Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Happy Eighteen Years!

It's hard to believe that eighteen years ago yesterday, yours truly put together the website that would be the weekly commentary column known as "Brutally Honest".

As I always seem to mention in these annual trips down memory lane, the world has changed much since that somewhat cold Sunday afternoon in 1996.

I have lost... a lot... since those days. In fact, I've lost a lost of stuff very recently.  Most notably I've lost my father just a few weeks ago.  But even before then, I lost my favorite online radio station and my radio show.  A year before, I lost my favorite MMORPG.  I lost my best buddy in the world in 2010.  I've lost my muse (although she and I are still friends).

And just when it seemed like I got a handle on things, like things are about to get better... there's another bomb dropped on me.  Another loss.  Something else I have get along without.

Maybe that's why there's really not much to-do here about those eighteen years.  All that has changed, all that I've lost, all of the routines that I've had to write off... the only thing constant, the only thing still going on, is the column.

Still, I appreciate the feedback I've been getting and all of you who have read my columns and shared them with others.  Hopefully we'll make it to the 20th anniversary in just two years and things will be a whole lot better by then.