Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good article on Stevens conviction

Yes I'll be talking about the multiple felony convictions of Alaska's geriatric Senator Ted Stevens in my show this weekend, but in the meantime, here's an article by noted author Dr. Marty Klein on the subject...

And here's a quick teaser:

I’m sick of “morality” being defined solely as limiting sexual expression. Lying, bribing, and cheating are all violations of “morality” that affect our kids. But as we’ve seen with anti-sex hypocrites such as the disgraced Trent Lott, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Ralph Reed, Lou Sheldon, and Pat Robertson, they don’t know “morality” from a hole in the ground. They spew anti-sex hatred and ignorance in the name of “morality,” then steal, cheat, bribe, gossip, lie, and keep library books overdue.

And I’m not even talking about anti-sex politicians who are secretly into sex, such as Larry Craig or Ted Haggard. That’s hypocrisy of a different sort.

Amen Doc!

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