Friday, August 29, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 08/30/08 Show Notes

Okay, first and foremost, I want as many folks as possible to tune in tonight over at ShockNet Radio for the "Rock & Roll Diner". C.A. Wood and R.J. Evans have a really great show lined up for tonight, and it is LIVE. That's TONIGHT (Friday) at 8pm Eastern time, 7pm Norman time at ShockNet Radio.

Speaking of RJ, he and I have been chatting these past few nights about a few things... such as my show, about ShockNet, about the new stuff coming up in the next few weeks, and some of the changes have been reflective in this week's show. If you haven't been listening for a while or thought that the commercials were too long or too stale, you REALLY need to be tuning in again, because I have ALL NEW commercials and shorter breaks.

You will also be hearing a little more of me on ShockNet Radio, and not just on Saturday nights. I have introduced a new series of audio clips called "A Minute of Clarity", which is a calm and informative look at certain issues. These clips will be appearing at random not only during my commercial breaks, but also during normal ShockNet Radio commercial breaks.

BTW, Freethought Radio guys... Lauren, Don... please give either myself or RJ a shout out about whether or not I'm still being simulcast on your network, okay? The schedule entry is about a few months old and RJ says that you guys haven't picked up the feed in a while.

Sooooo what's up this week? Well we are in the middle of the convention insanity. The DNC have finished their week-long infomercial, and the GOP have theirs next week, so most of my show will be talking about those two parties and their conventions. Not only the stuff going on today, but also the stuff that happened four years ago to show that there really is very little that differentiates between then and now.

And while it is no big secret that my show is pre-recorded, I should point out it was done PRIOR to John McCain stealing the DNC thunder with today's surprise announcement, so that's why you won't hear any mention of it this week. (Next week, of course, will probably be a different story.)

PLUS we have abbreviated versions of "Off the Wire" and the "Unflushed Awards"... an update on an Atlanta scandal, "Thug Life" has a stupid moment, a "Tubular" politician scores a win in spite of his indictment, a corrupt power-broker may get out of jail early... and which gets the big dump: a frog-hating pope, a ho with a badge, a report that blames a defunct TV show for the rise in Wiccans, or a Playboy gate-crasher? You gotta tune in to find out!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Apple's iTunes radio player under both the "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

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