Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just had to get this off my chest...

I just have to get this little vent off my chest...

I live in a gated apartment complex. The front and back gates have both a rising arm and a metal gate. Access is through a key card or remote key (like a garage door clicker). Metal gate opens first, then the rising arm goes up.

We have a problem with people that try to crash the gate. Either they don't have their card or they don't live there and they just don't want to wait for the resident to come home. If they don't have their card there is a night watchman or the office staff will let them in. If they don't belong there then they have a problem.

What most of these annoying people do is they try to ghost their way in with normal residents. They wait in the guest lane until a normal resident comes in and they pull up right on their bumper and try to ride in behind them. And they do it by going on your blind side so you can't see them. One annoying putz went so far as to rev his engine up right as he pulled behind me to try to scare me into drive faster. Sorry, don't buy it.

So tonight one of those putzes wait by the visitor's gate. In hindsight I probably should have turned around and went to the back gate just to piss him off, but these bastards are sneaky. They wait until you're at the keypad and then park on your bumper so you can't back up without hitting them.

The metal gate opens, the arm bar rises, and I'm CREEPING over the speed bump, and I see the lights behind me that let me know the bastard followed. Then as he's half-way through... the arm bar drops.

BAM! Right on his roof! He stopped right there to see what happened.

GOOD! PHUCK HIM! I hope he got a cracked window and a nice dent on his roof to remind him! He had no business doing that and I had no obligation to help him!

I know that's not nice to say or think, but I just need to get that out there. I don't know why people feel that they are ENTITLED to be let in if they have no business being in.

What do you think?

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