Friday, December 26, 2008

The bill is due!

Now that Christmas is over with, the presents have been opened, the toys have been played with, the meal has been enjoyed, and the toasts were made.... now we have to worry about paying for it all.

For years I warned that economic downturns were coming. I was ignored. I was ridiculed. People refused to take me seriously.

To all those people I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

To all the people that bought into the lies about how "the fundamentals are sound", I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

And to all who were thinking that mine was the only prediction, I say to you this: YOU WERE WRONG!

And it does not matter if you REFUSE to admit that you were WRONG! REALITY is PROVING you to be wrong!

There were others who said the same thing that I have been saying. There were others that saw the same signs that I saw. Some even saw them earlier.

Those people have been intentionally and systematically marginalized so their warnings would not be heard.

But REALITY cannot be silenced in the same way as our predictions can be silenced. REALITY proves myself and those like me to be RIGHT.

Had my warnings or even the warnings of others been heeded, we would not be facing the kind of problems that are plaguing us today, or at the very least not with the severity that we are dealing with right now. It could be managed without needing to spend trillions of dollars that we do not have and worrying about whether or not it would be enough.

I'm not here to gloat. I am not here to relish in my being proven right. I would rather be proven wrong in this, but I wasn't. I am here to inform you that the sharp pain in your rear, and the slap upside your head, and the stick in your eye, is all from REALITY.

We have a new president coming into office next month. He will be handed the same bill that was handed to his predecessor. It doesn't matter if he addresses that bill or if he tries to pass it on to the next person with a little extra added in. At some point, that bill is DUE, and we are already paying the consequences for it being due!

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