Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hypocritical moralist gets caught with his pants down! Spin at 11!

Say good-bye to the career of Republican Congressman Mark Foley of Repressive Florida!

Turns out the sex-hating legislator got caught with raunchy emails and instant messages to an unnamed teenaged boy who used to be a congressional page. So he’s gone. He up and resigned from office.

Boy that brings back some embarrassing memories, huh? You know, the whole House page scandal of the 1980’s… only this time it’s a REPUBLICAN that got caught with his pants down!

Now here’s the catch: Congressman Foley was in charge of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus… a very influential caucus in these repressive times… and he was the sponsor of legislation that would supposedly prevent THE VERY BEHAVIOR THAT HE’S ACCUSED OF!

Say it with me loud and proud, ladies and gentlemen of the world…


Now, here’s the next shoe falling… not only did this happen during the so-called "MORAL and RIGHTEOUS" watch of the Conservative BY-GAWD Republican Party… but congressional leaders knew… they KNEWTHEY GODDAMNED FRIGGING KNEW… that this was going on! But they didn’t bother to ACT on it at all!

Gotta love those family values!

In fact Foley was considered to be a shoe-in for re-election until he announced his resignation. Isn’t that nice? I’m sure the voters in that part of Repressive Florida are kicking themselves over THAT news.

This is the party in charge, folks! These are hypocrites and extremists that are writing all the repressive anti-American laws, spending our tax money like there’s no tomorrow, and declaring themselves to be the "MORAL" guardians of your children! And they think that they can COWER you into voting for them in November.

These guys SO need to get removed from office.

But don’t worry folks, if you’re new to the game here’s how it will probably play out…

The departing congressman will declare that he has "a problem" and that he needs "help". He will check himself into a treatment center for whatever "addiction" he declares he has. (Alcohol is, of course, the preferred scapegoat.) Then he’ll come out clutching a bible in his hand and declare himself not only "cured" but also "born again". That usually goes well with the moralists in Repressive Florida. They like to think that this sort of "problem" can be cured by addiction therapy and a heavy dosage of religion. Will he be back in office? Probably not, but he’ll certainly be back as a paid lobbyist! After all, he’s got the connections.

And you thought that the Catholic Church was an embarrassment.

But in the meantime, enjoy the spin… because YOU KNOW that the GOP will have to come up with some serious ass-kissing to get out of this mess.

Friday, September 29, 2006

We the (blacked out)

Silly hats

From this week's Friday Funnies.

Never mind the silly hat... how about keeping Father O'Gropper away from the boy's choir?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

FCCFU has a new video

Okay folks, my good friends at FCCFU have a brand new video to help get their message out. The celebrity giving this message is Carlos Mencia, host of Comedy Central's series "Mind of Mencia", and he really uses some blunt language to argue when I have been saying for YEARS! (That means it's really not safe for work or little kids.)

By all means, if you LOVE the First Amendment, if you really and truly love freedom, and you're sick and tired of the unconstitutional Taliban mentalities of the federal government, PLEASE visit and help support their efforts to neuter the Federalist Christian Censors once and for all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brutally Honest Rant - 09/27/06

Brutally Honest Audio Rant: All Truths Are Inconvenient
Audio Transcripts

[Start Program]

(Computer – Introduction)
(Music intro – "American Idiot Remix" – by Green Day and David Matthews 2)

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

Former Vice-President Al Gore is a movie star.

Well I suppose if the commentators on TV and radio can call themselves "broadcast journalists", then Al Gore can call himself a movie star.

Anyway, Al Gore has a movie out called "An Inconvenient Truth" where he paints a rather bleak picture of the Earth and its environment. He believes that we’re basically killing our own ecosystem, and that this is something that we refuse to see because it just doesn’t fit into the bright and sunny future that we’re being sold on.

Well first of all, hate to burst Robobore’s bubble… but most of us don’t HAVE a bright and sunny future to believe in. Our current political climate is sorta-kinda fixated on the here and now. We can’t really look at the future if we can’t even look at what’s going to happen next week or next month, never mind in our next generation.

You know, that’s why a lot of us aren’t even fazed by news of ballooning budget deficits! It doesn’t matter to us because that doesn’t affect us in the here and now! That’s something that our next generation will have to deal with… preferably AFTER we all die so they can’t thrash us to death for doing it.

And that’s presuming that there’s even a tomorrow to begin with! Remember all of those folks who believe that we are just a nuclear bomb away from the Apocalypse? People who believe that they will be dead tomorrow do not make plans for following week.

Even I have warned people about dire futures if we don’t make some reasonable changes to the status quo. And my arguments were all based on social and economic concerns, not environmental!

Now folks, in all honesty, I haven’t seen Al Gore’s movie, nor do I have any plans on doing so. Quite frankly, we’ve heard the arguments over and over again. And if Al Gore’s version of the message just isn’t your cup of tea, then go rent "The Day After Tomorrow"; or check out some of the apocalyptic buffets of fear that were cranked out by NBC, ABC, and the Sci-Fi Channel; or search the $1.95 trash bin for those two piece-of-crap "Category 6" storm movies done by CBS. Either way, you’ll get the message hammered in.

But I use Al Gore’s documentary as an example of something a little more profound about truths and our ability to either accept or deny them.

You see, folks, even if everything Al Gore says about the environment is true… and I’m not saying that it is… there are still going to be a lot of folks who simply will not accept it, because it just doesn’t fit into their ultimate scheme of things.

Think for a moment about a man named Copernicus… staring into the heavens using a little device called a telescope. He comes across this little bit of truth… that the Earth is NOT the center of the universe. It’s simply orbiting around our sun. No big deal, right? Except that this little nugget of truth goes against established dogma. So for many years, the people who followed Copernicus, including guys like Galielo, were accused of heresy. Why? Because they accepted a simple little truth about the Earth, and the people with all of the power didn’t.

In fact, for CENTURIES afterwards, SCIENCE was intentionally, deliberately, maliciously, and systematically demonized by religion! If the conclusions didn’t wholeheartedly support what THEY believe to be true, then it was instantly condemned as heresy. It wasn’t just astronomy either. A guy by the name of Charles Darwin makes some observations about plants and he’s accused of heresy. Come up with a theory of how things happened or how old the Earth REALLY is, and you’re accused of heresy because that theory doesn’t match the literal interpretation of any given religion.

And it’s not just science and religion. It’s pretty much ANY kind of study or report that comes out.

I give you two studies. Both were conducted by the federal government at the behest of the Attorney General of the time. The first was a comprehensive study conducted by a variety of social experts. The second was a study conducted by people who already had preconceived notions on the subject matter and focused primarily on the most extreme portions of the subject matter. The first study concluded that there was NO LINK between pornography and violent crime. The second study – which focused primarily on extreme material - concluded that there was an ABSOLUTE LINK between pornography and violent crime. The federal government REJECTED the first study in 1972, but they EMBRACED the second study done in 1984.

Why? Why was the first study immediately rejected but the second one was treated as gospel? Because the second study gave the government precisely the conclusions that they WANTED. They needed an excuse to justify their moralistic crusade, and they couldn’t take any chances like they did in 1972. So they stacked the deck with self-professed "experts" and they examined the most depraved and extreme of situations just so they can come up with the right conclusions.

So now there’s a NEW study from Northwestern University that suggests that there is a relation between the reported drop of sexual assaults and the rise of online activity in the 1990’s, and suggesting that the rise in online activity also means a greater availability of sexual material. In other words, this study is suggesting – but not concluding – that porn is actually DECREASING crime, not causing it!

By the way, the person behind this study was also involved in the original 1972 study.

But you know what? Even if there was IRON CLAD PROOF and having reports coming out of our EARS to back up this kind of a study, the same gang of moralists, theocrats, and other freedom-haters will still REFUSE to admit this kind of evidence even EXISTS! You know why? Because it just doesn’t fit into their grand scheme of things.

Let’s get brutally honest here… ALL truths are inconvenient! All facts and little nuggets of information, if they are real and genuine, don’t come in through any set timetable or fit any set schedule.

In fact I believe that we should be EXTREMELY skeptical about ANY kind of news story that seems even the least bit timely. Anything that seems to come out at JUST the right time should be damned suspicious, no matter if it’s the "Swift Boat Veterans" story, or the Bush National Guard fiasco, or the recent intelligence reports on terrorism, or even your local news story.

How many times have you heard of a local SHOCKING news report that comes out and then RIGHT at the end of it the reporter bringing you this "BREAKING STORY" announces that there is some sort of government program just WAITING to be enacted? Guess what? Odds are, that story was either sitting around waiting for the government program, or it was crafted FOR that government program. Either way, its impartiality – and its accuracy - are questionable.

(Computer – something appropriate)
(Fade Music In – "Impend" by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori)

You know, to some extent we are ALL guilty of selectively refusing to recognize certain elements of reality. For some of us it’s a matter of vanity. It may be a matter of keeping a friendship or of preserving a relationship.

But for some of us, the reasons behind our selective delusions are for the worst of all motivations… to maintain power and control over others. THESE are the people in desperate need of a reality check. These are the people for whom we need to expose all of their warts and all of their faults and turn their power into a delusion. Then they can be delusional to their hearts content… and not pose a threat to anyone in the process.


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

(Fade out)
(Computer – Ending/"End of Recording")

[End of program]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brutally Honest Rant - 09/20/06

Brutally Honest Audio Rant: On Individuality and Freedom
Audio Transcripts

[Start Program]

(Computer – Introduction)
(Music intro – "American Idiot Remix" – by Green Day and David Matthews 2)

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

This morning I was informed that this week (Sept. 17-23) is National Unmarried and Singles Week. That, of course, caught me completely by surprise; as I’m sure it did for the 89 MILLION other taxpaying Americans who are single and/or otherwise unmarried.

89 MILLION! That’s a sizable chunk of the populace.

And yet, don’t expect any "public service messages" or any kind of "public awareness" programs to be created for this demographic like you would for any of these other "dedicated weeks" or "dedicated months" that get created by the government. In fact I’m actually surprised that someone even BOTHERED to designate a single week for single and unmarried people. It probably got agreed to in one of those stupid pork-laden budget compromises just so they could also designate the National Argyle Socks and Loose String Week.

I say that because we live in a world where people like me are not supposed to exist!

I’m serious! Individuality is pretty much considered an out-and-out OBSCENITY in collectivist mindsets! You’re not supposed to be an individual! You’re supposed to be a part of any given number of collectivist groups, whether you want to be in one or not.

We spend the first 18 years of our lives… more or less… dedicated to asserting our own independence. We learn to stand and walk and talk and socialize and to live outside of the influence of our parents and to figure out who and what we are. We want to break free from the influence of our parents – especially when our parents don’t want to give that up – to make our own decisions and decide how we’re going to define ourselves and what we’re going to do with our lives.

And yet all the while we are continuously getting BOMBARDED with this subtle message that YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE an individual!

Let’s take a look at school. It doesn’t take long before you’re indoctrinated into certain groups, certain cliques, and teachers and school administrators put you on certain "educational tracks" to determine what kind of a future you should have. Of course they don’t bother telling you that unless you tell them that you want to go to college and they have already determined that you’re not "worthy" of that course of action.

If you’re a loner, though, you’re quickly marginalized by the others. You don’t "fit in". You’re not part of the group, and you’re made an easy target by others to show that loners have no place in society. You gotta join in some sort of group, even if you don’t "fit in". Because that is more important. Your sense of self doesn’t matter; it’s about fitting into that group.

What do you want to do with your life? Well that comes secondary to the things that you can DO outside of school. Boy Scouts? Girl Scouts? Debate club? Sports? Oh, ESPECIALLY sports! In fact, if you’re not an athlete, then you’re ENCOURAGED to become… oh, you know I’ve gotta say it… an athletic supporter. (Rimshot.) You gotta support the team! You gotta rally them on! You gotta show up at their games! That is what is REALLY important! Community spirit! Taking part in something that is far GREATER than you ever could be with your pesky little INDIVIDUAL life!

You go through school and then you’re told that you have to make something of yourself. And you’ve got to do so QUICKLY! You’ve got bills to pay and people to impress! PLUS you gotta get MARRIED! Because you’re NOBODY unless you’re married! And I’m not just talking about the women. Guys also get this pressure, although not as blatantly. Gotta get married… then once you get married, then you gotta make babies. Again, you’re not SOMEBODY until you’re a parent!

And let’s not forget some of the OTHER collectivist influences creeping into your life.

Religion is without a doubt the biggest collectivist force in the world today! Religion teaches you that how you live YOUR life is secondary to what YOU do to for the cause of that religion! Some religious beliefs, much to their credit, actually do try to help you, but some of the others… you know, the ones that are hypersensitive to criticism, TV images, magazines, strip clubs, and cartoons… are committed to indoctrinating you and brainwashing you to their cause. YOU are not important. You have to dedicate yourself to bringing OTHERS into the fold. You HAVE to help convert people and help change the world to this GLORIOUS vision of theirs, because if you don’t do that - even if you live that good and decent life that they tell you to do - then you won’t make it to that promised reward in the hereafter! YOU are irrelevant. It’s what you do in THEIR name that matters!

Your workplace is sometimes also getting involved with your personal life as well. You see, tacked in there with your health and dental benefits and your 401K program is a little subtle push for whatever pet charity cause your employer is sponsoring. And they’ll come up with ingenious ways to get you to give up some of your time and money for this pet cause. Plus they’ll also throw in a few additional workplace clauses about the things that you do on your own time… because it’s NOT about you anymore! As far as they are concerned, you’re a part of the company 24-7!

Now at this point, guess what? There IS no individuality! You’re not an individual anymore! You’re a spouse! You’re a parent! You’re a member of whatever workplace you’re in. You’re a member of whatever workplace after-work group activity you get talked into. You’re a member of your local religious group.

Now if you’re wondering where this is heading… I want you to consider the ever-growing attitudes surrounding freedom in society. In the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing belief that we have "too many" freedoms. You know… the very things that supposedly make America so great!

OH YES, we have "free speech". We just can’t use it if it "offends" certain people. We can’t use it to question our elected grifters and shysters in government, because that’s considered "treason". We can’t use it to express ourselves, because that might be considered "indecent" or "obscene".

There is no such thing as privacy anymore. Certainly not after 9/11, but this kind of attitude has been cooking for quite some time. Everything that you say or do or watch or read or buy is under SOMEONE’S self-appointed scrutiny! Your life is showing up on someone’s database. Processed and tracked, profiled and calculated and predicted right down to how many strokes it takes for you to brush your teeth in the morning.

There is no such thing as property rights anymore! The things that you earn or own or make or possess can be taken away from you at ANY TIME without your consent, and often without any kind of compensation. Your house, your car, your money… they ALL can be taken away from you for various reasons. And to add insult to injury, YOUR NEIGHBORS now have veto power over what goes on in your home through covenant agreements and zoning regulations! You’re not just responsible for YOUR house and YOUR yard… you’re now held accountable for the whole damned NEIGHBORHOOD!

And there’s NOTHING AT ALL that you can do about any of it! You know why? Because it’s all done for that "greater good". You see… YOUR problems are irrelevant! They’re INDIVIDUAL problems!

Think about it, folks! All five rights in the First Amendment can be rendered null and void at any time in the name of "public safety" or "public decency" or "property values" or "public safety". The Fourth and Fifth Amendments have been intentionally, deliberately, and systematically rendered null and void in the name of "public safety" and the "public interest".

And the masses… the people who supposedly GIVE consent to the things that our government does... allow this because they have absolutely ZERO appreciation of freedom! You know why?

Because they have absolutely ZERO appreciation of individuality!

They can’t understand individuality, because it has been effectively and systematically demonized in society! Religion, schools, friends, family, work… they’ve all built up this idea that YOU as an individual are IRRELEVANT! It’s the GROUP that matters! It’s the ONLY thing that matters. And if it means taking everything that you have away and throwing you down a deep hole and burying you alive for the sake of the group, then so be it! That’s the attitude! That’s the mentality that has been developed over the years.

Worse yet, there is no appreciation of personal responsibility anymore. You know why? Because there is no sense of PERSON to be held responsible! It’s all a group activity now. It’s not your fault. You’re just following the crowd, or following orders, or doing what your faith tells you to do. If you get into trouble, then it’s because of some sort of drinking or drug problem, which is easily blamed on the community or "the lifestyle". And besides, aren’t there supposed to be people looking out for you? Schools, church, your neighbors, the police? Aren’t THEY supposed to be your brother’s keeper? That’s what the groupthink tells you that they’re there for!

Suddenly the idea of a collectivist state right out of our nightmares seems pretty realistic. The very Orwellian state that people said would NEVER EVER happen comes into being, and nobody raises an eyebrow about it… as long as you don’t CALL it "Orwellian". After all, that might OFFEND the collectivists!

Let’s get brutally honest here… freedom is an INDIVIDUAL concept! You can’t give freedom to a group while depriving it on an INDIVIDUAL level. And it’s really very easy for people to willfully give up freedom when they have no real means of appreciating it on an individual level. If they can’t appreciate it, then it’s considered excessive.

The people who sought after, developed, and defended freedom in America were INDIVIDUALS. They may not be saints… they certainly were FAR from being perfect… but they knew that REAL freedom – not to mention a sense of REAL personal responsibility – comes from an appreciation of the SELF, not of the masses.

What really bothers me is that the President of the United States can go before the United Nations with his dufus grin and proclaim that America is this great bastion of "freedom". And the Texas dufus can say it with a smile on his face because he knows that "freedom" really doesn’t exist in America anymore. It’s become just another political buzzword… a casualty in the great struggle for collectivist thinking.

(Computer – some appropriate clips… but as always you gotta listen to them!)

(Fade Music In – "Who am I" by Peace Orchestra)

In wrapping up my little rant on individuality, I must point out that this is not a liberal or a conservative thing. Both sides are equally guilty of the overall groupthink mentality that has been developed over the years.

What is needed is not to finger-point as to which dictatorial political group is responsible for this, but rather to look at the least-common denominators in this equation. YOU. Yourself. What are you? Who are you? Take away the job, the church, the groups, the family life… just bring it down to YOU as a single, solitary individual. Is there anything left of YOU that remain? What is that you can tell people that DEFINES you as an individual?

That’s the real challenge. That is what takes away the blandness of society and gives your life REAL meaning and REAL purpose. It’s not about what you are a part of… it’s to figure out who YOU are. And once you do that, the rest of society falls into place.


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

(Fade out)

(Computer – Ending/"End of Recording")

[End of program]

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Houston... we've got a smelly problem..."

"Confirm Space Station?"

"Houston, someone put in a bag of refried beans into the food supply, and Bucky just let out a nasty SBD..."

"SBD, Space Station?"

"Silent But Deadly, Houston."

"Ah, copy that, Space Station."

"Houston, this is some pretty nasty stuff here, we've gotta put on the space suits until this gets cleared."

"Uh... Space Station... you know the press will have a field day on this. Do you mind if we just call this a malfunctioning oxygen generator?"

"Knock yourself out, Houston. Meanwhile, on the next run can someone bring up crate of Baking Soda and some Beano?"

"Copy that, Space Station."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Update: B13 Wimps Out!

Okay, you hopefully caught my little take on Pope Benedict 13’s comments about Islam. Last week, B13 pissed Muslims off by pulling out a passage from a Byzantine Emperor about how anything "new" from Muhammad was evil and inhuman, particularly when the religion in question teaches spreading it, quote, "by the sword". That apparently pissed off the Muslims, which really doesn’t bode well for them in the first place. Are they REALLY that thin-skinned and self-centered? I mean their reaction pretty much VALIDATES the criticism!

Well now B13 just issued an apology of sorts. He says that he was just QUOTING someone, and that the passage from Manuel Paleologos II "doesn’t reflect his own personal views".

Nice wuss act Benny!

Let’s see… you come down HARD on secular thinking… you CRUCIFY science and scientists… but you FAIL to show any kind of strength against the Muslims. Why is that?

Where are your CONVICTIONS? Where is that FIRE that you had when you came down on rock music all those years ago?

Where, sir, are your BALLS? Or did you have to give them up when you were elevated?

I’m not an atheist, but I have to wonder of Benny would come down on secular thinking if atheists acted more like Muslims.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Guess who joined the "offensive" club?

Seems B16 stepped into some serious maneure this week when he bad-mouthed Islam by pulling up a conversation between the 14th-century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II and a Persian scholar on the truths of Christianity and Islam.

"The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war," Benedict said. "He said, I quote, 'Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'"

Now if I remember correctly - and please correct me if I am wrong about this - the official stance of those in the religion in question is that you can either convert, enslave, or kill those who do not believe as you do. Does that or does that not match the words of Emperor Paleologos II? And if you believe that your faith is one of peace and of turning the other cheek, wouldn't you believe that the spreading of any faith "by the sword" to be EVIL?

And yet B16 is considered guilty of "blasphemy" by bringing that up...

Well I guess if you're looking for that all-out religious war, you're not too far away from seeing it happen.

The sad part is that B16 and his cronies have more in common with the people he supposedly "offended" than in the ranks of the infidels and blasphemers that he's being pushed into.

Clarity? Bwahahahaha!!! Stop it, yer killin' me!

Caught this little headline on the wire services...

"Bush Wants 'Clarity' on Interrogations"

Clarity? Oh that's a good one!

This is the same person who couldn't answer with a straight face any question about the existence of international secret prisons.

This is the same person who rewrites federal laws that would have CLARIFIED limits on Executive Power by issuing a signing statement declaring that he has limitless powers in times of war.

This is the same person who believes that saying "We are at WAR" justifies overruling the US Constitution indefinately.

This is the same person who believes that there are elements in the USA PATRIOT Act that are SO secret and SO classified that you can't even acknowledge their existence, never mind justify their use in court!

And let's not forget that this is the same person who can't remember the ending to the old saying "Fool me once..."

Clarity... riiiiiight! You know the Bill of Rights are pretty clear... they use simple and concise language, and yet even a dufus in Washington can't figure out what those words mean.

Don't worry folks... if the GOP loses control of Congress in November, the White House will quickly figure out what clarity REALLY means.


From today's Reason Friday Funnies...
Of course the standard Imperium line is...

"But... but... but... it's a NEEDED TOOL in the War on Terror! We need to use this TOOL here so it won't be used against us by the evildoers!"

By the way, Stalin declared the sending of people Siberia as a "needed tool" as well.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Brutally Honest Rant - 09/13/06

Brutally Honest Audio Rant:
The Missing Link (and other ramblings)

Audio Transcripts

[Start Program]

(Computer – Introduction)
(Music intro – "American Idiot Remix" – by Green Day and David Matthews 2)

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

Well I’ve got a lot on my mind again, so let’s get right to it…

Obviously I have to get my $2 in on "THE BIG SPEECH" made by the White House to mark the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Somewhere between fifty and seventy-five percent of that speech consisted of words that needed to be spoken.

But once President Bush strayed from the issue of the day into his continual justification for the War in Iraq, he pretty much lost his momentum. He did a much better job on the memorials of the previous day, when he went over to Ground Zero, planted the two wreaths representing the Twin Towers, and then left. No big speeches, no political plugs, he just did what he had do to and then that was it.

In that regard George W. Bush is like a child… he is better seen and not heard.

But once again the Bush Imperium FAILED to use the one thing that would have cemented their stance that Iraq was central in their "War on Terror". One thing… that’s all that it would have taken, and it would have shut the critics up!

You see, Bush Junior LOVES to drop names when he can. It’s an old political tactic… he wasn’t the first to do it and he won’t be the last. But in connecting the dots between Afghanistan and Iraq, Junior forgot to give out three very important names that would have made that connection EASY. So easy that everyone in the White House should be thoroughly and completely EMBARASSED for not figuring it out!

Those three names are Leon Klinghoffer, Abu Abbas, and Abu Nidal.

Klinghoffer was an American tourist… a wheelchair-bound senior citizen. Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal were actual confirmed TERRORISTS. Abu Abbas was responsible for orchestrating the TERRORIST hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro that KILLED Klinghoffer in premeditated cold blood. Abu Nidal was responsible for SEVERAL TERRORIST activities, including the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in 1986 and allegedly in the DESTRUCTION of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988.

Guess where Abbas and Nidal were found? Afghanistan? Nope. Pakistan? Nope? Iran? Nope. Syria? Nope. They were both in IRAQ! They were both there at the behest and warm welcome of Saddam Hussein.


And all Junior had to do from DAY ONE was to mention Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal and bring up the death of Leon Klinghoffer, and the dots would have been connected! It would have been a LOOSE connection, it certainly wouldn’t be the kind of smoking gun that the Imperium ass-kissers continue to say exists, but it would have bridged the gap between Afghanistan and Iraq. It would have established Iraq as a longtime sponsor of international terrorism, and it would have justified taking action against Saddam Hussein.

Hey, speaking of which, no I DID NOT watch any of the so-called "9/11 specials" this past Monday. In fact I made it a point to NOT watch any of those things. You know why? Because the History Channel and the Discovery Channel and Arts and Entertainment already did a much better job of retracing the events leading up to 9/11 and they were airing those specials all weekend long. And the whole thing with ABC’s "docu-drama" was just too much wasted and needless DRAMA anyway… and I’m not talking about the "special" itself.

Okay, enough seriousness… let’s lighten things up a moment.

A recent report suggests that images of sexy women with big cleavage doesn’t really sell for other women. This study supposedly based this on the use of such women on magazines designed for women and say that women don’t buy the magazines based on the suggestive models with their gazoombas peeking through their deliberately LOW v-neck tops.

Well, hey, I’ve got news for you… that’s no big surprise! The REAL story is what the women REALLY buy the magazines for… it’s for the headlines about how to keep their men horny and happy. Fifty ways to spice up your love life without spending a dime. How to get the man that you want and the man that you deserve, even if they’re not the same man. Hollywood beauty secrets for under five bucks. All this and a whole bunch of horror stories about relationships gone bad so that women can look at this failed relationships and say "you know what? My man’s a piece of crap but at least he’s not like THESE losers!"

The media is hyping this MYTH that sex doesn’t sell for women, and that’s just not true. Sex DOES sell for women, but just not in the same way as it would for guys! Remember folks, guys are stimulated more by the senses than women. Women are more introspective. They don’t buy the magazine for the cleavage model; they buy it because of the REST of the stuff on the cover! WE GUYS would buy the magazine for the cleavage model and not even notice what else is there! That’s just the way it is, folks. Guys are sensory-based, women are thought-based.

That of course brings me to my last little rambling for the week… and this one is right off the cuff…

Been reading the Atlanta Journal-Constitution… because, hey, I live in the Atlanta area and it’s pretty much an unwritten law that you have to. Or at least that’s the attitude of several people who spend their time hogging the newspaper on the rack trying to read the articles without actually buying the paper.

Anyway, in Tuesday’s issue, a local writer and physician named Melody McCloud got a bug up her butt about how black women supposedly aren’t getting the "respect" that they deserve. She points to the "lack" of positive role models on TV and how fraternity pledges flashed pictures of naked black women… because, supposedly, THEY CAN. She says this isn’t RIGHT and she is asking for… of all things… a CONGRESSIONAL investigation on this!

Give me a FREAKING BREAK! You want lack of respect? How about fathers of all races on TV sitcoms? The mothers are all beautiful and smart and professional… and the fathers are bumbling buffoons, doing double takes whenever they hear a double-entendre from their teenaged kids. They can’t change a light bulb, they can’t fix a leaky faucet, they can’t even pop a tape into the VCR without blowing up the TV! And if they’re not blowing the house up, then they’re seen as drunken or drug-addicted unfaithful LOSERS who walk out on their families on a moment’s notice.

Lack of respect? How about the fact that forty years ago a certain TV series aired that included amongst the case the first black female officer and had the first-ever interracial kiss on TV? And if you consider yourself a fan of that TV series called "Star Trek", then you’re INSTANTLY stereotyped as being some pathetic LOSER who lives in their parents’ basement and masturbates to whatever sexy babe is wearing a skintight leotard. Never mind, of course, that "Star Trek" has inspired people to become scientists, soldiers, teachers, and even astronauts. No, we’re not given respect either… so where the hell is OUR congressional investigation?

But I think that the key problem can be pointed out in the headline for this little guest editorial… made in a paper, by the way, whose editorial board is run by a black woman. The headline reads: "Black Women DEMAND Respect".

Let’s get brutally honest here… you don’t DEMAND respect in society, you EARN it! You do the things that EARN respect and you do the things that CREATE positive role models instead of going on your soapbox and complain about the LACK those role models.

You want to point out Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as a role model? A woman who assaults a police officer and then gets away with it? A woman who surrounds herself with aggressive thugs who aren’t afraid to push around and punch out members of the media when the congresswoman doesn’t get her way? You want to complain that Omarosa from "The Apprentice" was seen as a flake? She was a DRAMA QUEEN who quickly pulled out the race card when she was losing an argument… AN ARGUMENT! Those ARE NOT positive role models no matter WHAT race or gender you are!

You want to complain about the lack of positive role models for black women on the TV series "Desperate Housewives"? A show about a group of dysfunctional women and the men that help make their lives dysfunctional? I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be wasting time trying to come up with role models for that kind of series. You don’t watch that kind of show as a pattern for normal family life. That series is nothing but a multiple ongoing train wreck!

And guess what? There IS a voice out there that is saying the same things that Dr. McCloud is talking about. He’s also asking for change. But he’s NOT asking for a congressional hearing or otherwise trying to wield the power of GOVERNMENT to get his way. He’s challenging the community to do the task by themselves. You may have heard about this guy… his name is Bill Cosby. But then again he’s immediately written off as being a clueless old coot by the very community that he’s trying to challenge and trying to help improve.

Look, RESPECT is not something that you DEMAND. In fact, the more that you DEMAND it, the less DESERVING you are of it! You EARN respect by doing the things that warrant respect.

Let’s use Dr. McCloud’s profession as a physician as an example of this. It’s not easy to become a doctor. You have to go through extensive pre-med and medical schooling and you have to do internships and you have to pass a regulatory board. That’s a lot of stuff to do… and it’s not cheap! We’re talking money in six-figures being spent on this kind of venture!

But let’s suppose that I didn’t want to wait that long. I did pre-med, I know SOMETHING about the subject of medicine… I read up on the medical journals and stuff. Now using Dr. McCloud’s stance, I should be able to just go through to the regulatory board, take my test, and DEMAND to be given the title of "Doctor", with all of the privileges and benefits thereof. Never mind the fact that I didn’t even go through the whole medical college and get a Ph.D. or do any of the interning. I want it, I DEMAND it, so therefore I should be ENTITLED to it! And I’ll DEMAND a congressional hearing if I don’t GET it!

Doesn’t work, does it? Well neither does it work in Dr. McCloud’s case.

You want respect? You earn it. You teach it. You do the things that warrant it.

And if by some chance you pay your dues and you STILL don’t get the kind of respect that you’re looking for, then you probably never WILL get that kind of respect. Either your goals are just too damn unrealistic or the people you’re looking to get respect FROM just don’t have it in them! You know sometimes people just don’t have any respect to give. And there’s nothing that you can do about that… and there is no law, no regulatory board, and no government inquisition that will ever change that.

That’s reality, folks, and it is high time that people like Dr. McCloud come off their lofty McClouds and embrace that reality.

(Computer – a nice mix that you have to LISTEN to appreciate)

(Fade Music In – "Who Am I" by Peace Orchestra)

You know, if you think about it, this unrealistic view of where RESPECT is showing up in a lot of our social problems. What’s at the heart of road rage? What’s the motivator there? Some dickhead’s demented demand for RESPECT. School shootings? Lack of respect. Gang activity? Lack of respect. Violence in the workplace? Lack of respect.

People just don’t know where RESPECT comes from! They think that they can FORCE it from people, and of course they follow their leads from the arrogant prima donnas in the government and in the media. Look, this is NOT something that you can GET… it’s something that you GIVE, and it’s something that you EARN. And the longer we remain clueless about that little tidbit, the more problems we will have to deal with, and with no idea whatsoever on how to resolve them!


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

(Fade out)
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[End of program]

Monday, September 11, 2006

I felt the earth move yesterday....

… and I obviously wasn’t having sex when it happened.

In truth, it was a 6.0 earthquake off the Gulf of Mexico, but I certainly felt it here in Atlanta! I’m told some other folks up and down the Gulf Coast felt it too.

Nice hit. Rattled my nerves a bit. Been a couple of years since I last felt one.

Of course the California flakes will probably be like… "Wuss! That’s not even enough wake me up!" But then again these are the same folks who don’t know what snow is, so two snowflakes instantly becomes "Blizzard Watch!"

The “Safe” Hoax

Okay, I gotta pipe in on this whole horsecrap about being “safe”.

I’m really pissed off about the White House Spin Machine going on and on about how America is “SAFER” but not yet “SAFE”.

“SAFE”? “SAFE”????

There’s no such thing!

I’ve got a news flash for the great unwashed: THE WORLD IS NOT SAFE! Never has been, and probably never will be!

Take a look around your home… sharp edges, pointed corners. Have any scissors around? Keep any cleaners?

You’re reading this online, so that means if you have a laptop then it’s probably running on Lithium batteries that MAY or MAY NOT catch fire. Don’t think it can’t happen to YOUR laptop? Yeah, Dell and Apple users thought the same thing too.

Watch the news lately? If the damned terrorists don’t kill you tomorrow, then the media will let you know about any number of possible things that will kill you in a few years down the road. Your favorite fast food joint may be responsible for killing you in five years… or maybe ten… or maybe thirty years later… either way they’ve got your number! You may be drinking water from pipes that may be older than your grandmother, and who knows WHAT is corroded in there! Oh, a bottled water drinker, you say? Well how about the dishes you wash? That uses water. You gotta shower, right? That uses water too. You know the sun could kill us all and we would never know it. The sun, gamma bursts, meteor strikes… hey, for all we know we may be on a collision course with a two-dimensional piece of quantum string that we’ll never know about until it hits us and wipes us out of existence!

While we’re on the subject of “SAFE”, maybe the White House would like to explain how we could consider ourselves to be “SAFER” with North Korea threatening the world with their nuclear weapons, and how Iran is trying desperately to GET nuclear weapons? And if we’re so damned “SAFER”, then why is it that every time a GUN goes off in Israel, some bible-thumping fundamentalist screams that it’s the start of Armageddon?

Listen, I know about being “safe”. Part of the reason why my personal life SUCKS is because it’s “safe”.

You want to know what “safe” is? Safe is staying at home on a Saturday night, afraid to go out. Afraid to go to a movie by yourself. Afraid to go to a restaurant because you’re by yourself. Afraid to ask someone out because you might get rejected… again. Afraid to drive because you might get your car totaled by another driver… again. So you stay at home with your cat and your aquarium fish and flip channels on the TV looking for something that you’ve never seen before that you wouldn’t mind your neighbors hearing through the open window. Safe is spending more time with emails and chat rooms than with actual live human being and then trying to find ways to fill the lack of human contact.

THAT is what “safe” is all about. And guess what? IT SUCKS!

Look, the person who promises to make the world “safe” or even “safer” is promising something that they can NEVER EVER DELIVER, and what they do ask for in return is something that they usually have no right to have in the first place. So go ahead and take the chance now before your life ends up something like mine.

Friday, September 08, 2006

"The Leak" (and the fall guy) Revealed... again.

So now "THE LEAK" has been revealed.

Actually there was more than one, but supposedly it was former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who first told CNN Robert Novak that Valerie Plame was a CIA operative, in violation of federal law.

Few quick thoughts...

First, if it was Armitage from the get-go, and he was supposedly on his own in doing it, then why all the dog-and-pony games from both the Special Prosecutor AND from the Bush Imperium? Armitage suppsoedly didn't "lawyer-up" like the others did because he supposedly KNEW that he did a bad thing. So why didn't he come forward earlier? This would have diffused the whole issue in a matter of SECONDS! It would have been a done deal and the media would have moved on.

If Novak was "cooperating" with the Special Prosecutor on this and he didn't give up Armitage, then he betrayed his trust. Any prosecutor worth his stones would have said "deal's off" and had Novak indicted.

I don't buy the idea that this was a lone-wolf operation. Armitage may have been the original leaker, but he didn't do this by himself. There was too much drama behind this for it to be a one-man criminal activity.

Second, PROSECUTE HIM! If Patrick Fitzgerald doesn't, then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales MUST! This man violated federal law. He needs to do the perp walk. He supposedly was ready for it, so why waste the opportunity? Let him do the time for doing the crime.

While we're at it, get Novak prosectued too. He's been a walking stool pigeon for too long and it didn't help move the case any further.

In short, Armitage is another fall-guy for the Imperium... a modern-day G. Gordon Liddy. And if we're going to make comparrisons to the Nixon crimes, then we need to TREAT the players just like we did in those days. They didn't get interviewed, they got indicted. They didn't get CNN, they got CONVICTED.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brutally Honest Rant - Special 9/11 Edition -

Brutally Honest Audio Rant: What if 9/11 didn’t happen?
Audio Transcripts

[Start Program]

(Computer – Introduction)
(Music intro – "American Idiot Remix" – by Green Day and David Matthews 2)

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

As I’m doing this rant, it’s September 6th, 2006. In just five days from now, we will be marking the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America. A very significant day for many Americans, but probably not for the rest of the world… at least not yet.

We got scared on that day. We got scared, scarred, frightened, traumatized, and then we got MAD. We got vengeful. We wanted BLOOD!

And we didn’t care who we got it from either! Mommar Quadafi knew what we’re like when we want blood! That’s why he was quick to back down from his usual anti-American banter and decide to cooperate with us. He knows what happens when we’re in this mode! He SHOULD know… because he lost family members the last time he got in a pissing contest with us!

The rules changed. We got to be complete dickheads. Screw the world! Screw the UN! Screw everything and everyone that stands in our way! The Taliban refused to turn over the terrorists, so we invaded Afghanistan! Saddam Hussein started talking trash about us, so we invaded Iraq!

Everything that we as Americans feared about becoming a dictatorial Orwellian society got thrown out the window. Suddenly we are ALL willing stooges for Big Brother! Ten years ago we would be objecting STRONGLY to the kinds of measures that we accept today without hesitation. That is what the FEAR did to us! And I don’t care if that fear came from the terrorists, from the air-fluffed media, or from our own government looking to hold political power, we no longer represent "the land of the free and the home of the brave". We’re now the land of the security zones and the home of the fearful. And we really have nobody to blame for it but ourselves.

So that obviously has us wondering… what WOULD life be like if 9/11 never happened? How would things be different?

Now I know that several people have spun up some fancy scenarios about the things that may or may happen differently. Some of the "alternate histories" sounded a little realistic, while others were just WAY too off-the-wall.

For instance, one person spun this belief that Al Gore would be President of the United States. Not very realistic. Another person believed that gas prices would hit $20 a gallon. Again, not very realistic.

Before I got into doing online commentary and getting involved with the stuff going on in the here and now, I was into writing science fiction stories, which is what the realm of alternate history is about. It’s science fiction. Now one of the secrets of doing alternate histories is that unless you do something completely off-the-wall like having dinosaurs still rule the planet, you have to make your alternate history look realistic. You have to take real-world reactions and real-world rules into account.

So here goes… let’s suppose that 9/11/2001 was just an ordinary day. The plan failed, or the plan wasn’t carried out. The Twin Towers are still standing and the Pentagon was never attacked. What would our alternate world in 2006 be like?

Well, here’s how I see it…

(Background music – "Orbit of Glass" by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori)

In the middle of September of 2001, the US Department of Justice launches a new all-out assault on all things offensive. Their first victims are the adult entertainment industry. This was an assault that was months in the making. The Department of Justice under Attorney General John Ashcroft had already quietly brought in every anti-sex crusader group that supported the Republicans in the 2000 election. Several of their people became special investigators and special deputy attorney generals specifically to lead this crusade.

A massive and coordinated attack on adult film producers and distributors is carried out. Modeling agencies that provided the talent for such films are shut down. Online distributors are raided. Strip clubs and swingers clubs across the country are all raided and shut down. Federal racketeering laws are invoked to seize the properties of these businesses. Magazine publishers are soon targeted, and much to the promise made by Bay Buchanan earlier that summer, even Playboy Magazine wasn’t safe from this crusade.

In November of 2001, President Bush addresses the United Nations to call for a global war on sexual exploitation. He uses the anti-sex crusades being carried out in the United States as the basis for pushing for a Security Council resolution to use every resource possible to go after what he called the "organized criminal sexual exploitation of women and children". He calls this his "War for Decency", but the media quickly latches on to the nickname for this crusade as provided by Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove… the "War on Filth".

In Washington, conservative Republicans along with Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut announce the formation of a new congressional investigation of the entire entertainment industry. Motion picture studios, television networks, magazine publishers, video distributors, video game distributors and even newspapers would be affected. Lieberman had previously warned Hollywood executives that he would lead the charge in Congress to clean that industry up, and many simply didn’t take him at his word until this point.

In December of 2001, a wannabe terrorist named Richard Reid attempts to ignite explosives hidden in his shoes during the middle of a transatlantic flight, but is stopped and restrained by passengers. This act causes airports to pay more attention to security and bomb detection, although Congress never sees fit to spend more money on bomb-detecting equipment. The White House spin paints Reid as a pathetic joke, corrupted by drugs and porn, which they fit into their "War on Filth" crusade.

During that same time, big corporations like Enron and WorldCom begin to collapse, laying off thousands of employees. Democrats immediately blamed the Republicans for "allowing" the corporate collapses to happen, pointing to huge campaign contributions made to Republicans. But as the details of Enron’s collapse start to come out, the White House and the media are quick to point out that Enron executives used corporate resources to fund their "addiction to porn" and their "hedonistic lifestyles" which they believed were again part of their "War on Filth" crusade and only reinforced their determination to "clean up" America.

In 2002, the great economic recovery that was promised in exchange for the White House’s tax refunds never really happened. Democrats in Congress were demanding another "tax refund" as a quick-fix solution, but Republicans balked at the idea since they knew that the first one was an empty scam to begin with. Airlines were asking for federal assistance, while at the same time the financial institutions were looking to rewrite the bankruptcy laws for the rest of Americans and to change the rules so they would not be held to their pension programs. To cover up this double-standard, the Bush Administration launches a new crusade to "bring decency back to America" by pushing for changes in the US Constitution to ban flag burning and gay marriages; to require mandatory reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance; the mandatory postings of the Ten Commandments; and to require a mandatory minute of prayer. The White House hopes that there is enough of a momentum from their "War on Filth" crusade to pass these amendments, but even with the media onslaught from the religious groups and support from even the Vatican, all attempts fail miserably. But as a distraction, the crusade works perfectly, and it helps to secure Republican control of Congress in the mid-term elections.

During that same year, Congress begins their joint hearings on the entertainment industry. Executives from the television networks are grilled by Congress about the kind of content they show and the subject matters they discuss on their programs. They fared better than the executives from the cable companies, especially Home Box Office, Showtime, Cinemax, and the Movie Channel. The cable channel FX – owned Rupert Murdock, who also owns Fox News – announces that they have abandoned the premiere of a gritty TV series called "The Shield", which would have featured nudity, sexual situations, violence, and profanity. Even though it would air during the so-called "allowed time period" for such material, FX executives declare that the current political environment was too caustic for such a show to air. They would later air the series at midnight, but heavily edited to remove the so-called "offensive material". The series would be cancelled three months later.

Congress would later turn their attention to the recording industry, and how suggestive lyrics were contributing to this so-called "conspiracy of filth". Already smarting from their attempts to shut down file sharing, the recording studios and radio stations caved quickly to the demands of the politicians to "clean up" their medium. Radio personality Howard Stern along with fifty other so-called "shock jocks" are fired en masse to demonstrate the willingness of the corporate radio networks to bow down to the will of the government.

In 2003, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission – Michael Powell – steps down under intense pressure from the White House for someone more "fundamentalist". In his place, a baby-faced conservative by the name of Kevin Martin takes the helm, and is easily confirmed in the Senate. His first act is to abolish the so-called "indecency time" where adult subjects could be aired on radio and television. Martin declares that THERE IS no such "acceptable time" when such material should EVER be discussed and declares open regulatory warfare on any radio or television station that thinks otherwise. He also advocates for tighter controls on material for cable companies, including subscription-based channels, even though the US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that such restrictions are blatant violations of the US Constitution.

During that same year, Sports Illustrated announces that it is ending their highly-popular annual "Swimsuit Edition" after an intense investigation by the Department of Justice of their 2002 issue in which outlines of nipples could be seen through the outfits. So-called "boy magazines" like FHM and Maxim declare bankruptcy after having their issues pulled from store shelves.

During that same year, the Bush Administration begins plans to deal with Iraq. Saddam Hussein had been a continual thorn in the side of the United States since he removed the UN weapons inspectors in 1998. But even after the White House began to paint Saddam’s sons as bloodthirsty wanton godless heathens, the US lacked the support needed even for a Security Council resolution ordering the return of the inspectors. The European Union had already balked at the "war on filth" crusade, and several of the American adult film stars had already been given political amnesty in France, the Netherlands, and Romania, as a further slap in the face on the so-called "bastion of freedom"

The 2004 Presidential Campaign season saw several surprises. The most notable for Democrats was the stern refusal of former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for the White House. Senator Lieberman did try to run but came in last place in every primary. This was considered payback for Lieberman’s key role in the congressional hearings, which resulted in several studios going bankrupt and cost the entertainment industry BILLIONS in revenue. Studio executives also attempted to rally a recall vote to remove Lieberman from the Senate, but it lacked the votes needed. Former Vermont governor Howard Dean ran a very caustic primary campaign, going so far as to call President Bush the "Ayatollah-In-Chief", and to refer to the Republicans as the "GOP Taliban" – in reference to the religious extremists still ruling Afghanistan, where suspected terrorist chief Osama bin Laden still organizes terrorist operations around the world. Governor Dean refused to apologize for his comments, which only served to help him in the primary, finishing a close second to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Kerry would later make Dean his vice-presidential candidate.

As expected, President Bush ran unopposed, with strong religious support from every conservative religious organization.

The Kerry-Dean ticket focused their campaign on the stalled economic recovery of the Bush Administration, the so-called "War on Filth", and the White House’s close connections to organized religion. The Bush-Cheney 2 campaign attacked Kerry’s military record and Dean’s "godless attacks". The defining moment came during the final presidential debate, when President Bush, in condemning Governor Dean’s comments, said the following: "Anytime you attack the beliefs of the President of the United States, you’re attacking God. I believe that the President of the United States is here to do God’s work and that’s what I’ve been trying to do."

President Bush would later regret making that impromptu statement, as he would lose the November election by a slim but verifiable margin to John Kerry.

But President Kerry would have little to celebrate about, as 2005 started with the aftermath of a devastating tsunami in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The economy was also a key concern, as the stalled recovery under Bush along with numerous corporate bankruptcies were further aggravated by the creeping price of gasoline. Al Qaeda terrorists were successful in attacking several oil wells and facilities in the Middle East. That, combined with the talk of Iraq re-starting their chemical weapons program and Iran talking about developing nuclear weapons, helped drive the price of oil to above $70 a barrel by January. The average price of gasoline in the United States was over $2.75 per gallon and continuing to rise. The oil crunch would become President Kerry’s most pressing issue… especially after Hurricane Katrina hits.

Although President Kerry would cut his vacation in Massachusetts short and fly down to Washington before the hurricane came ashore, Republicans were quick to blast the White House for not taking a personal lead in reacting to the devastation in the Gulf States; specifically in the flooded areas of New Orleans. They accused Kerry of being more concerned about the affect the hurricane would have on the nation’s oil supply and trying to stem the hysteria of the oil markets than in the loss of human lives and the destruction of that area’s businesses. Even when Kerry was proven to be right, the Republicans accused the president of not responding FAST enough and claimed that a REPUBLICAN president would have taken a more immediate "hands-on" approach.

And so, as our alternate history of a nondescript September 11, 2001 catches up to our alternate present day, we would find that the terrorists would still be causing problems around the world. Iraq would still be under the control of Saddam Hussein and still posing a threat to the world. Afghanistan would still be under the control of the Taliban, and the crimes against humanity committed by these fanatics would still go unpunished. And they would still be the sponsors of the al Qaeda terrorist group. Iran would still be looking for nuclear weapons, although they would be able to justify it as wanting to stop Saddam from developing his chemical weapons. North Korea would also still cause trouble. And we would STILL have to deal with the same economic problems, although my guess is without that rallying cry of "buy it or the terrorists win" we wouldn’t even have a stunted recovery to help us out.

But let’s get brutally honest here… if anyone thinks that a United States without 9/11 would be a bastion of freedom is just deluding themselves. The Christian fanatics and other freedom-hating moralist groups were HELL-BENT on kicking off a crusade to impose their will on society. They wanted to finish what they started during the Reagan years, and had to wait until the right President was in office to do it. The only reason why they couldn’t carry out their new crusade as planned was because another bunch of religious fanatics – Islamic fanatics – beat them to the punch. But they still managed to bring elements of it out when the situation called for it.

Christian crusaders or Islamic terrorists, it really wouldn’t matter for freedom-lovers like yours truly. Freedom would STILL be under attack in 2001 and forward. The only difference is that in the alternate history, the crimes AGAINST Americans would be committed BY Americans, and ON BEHALF of America.

(Computer – the future is born in pain)
(Fade Music In – "Mythodea" by Vangelis)

As we look back to the events of five years ago… and look at what the hell we got ourselves into… and ask ourselves how things MIGHT have been if 9/11 didn’t happen, I want you to understand that we were heading down a pretty dark road to begin with.

I know that I’m going to piss a few people off by saying this but the terrorists actually did the religious crusaders here in America a favor by striking first. They did the Christian conservatives a favor because it gave them an excuse for their own arrogance, it validated their own self-righteousness, and it justified their own agenda. It gave them a bloody shirt to wave around and a cause to rally against. It gave them a reason to impose THEIR WILL on the rest of America other than the usual retort of "because I TOLD YOU SO". It gave them an enemy OUTSIDE of America to point to without fear of a political backlash. And most importantly, it gave them permission to use the word WAR without hesitation or question, and to use that word to justify EVERYTHING under the sun.

I’ve seen the rhetoric. I’ve heard their propaganda. The only question left is… when will the rest of the people realize that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend?

That answer is really up to YOU to answer.


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

(Fade out)
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[End of program]

Monday, September 04, 2006

I don't know if I agree with this fortune...

My home page on gives me a daily "fortune cookie" message.

This is today's message:
Whoever said life isn't fair was cheating.

There's a part of me that looks at that message and says "yeah, you're right", but then there's a part of me that knows that the person saying that either was cheating or was cheated on.

My guess is the latter. What do you think? Post your replies here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

News report: Americans line up for fingerprinting

Americans Shrug, Line Up For Mandatory National Fingerprinting

Audio link here.

Is this for real? Given the source, I'd say no.

But I want you to think about it and ask yourself if it's NOT true, how far off are we from this BEING real?

I want you to consider this story as well...

Plan Gains to Publicly Identify Accused-But-Not-Charged Sex Offenders

"An Ohio legislative panel yesterday rubber-stamped an unprecedented process that would allow sex offenders to be publicly identified and tracked even if they've never been charged with a crime."

Story link here.

Real? Unfortunately, VERY much so!

So again, I ask you... how far away are we from that first story being real, if it isn't already real?

It's time to stand up and speak up, folks. Your silence is allowing this crap to happen!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quick rant about homes and "hip"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently posted a filler article in their home section called "How to tell if your house is HIP".

HIP? Why the hell should owners be concerned if their house is "HIP"?

Look, unless you’re a big-name celebrity and your house is showing up on MTV’s "Cribs" or Home and Garden TV, making sure your house is "hip" is the LEAST of your concerns!

If you want to be concerned about something with the house, how about making sure that your house is MARKETABLE? You know that vague sucking sound you’ve been hearing? That’s the so-called "housing bubble" as it slowly caves in. Sure, the air-fluffed media and the power-whores in the government don’t want to admit it, but the market is already past its peak and slowly collapsing.

Having a $400,000 home only works if you are able to SELL it for that much! If your house is appraised (and taxed) at $400,000 and you can’t sell it for anything more than $250,000, then not only was your house’s worth over-inflated, but you were essentially getting ROBBED by all of the taxes you had to pay on it at the inflated price.

Besides, houses aren’t supposed to be "hip". Cars can be "hip". Clothing can be "hip". Music can be "hip" (and "hop"). Houses are just houses. Its value isn’t momentary. Its value is monetary. Its value is long-term. It’s what you put INTO it that makes it a home, and that is a reflection of yourself. If your house isn’t "hip", it’s not because of the building, but rather because of the occupant.

Olberman on Rumsfeld

Okay folks, you know that I wouldn't link-drop if I didn't think it was important, and this is certainly worth checking out.

Keith Olberman on MSNBC did a long dissertation about the recent extremist views of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. His entire message was less than seven minutes long, which is six minutes and x-number of seconds longer than the usual political sound-byte, but it is worth it. If you have high-speed access, then watch the video. If you just have dial-up, stick with the written copy.

Either way, it's important that you read or view this message, because in many ways it is the modern-day version of the late Edward R. Murrow's warning about the encroachment of tyranny.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I called it again...

So now the news services are picking up on the drop in gas prices this weekend.

Did I call it or what?

Now let's see if the other half of my call is right... if those same prices will creep back up AFTER Labor Day.

And here's something to think about: if gas companies can lower prices at will, then why is it when they raise prices it's because the matter is "out of their control"?