Friday, July 23, 2004

Dave FM and other radio stuff

Some local radio changes here in the ATL area...

First, I STILL refuse to listen to 96Rock after they got rid of the Regular Guys.  I had a hard time listening to that station anyway because they spent way too much time with BS than playing music, but when the God Squad got Clear Channel to fire Wachs and Von Hessler, I knew I couldn't listen to them anymore.

I STILL do not listen to 99X's morning show, even though I'll listen to the station in the afternoon when they bother to run music and not have BORING interviews.  Even though the "Morning X" has been changed to "The Don Miller Morning Show", I just can't stomach their antics.  Sorry guys.  Besides, the name of it blows.  Why call it the "Don Miller Morning Show" when you don't have anyone there named Don Miller????

That brings me to Z93... oldies rock.  Or they used to be oldies rock.

My good friend Dianne Chandler (Hi Dianne!) pointed me to the station when she was promoting Glamourcon's two Atlanta shows.  I've enjoyed listening to their morning show, especially when they had Art do the news.  News wasn't dry when he did it.  And then there was Mara Davis and Dunham... great duo.  And then in the afternoon there was the legendary Kaedy Kiley and her afternoon comedy bits.

Well all of that came to an end on Wednesday at 5pm when their parent channel Infinity Broadcasting (the same folks who do Howard Stern) fired most of the people and changed the name and the format of the station.

The new 92.3FM station is called... DAVE FM!

I'm serious.

The format is supposedly oldies rock for the "thirtysomethings" (of which I am one of them) that want their classics, but also can listen to the more modern stuff.

And they're promoting it as being "Rock without rules".  Yeah, right.  If you're broadcasting under the regulatory control of the Federalist Christian Censors, then YOU CANNOT claim to provide "rock without rules"!  If you don't believe me, then I DARE them to play the unedited version of Nine Inch Nails' song "Animal".  Go ahead!  Show us you that can play "rock without rules".

All I know is that I now have to tell people that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with changing the station to "Dave FM".  (If I did, then I wouldn't call it that.)  Worse yet, I did a Google search of the name and I came across a few other stations that became a "Dave FM" station.  Sounds like an Infinity cookie-cutter format here.

The good news is that I heard that Mara and Dunham are still there... hopefully that will mean they'll be back on the radio shortly for the morning drive.  I hope so.

By the way, one more thing that I noticed that I sort of like... 97Jams (used to be Fox97) is promoting themselves as R&B with fewer commercials and without the annoying DJ talk.  Well they obviously have DJ's... just no on-air talent.  I think that might be the way to go for some of these stations.  No blah-blah BS from the talent, no boring interviews, no stupid callers... just music.  Nice!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Guys: Tell the truth!

First there was Laci Peterson... now there's this new case over in Salt Lake City of Lori Hacking.

Pregnant wife disappears, husband gets caught up in lies...  There aren't any charges against the husband right now, but if a body shows up that has already assumed room temperature, then this guy will be in some serious trouble.

I hope that isn't the case, though.  I hope that Lori is alive and otherwise okay.  I hope that she's not in some woodchipper or the newest fish attraction at the bottom of some lake.  I'm serious.

What is this world coming to?

Listen, guys, if your wife has gone missing, then you'd better come clean with the police about EVERYTHING, because your sorry ass is already the #1 suspect in these situations, and getting caught in a lie only makes things worse. 

Just ask Scott Peterson if you don't believe me.  That guy COULD have gotten away with it if only he came clean about his fooling around.  But no, he wanted to keep up the hoax of being the "perfect husband", even when it was all falling apart around him.

And I guess it REALLY bothers me that you would have these guys who seem to have it all and then do something really stupid like Peterson did.  These guys don't know what it's like to be miserable on the holidays because there's nobody in your life to enjoy it with.  They don't know what it's like to dread birthdays because they just remind you that you're getting older and that your life still sucks.  No, they have their perfect job, their perfect wife, and their perfect suburban dream life.  They have everything that guys like me can only dream of, and they have it at a relatively YOUNG age!  They should RELISH those things.  They should be on their knees praising whatever deity they believe in that they manage to have it so good.

Am I bitter about this?  You bet I am!  I'm bitter about it because these guys squander what I DREAM about!  I have no sympathy for these guys, and I wouldn't have any mercy for them either.

Monday, July 19, 2004

News Flash: Bush Junior DID NOT Lie!

So the big, big news over the weekend is that the 9/11 Commission agreed with the assertion made by British Intelligence that Saddam Hussein DID try to acquire uranium from Africa.  Of course the media is trying to hype it as being a new revelation, but it wasn't.  This was the revelation brought to light by Bush Junior last year in his State of the Union speech.  You know, the one where the liberals are all chanting "Bush Lied! Bush Lied!"
Sorry, but you can only lie if you know that the information is false.
But now we're finding out that quite possibly it WASN'T false!  Worse yet for the liberals, this could also be verified by Italy... and, of all places, Socialist France!  Wow, the surrender monkeys from the Axis of Weasels might actually have to admit to it!  That's scary!
So I have a challenge to my liberal readers out there... if this is true... if indeed France and Italy and the 9/11 Commission can verify this claim that Saddam tried to buy uranium from Africa... are you willing to apologize?  Are you willing to shut down your rabid hatred of the man and admit that YOU made a mistake?  Are you willing to admit that - in this instance only - Bush Junior DID NOT LIE?
Come on guys!  Prove you're the better group!  Swallow your pride and your ego.  Choke on it if you have to, but be adults about this!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with the Bush Junior people either.  Their pompous, self-righteous overbearing attitude, combined with the rabidness of their conservative and neo-conservative supporters make them just as dangerous as a bunch of Shiite clerics in Basra.  We're in some dark times in terms of freedom in America, and they'll get even darker if Bush Junior wins in November.  Yet at the same time, though, you have to be willing to admit when the cons and neo-cons are right about something, even if it means taking away your favorite chant.
By the way, I'm not going to hold my breath on this... I seriously doubt too many liberals will take me up on my challenge.  They still refuse to admit that Bush Junior actually WON the Florida election in 2000.

Monday, July 12, 2004

And now for something funny....

Thanks to the folks at Reason, I found this really funny animation about Bush Junior and Senator Lurch. By all means, click on the link and see it for yourself!

Oh, and it is a Flash animation, so make sure you have the appropriate plug-in first.

And did I forget to mention that it's really funny? I mean it!

If you think your day is bad...

... have I got a movie for you! This is a quicktime video of a Winebaego spinmeister trying to sell his product in a video. Operative word here is TRYING.

Fair warning: there are a few choice "Vice Presidential" words being uttered that would not be approved by Mikey Powell and his Federalist Christian Censors. Just keep that in mind when you watch this video. Oh, and you'll need Apple's Quicktime program to view this.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Quick Movie Review: Spider-Man 2

Okay webheads, I finally got to see "Spider-Man 2" in the theatre last night and I have to say that I was impressed!

Well okay, I had to sit through the last ten minutes of the required 15-minute commercials before the movie begins, but once the movie started, time seemed to fly... well, except when two cute girls were walking past me to get refreshments halfway through the movie. Then I was feeling a lot like ol' Peter Parker there.

If you never saw the first movie, don't worry. There are some excellent recaps all throughout the movie, including an animated (as in comics, not cartoon) title sequence that I strongly suspect was created by the great Alex Ross. (Pick up the graphic novels of "Marvels" or "Kingdom Come" to see what I mean.)

I won't go into the storyline, but sufficient to say it picks up two years after the first movie left off, and having a dual-identity hasn't been easy for ol' Peter. The girl he's been pining for has been looking for that great upside-down kisser. His best friend is on the warpath against Spider-Man for his father's death. Aunt May is about to lose her home, he's been losing his jobs and is on the verge of getting kicked out of his one-room apartment. Not exactly an ideal situation to be in.

One of the funnier scenes was Peter doing the laundry and finding out that his Spidey suit has bled into his white clothes, so now his white shirts and socks are now red and blue. I'm sure just about everyone that has ever done laundry for themselves the first time can relate to that.

Anyway, the storyline is great, the subplots are excellent, Stan "The Man" Lee has TWO cameos actually (maybe it's to make up for him being MIA from "Punisher"), and the action is outstanding! Definately worth going there at night! Hell, bring a date! (I wish I did.) There's enough stuff even for girls to like.

Friday, July 09, 2004

So it's Kerry/Edwards...

So Senator John "Lurch" Kerry finally made his Veep announcement this past week, and he basically choose the candidate that everyone expected him to pick. He tapped fellow Senator John Edwards to be his running mate for the 2004 Election.

Now some of you are wondering WHY he picked this relative political newbie to be his #2, right? Well sufficient to say it probably was the safest option for him.

A Kerry/Gebhart may have been a "balanced" ticket for party players, with one seasoned Senator and one seasoned Representative... but that would have doomed his chances at winning. Think about it... two OLD career politicians, representing the old farts of the DNC. People are looking for change, not the symbols of the status quo.

A Kerry/Rodham-Clinton ticket may be the ultimate wet dream fantasy for those liberals still pining for the days of Big Bubba Spin, but it would also be a very DANGEROUS combination. Kerry would have to constantly watch his back to make sure that another Vince Foster/Ron Brown "accident" doesn't befall him. Talk about being "JUST a heartbeat away" from the presidency! Plus, do you REALLY think that the Banshee would be content with being VP for eight years? Remember, she's the one who had a screaming fight with her husband on his inauguration about not taking over the VP office. It just wouldn't work for Kerry.

DNC players may think that a Kerry/McCain ticket would be golden, and it probably would be, but it just would not happen guys! Accept it! John McCain is a proud Republican, and now he's showing up on behalf of Bush Junior, so that little dream is just that. Besides, the Democrats would have had a better chance of pulling Senator Arlin Specter to their side, and THAT ticket would be a wash anyway.

So basically tapping Edwards is a safe choice for Lurch. He's got youth, he's got the appearance of something new, and he's got a good Southern following. He'll need that.

But I'm not saying that I'd vote for that ticket, though.

By the way, for those of you complaining about Edwards' lack of "experience", I have two words for you: Dan Quayle! Remember him? You know, Mr. "Potatoe" Head? The one who couldn't even win in a debate against a fictional CBS television character! Yeah, Bush Senior really picked a "seasoned" guy there, huh?

And by the way, how much "experience" did Harry S. Truman have when he became president following FDR's death? Remember, we were still at war when Truman took the oath of office! Food for thought.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July, my fellow cyber-Americans....

Yes, it's time for some more pomp and ceremony. It's time for some more flag-waving, speech-making, and gaudy displays of one's patriotic spirit.

Well I hope while you have the hamburgers and the bratwurst and the hot dogs on the grill, you take a minute to remember just what it is about America that makes it so special that people will do anything to get here, and why terrorists will do anything to destroy it.

Actually, the terrorists don't have to do anything to destroy what this country is really all about. We're doing that to ourselves just fine.

Be sure to listen to my 4th of July special on how we're doing that. Some of you may have heard it before... but I spent quite a bit of time tweaking it since then. You definately have to listen to it... don't just ask for the transcripts. Anyway, be sure to listen in and then sound off on it here at this blog.