that the world was in fact coming to an end. College students in North Carolina were frantically calling their parents, begging to come get them, fearing the worst. Even listeners in Canada were frantically calling CFRB in Toronto asking for more information.

Hospitals were filled with people who claimed to be overcome by smoke and stricken by fear. The electric company in Providence, Rhode Island, was besieged with callers demanding that they turn off all the electricity as a "defensive maneuver".

In the days that followed, the Federal Communications Commission, only five years old, summoned the leaders of the broadcast companies to Washington to discuss remedies to prevent future hysterical outbursts. One suggestion commonly expressed was the outright prohibition of the use of the words "flash" and "bulletin" for any broadcast other than legitimate news stories. This would be the second time such speech was censored by the FCC, the first being made upon the formation of the FCC back in 1933 when they were ordered by Congress to prohibit any kind of message supporting socialism, Communism, or Nazism.

Still more draconian methods were proposed by members of Congress in the wake of this broadcast. One such measure insisted by Senator Clyde Herring (Democrat) of Iowa would require that the FCC review EVERY broadcast before it could be aired. Fortunately, the Senator's blatant bowdlerization plan failed to gain traction.

Regretfully, even H.G. Wells, who wrote the original story, was outraged at the hysteria, but was even more outraged at Orson Welles making changes to his legendary story and thus demanded that the Columbia Broadcasting Station issue an immediate retraction.

The Columbia Broadcasting Station apologized profusely to the hysteria that was inadvertently caused by the late-coming listeners and vowed that the show would NEVER BE AIRED AGAIN!

Of course, it has been rebroadcast since then... and remade and paid homage to numerous times, and even today, on the 70th anniversary of the original broadcast, it is available for people to listen to at their leisure.

A few things that should be mentioned...

  • If the "artillery cannons" sounded like a toilet flushing, that's because it was. Some very creative people strung a microphone cable to the men's room for some of the sound effects.
  • The "Secretary of the Interior" was originally supposed to be the President, but radio officials balked at the idea and ordered it be changed, even though many panic-stricken listeners were convinced it really was President Roosevelt.
  • Orson Welles supposedly played a recording on the reporter's account of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster to demonstrate the kind of tone the fictional radio announcer should take during the performance.
  • In the original story by H.G. Wells, the story takes place in his home country of England. Orson Welles believed that the story needed to be moved to New Jersey so it would appeal to the American listeners. (This was part of Wells' complaint about the radio show.)
  • The Columbia Broadcasting Station, the syndicated radio system, is best known today as the TV network CBS.
  • The radio station where the Mercury Theater on the Air made the broadcast was WABC in New York. WABC would later change their call letters to WCBS, and a new WABC would be created in 1953 which would become the flagship to the American Broadcasting Company, which many of you would recognize today as the TV network ABC. WCBS would later become instrumental in the fight against McCarthyism, and the plight of one of their popular radio personalities would inspire Edward R. Murrow to take on the politically powerful Senator Joe McCarthy.
  • Finally, the speech that Orson Welles made at the very end of the broadcast was completely ad-libbed and done at the behest of radio officials because, up until that point, they had absolutely no idea of the kind of hysteria that was going on outside of the WABC building. Welles and the rest of the performers were taken completely by surprise as to what happened.

I hope you enjoy the rebroadcast of the War of the Worlds on it's 70th Anniversary, and be sure to come back to the blog site tomorrow for a rare link to the Brutally Honest show that was inspired by it.

(Historical information provided by Wikipedia and

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good article on Stevens conviction

Yes I'll be talking about the multiple felony convictions of Alaska's geriatric Senator Ted Stevens in my show this weekend, but in the meantime, here's an article by noted author Dr. Marty Klein on the subject...

And here's a quick teaser:

I’m sick of “morality” being defined solely as limiting sexual expression. Lying, bribing, and cheating are all violations of “morality” that affect our kids. But as we’ve seen with anti-sex hypocrites such as the disgraced Trent Lott, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Ralph Reed, Lou Sheldon, and Pat Robertson, they don’t know “morality” from a hole in the ground. They spew anti-sex hatred and ignorance in the name of “morality,” then steal, cheat, bribe, gossip, lie, and keep library books overdue.

And I’m not even talking about anti-sex politicians who are secretly into sex, such as Larry Craig or Ted Haggard. That’s hypocrisy of a different sort.

Amen Doc!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You better vote!

If you don't then you'll run into this guy...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Special POST-show notes for Halloween Show

Okay, normally I don't do post-show notes, but this is a rare exception, because there were something that I mentioned in last night's show that should be repeated.

For those of you who missed out on last night's Halloween special, I will have the archive uploaded on Halloween Day (10/31), so for those of you who are subscribed to the iTunes podcasts will be able to download them on FRIDAY instead of the following Sunday. And if you haven't subscribed, now will be a great time to do so! (Pull up iTunes, go to their store and search for "David 2's Media" and you'll find it quickly! It's the only entry for that kind of search.) I will also have a direct link to the archive up on the Brutally Honest Blog Site so you'll be able to hear the show from there.

In addition, on October 30th, I will be posting a special show up on the Brutally Honest blog site. This will be the ORIGINAL broadcast of "War of the Worlds" by Orson Wells and the Mercury Theater on the Air as it was aired on WABC radio seventy years ago this coming Thursday. I will also have some notes on the subject, because this one broadcast really did have an effect on broadcasting for years to come. (The show, by the way, will come courtesy of the Internet Archive and by Old Time Radio, which provides many of the original radio broadcasts of the time.)

I really hope you guys take advantage of these broadcasts, not only because I put a lot time and effort in to these things, but because the messages in them are informative and entertaining.

Oh, and by the way, be sure to catch "The Rock and Roll Diner" on ShockNet Radio this Monday night as well as on Halloween Night, as they will be replaying their Halloween special, which has some great all-time Halloween hits, including one that is a REAL blast from the past! The party starts on Monday and Friday nights at 8pm Eastern time (7pm Norman Time) on ShockNet Radio!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 10/25/08 Show Notes

Halloween is this coming Friday... thus this week's show will be all about spooky ghost stories! Specifically, what are you really AFRAID of?

Yes, this week I will be bringing up some of our WORST FEARS.

Now longtime Brutally Honest supporters probably can guess what I'll be doing on the show, but I still really want you guys to listen in, because everything here will be remastered and reproduced in crystal-clear MP3 audio, complete with music! I spent quite a bit of time working on this show, guys, and I really hope it pays off for everyone!

That's THIS SATURDAY over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

And don't forget about the ongoing poll over at the right-hand column. You still have time to cast your vote while checking out all of the video reports and cartoons I've recently added.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liar Liar...

Don't really need to add anything to this one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 10/18/08 Show Notes

All across America endorsements are being made. Newspaper editorial boards are making their choices over whom they're backing for President, and whom they want you to vote for. We have conservative newspapers that have never supported a single Democrat in a hundred years suddenly finding themselves endorsing Barack Obama.

From day one of my show, I've been telling people that I don't have a horse in this presidential race. That ends tonight. Tonight I let everyone know just whom I'll be voting for in November. I'll also let you know why I will be voting for that candidate and not the others. But there is a more important message that goes with that announcement, and THAT is the message that I want you to hear!

All that plus the news of the week, including my take on the last Obama-McCain debate. How did McCain do according to the Brutal One? Find out!

All of that is TONIGHT - THIS SATURDAY - over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

And don't forget about the ongoing poll over at the right-hand column. You still have time to cast your vote while checking out all of the video reports and cartoons I've recently added.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

How we got in this mess

This came from a link sent by D1...

Bear in mind this is supposed to be funny.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 10/11/08 Show Notes

Whew! What a week, huh?

It's been UGLY out there! U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you're UGLY! You're UGLY! (Okay, now where are my scantily-clad college-age cheerleaders?)

Economy sucks. No big surprise, huh? But there's something else going on with Wall Street that you may not know. Something that will have a profound effect on our government next year. What is it? You'll just have to tune in TONIGHT to hear what that is.

And, as promised, I would put the whole "lesser of two evils" argument to the ultimate test. I show you just HOW evil and HOW insidious is really is.

Plus, the return of "Off the Wire", a special "Unflushed" award, and an archive segment that you really need to hear. You might know a few people I mention in that segment. Hell, you might be one of them!

All of that is TONIGHT - THIS SATURDAY - over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

And don't forget about the ongoing poll over at the right-hand column. You still have time to cast your vote while checking out all of the video reports and cartoons I've recently added.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Monkey See...

... monkey do.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The American people are what? LIAR!

Last week when we were forced into swallowing that multi-billion horse pill called a "rescue plan"... which was really a BAILOUT plan... the media and the politicians were claiming that the American people were behind this BAILOUT plan.

Guess what? They were stinking LIARS!

Here's the proof.

And mind you, you DID NOT see this on CNN or any of the other networks!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Update on archive problems

Okay, for those who remember my earlier post on the problems I was having with the radio archives, I'm pleased to say that those somehow got fixed.

It's weird because it ONLY seemed to pertain to MY Internet access to the Ourmedia website. Access through an alternate provider and it worked fine. Access from another connection on the same provider and it worked fine. Access it through my upload program it worked fine. Access it through the iTunes store and it worked fine... just not through my Internet access and just not through the iTunes podcast subscriptions.

And nobody wanted to say it was on their end! That was probably the most annoying part about it.

Well, it's done and I have access again, so that's good. I just hope I was really the only one with that sort of problem.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Forgive Sarah Palin?

That's what MSNBC's Keith Olbermann suggests in his special comment.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bush's next recovery plan

Yeah, he sorta kinda does that...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Poll

Yes, if you haven't noticed, I have a new poll up on the right-hand column. It's about... polls!

Please feel free to check it out and sound off on it. It will end on election day, and I don't think I'll be adding any more of them unless I get a RESOUNDING response to this one.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 10/04/08 Show Notes

Okay, let's face it, we got robbed this week! Big Government decided it was more important to bail out Big Banks and Big Investors than help out the little guy. But you know, for just a little while, it seemed that someone in that bloated leviathan actually recognized we exist and that we would be the one screwed over by all of this. And that's the subject of this week's main rant. It's about that one brief period of time and why it was so important.

Plus, hey, I couldn't ignore the Veep debate even if I wanted to. Too many people were hyping it for me to even think about doing something more important. You know, something like, oh, I don't know... maybe give myself a root canal? Anyway, that's on the show too. That and a blast from the Brutally Honest past dealing with something that the media loves to drag out for us. What is it? Well just tune in and find out for yourself!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Scary film

I had to do a Google search for this, but the idea came up when I was hearing about the Wachovia purchase and the Paulson Plan getting passed.

This is not coming from some right-wing extremist group looking for "New World Order" helicopters. This is coming from a veteran Hollywood director who has done several box office hits including "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy.

This is just shy of two hours long, so get some popcorn and a soda and make yourself comfortable. The first few minutes should open your eyes.

BTW, I'm told this movie gets pulled by Google often, so if it goes, this post will as well.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tina Fey Strikes Again!

Spot on impersonation of Sarah Palin.

Although I think Amy Pohler's version of Katie Couric just wasn't perky enough. Or maybe because she's blinking in Morse Code "Dear God please don't let Palin become Vice President or else Tina and I will be stuck playing these kinds of roles for the next four years!"

In related news... Senator John McCain called up the crew of "Kick Start" on ShockNet Radio this past Friday. He was initially happy that he found what he believed was his ideal surrogate for the debate... until he found out on the air who that surrogate really was. That probably explains why he suddenly Kerry-Flopped later that day and showed up.

See? This is the kind of stuff that you miss when you don't listen to ShockNet Radio! Be sure to tune in this Monday at 8am Eastern to see what else goes on!

Bob Barr's Phantom Debate

John McCain wanted to throw a temper tantrum and not be in the debate this past Friday. He claimed that he was suspending his campaign until Washington could work out the big uber-bailout (a.k.a. Wall Street Screwjob), but after he dissed David Letterman and got called on it, he Kerry-Flopped and showed up at the debate anyway.

It's a pity too because if he followed through at being a no-show the outcry was to have the Libertarian Party candidate take his place. Sadly, that didn't happen.

But the folks at the Reason Foundation decided to do something unique... they invited Bob Barr to their headquarters and they had a Phantom Debate. Barr actually provided his own unique replies to the responses of Barack Obama and John McCain live as they were jawing away.

The full video isn't up yet, but this is Barr's closing thoughts and Q&A after the fun was done. When the video is ready, I'll post it here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 09/27/08 Show Notes

Boy I feel drained. This week's show will have not one, not two, but THREE original rants, and on three separate subjects.

We've got the Paulson Plan and why the whole thing is just one big screwjob for America. You can probably guess a few reasons why, but there's even one that took me by surprise as to the bluntness of it. Then I have a more local subject to discuss... namely Atlanta's local gas shortage... now on its third week, and why this problem is part of a larger one. And then it's time to bring up something that I mentioned I would bring up a few weeks ago. Well that time is now, and it is something that you really need to put some thought into. Pretty much every segment this week falls under the category of leaving your thinking caps on.

All of that is THIS SATURDAY over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$700 billion...

$700 billion for a bailout we can't afford to make and the politicians can't afford to ignore.

But the biggest kick-in-the-nuts is the codicil is the one the media is barely touching on... the one that does to Wall Street what the PATRIOT Act did to the Constitution. Don't worry, I'll be discussing it on my show, but hopefully by then it won't be as a bitter afterthought.

But in the meantime, I have to ask...

Is it all sinking in yet? Is that feeling coming up where you know you need to do SOMETHING?

If you think that this is still just between Democrats and Republicans, then you're not there yet.

If you think that that our elected grifters and shysters still somehow will do what's right, then you're not there yet.

If you can look at the clip I just included and just see Brad Pitt talking about a movie that you probably didn't see and not get the greater meaning behind it, then you're not there yet.

If you really think that the situations that we're in suddenly came out of the blue with no warning whatsoever, then you are NOT THERE YET!

And all I can say is this... if you're not THERE yet, after all that has come up so far, then it could very well be too late for you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 09/20/08 Show Notes

HTML clipboard

Cobbled together yet another jam-packed full-hour show this week. In fact you may have noticed that my commercial breaks have been getting shorter and shorter as I've been bringing more and more into this show. That's good. That means that I'm back into the groove! (About time too!)

First we have the "Political Quick Shots", my new segment on the campaign mess, and I managed to not only drag our current Doofus-in-Chief into it, but also a previous Doofus-in-Chief that our current one seems to be channeling with great ease. Yes, it's history time again and while you get the lesson, they get the pop quiz.

Then it's another blast from the past as I go over some previous political games.

And then the question I'm sure some of the MySpace viewers are wondering about... what's up with the (Pro-Freedom) tag? Well you'll find out why I consider it to be important and what it has to do with where we are going today, and it also connects to our current economic problems. How? Well tune in and found out!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Supernews: 9/11

The toon says it all...

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 09/13/08 Show Notes

9/11 + 7

No it's not a math problem. It's been seven years since 9/11, and while we're on this kick on getting people to remember it, I want to remind people what has been happening in our name and under that banner.

It is a serious subject, and as such I really can't be wild-and-zany, so you'll notice a more somber tone during my show. And not only do I talk about what has happened, but I also have some of my original words from the ORIGINAL "Brutally Honest - LIVE" show from the day immediately after 9/11.

I'm also trying something new this week... an off-the-cuff commentary segment about the presidential campaign called "Political Quick Shots". Is this a keeper segment? Or would you want the news and "Unflushed" segments back? Let me know.

All of that is THIS SATURDAY over at ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and you can listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 09/06/08 Show Notes

This has been a week of blowhards, and not all of them were man-made. Hey, how many people can say that they got upstaged by a BIGGER bag of wind?

Well between Gustav, McCain, Palin, and the rest of the GOP windbags, I ended with a lot to talk about, and I crammed it all into the first segment of the show! And I even threw in a special "Unflushed" segment as well!

But it wasn't the only thing that I talked about. I pulled out an appropriate rant from the Brutally Honest Archives, and I got into one of the key talking points for the GOP that they have been trying to hype into something it clearly never was. What is it? Tune in and find out!

Oh, few other things...

FIRST... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tune in on Monday morning (09/08) at 8am Eastern for the debut of KICK START! This is ShockNet Radio's morning jolt like you've NEVER been jolted by those lightweights on terrestrial radio! RJ is really excited about getting this off the ground, and it's safe to say that you never know what will happen on that show. You may even get a few surprise callers!

Second, I've been having some issues with the radio archive provider. The archived shows themselves are safe (they're part of the Internet Archive) but the website doing all of the organization is having issues. I don't know what that will mean when we deal with uploading shows... but I hope we'll have everything up and running.

So PLEASE be sure to tune in over at ShockNet Radio THIS SATURDAY at 7pm Eastern Time, 6pm Norman Time, and listen in either through ShockNet's streaming server, or through Apple's iTunes radio in the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... the new heresy begins here!

Campaign 2008 with a cameo appearance

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Thanks to Jib Jab... the Brutal One is now part of the entourage!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Breaking the News....

Courtesy of SuperNews and Current TV...

Radio archive down

There's something really screwed up with Ourmedia right now... that's the group that works with my radio archive. My archived shows are still fine... those are actually part of the Internet Archive Project, but the Ourmedia folks apparently have some issues that they need to resolve.

I'll keep you updated about this as I hear more about it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 08/30/08 Show Notes

Okay, first and foremost, I want as many folks as possible to tune in tonight over at ShockNet Radio for the "Rock & Roll Diner". C.A. Wood and R.J. Evans have a really great show lined up for tonight, and it is LIVE. That's TONIGHT (Friday) at 8pm Eastern time, 7pm Norman time at ShockNet Radio.

Speaking of RJ, he and I have been chatting these past few nights about a few things... such as my show, about ShockNet, about the new stuff coming up in the next few weeks, and some of the changes have been reflective in this week's show. If you haven't been listening for a while or thought that the commercials were too long or too stale, you REALLY need to be tuning in again, because I have ALL NEW commercials and shorter breaks.

You will also be hearing a little more of me on ShockNet Radio, and not just on Saturday nights. I have introduced a new series of audio clips called "A Minute of Clarity", which is a calm and informative look at certain issues. These clips will be appearing at random not only during my commercial breaks, but also during normal ShockNet Radio commercial breaks.

BTW, Freethought Radio guys... Lauren, Don... please give either myself or RJ a shout out about whether or not I'm still being simulcast on your network, okay? The schedule entry is about a few months old and RJ says that you guys haven't picked up the feed in a while.

Sooooo what's up this week? Well we are in the middle of the convention insanity. The DNC have finished their week-long infomercial, and the GOP have theirs next week, so most of my show will be talking about those two parties and their conventions. Not only the stuff going on today, but also the stuff that happened four years ago to show that there really is very little that differentiates between then and now.

And while it is no big secret that my show is pre-recorded, I should point out it was done PRIOR to John McCain stealing the DNC thunder with today's surprise announcement, so that's why you won't hear any mention of it this week. (Next week, of course, will probably be a different story.)

PLUS we have abbreviated versions of "Off the Wire" and the "Unflushed Awards"... an update on an Atlanta scandal, "Thug Life" has a stupid moment, a "Tubular" politician scores a win in spite of his indictment, a corrupt power-broker may get out of jail early... and which gets the big dump: a frog-hating pope, a ho with a badge, a report that blames a defunct TV show for the rise in Wiccans, or a Playboy gate-crasher? You gotta tune in to find out!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Apple's iTunes radio player under both the "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So it's come to this....

It's a bit over-dramatic but it does get the point out.