Friday, May 30, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/31/08 Show Notes

The other week Hillary Rodham-Clinton invoked a tragic memory and used that as the justification for her continued participation in the primary and caucus race. While she and her legions of myrmidons thought nothing of it, it certainly had an effect on others, ranging from simply being in poor taste, to being an outright threat on Barack Obama's life.

But WHY was this "unthinkable" situation so terrifying? Clearly Hillary doesn't see the threat, and that is to her detriment, because what would follow would be pretty much a nightmare situation not only for the Democrats, but also for HER specifically.

Well this week, I'll take you DOWN that "unthinkable" path and show you what would happen should that "unthinkable" tragedy happen. Believe me, if you're a Hillary supporter, this will make you think twice about being so flippant with your words!

PLUS... it's the end of the month. It's TIME to find out how the jury voted in the first "Court of Public Opinion" in the matter of the People versus the FCC! Former prosecutor Myron Weasels will be joining me as the verdict is read on the air. George W. Bush picks up a new title. Darth Rove defies the law... AGAIN. A Navy veteran gets sued for his flagpole. A barber gets fined for being open for business. One politician gets on the presidential ballot and another goes home. Texas government wonks get a HUGE kick in the gonads. And some investor thinks that it is all YOUR fault that everything costs too damned much! Where does he get off saying that and why is he all hat and no cattle? You'll just have to find out!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio, and simulcast on Freethought Radio and Apple's iTunes radio player under both the "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock" categories. Oh, and you can also hear the past shows via iTunes by searching for "David 2's Media" and subscribing to the podcasts. The podcasts are free, although they are posted a week behind the most recent show (sorry, but I STILL want you to hear it on ShockNet first).

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Olbermann and Hillary's "Nightmare"

Keith Olbermann did a good job saying what needed to be said. And I should point out that this was a guy that originally didn't want to speak critical of "She who will not be ignored".

He did a good job saying it.

I promise you... next week on Brutally Honest on ShockNet, I'll do an even BETTER job by not only saying it, but also TAKING you down that nightmarish path that he only mentions, and showing you why Clinton's comments were not only dangerous but also destructive for her campaign and for herself personally.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/24/08 Show Notes

Wow, I have a TON of things to talk about this week!

First, "Off the Wire" has an update on an ongoing case I've been talking about for a few weeks now. Plus oil executives and useless members of Congress meet to agree to disagree, Hillary turns to a dark lord of evil for support, and you may not know it, but you're carrying plenty of ILLEGAL items in your pocket!

Then, yours truly finally takes Obamamania to task, as well as taking the neo-conservatives to task over their latest insult to logic and reason.

And finally, the brutal one goes to school to give the graduating class of 2008 some words of wisdom that they NEED to hear! This is the graduating speech that nobody WANTS to hear, but they NEED to hear it anyway!

All of that THIS SATURDAY starting at 7pm Eastern!

And don't forget that we are just a few days away from closing jury deliberations in the first Court of Public Opinion! Visit the Brutally Honest blog site to take part in "The People Versus The FCC" and cast your ballot! Jury deliberations end on May 28th, with the verdict being read on the air on the May 31st program!

That's this SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Freethought Radio and through the Apple iTunes player under either the "Talk/Spoken Word" or "Classic Rock" category!

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

REAL Appeasement!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/17/08 Show Notes

What do Martin Luther, the civil rights marches, Thomas Jefferson, Galileo, Copernicus, and a bunch of students in Minnesota have in common with yours truly? Well that's one of the subjects in this week's show, and it has to do with the new tagline!

Also, she keeps going and going and going and going... and everyone is wondering why is Forrest... whoops... sorry... Hillary Rodham-Clinton still running when her chances of securing the nomination are getting bleaker by the day? Well I have a theory that nobody in the media wants to discuss. What is it? Sorry, you'll just have to listen in to find out!

All this PLUS how one alternative to the oil oligarchy is becoming the biggest underground market in a state that prides itself as being the most "eco-friendly" in the nation, and a few other stories "Off the Wire".

That's THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Freethought Radio and on Apple's iTunes radio under "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock".

And don't forget we are still in the jury deliberation phase of the first "Government Out of Control" trial. Visit the Brutally Honest blog site for details and to hear the actual trial before casting your vote.

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'll let Keith say it all...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Classic vid: O'Reilly flips out

Kudos to whomever gave this to Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. You may recognize the logo in the video... that's Inside Edition, the tabloid TV show that featured narcoleptic goats.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The "Real Hillary"?

Okay, it's not really her... it's her Saturday Night Live surrogate. But it's still worth a look-see.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Government Out of Control: The People versus the FCC

The online jury voting is now open for the debut of the new "Government Out of Control" series.

The first case: The People versus the Federal Communications Commission

Go to the menu on the right-hand side and look for "Government Out of Control: The People versus The FCC" and cast your ballot.

As per orders from the judge presiding over this court of public opinion, the online copy of the trial will be available for you to listen to and to refer to when deliberating whether or not the FCC is guilty of gross violations of the US Constitution.

The jury voting will continue until May 28th, with the verdict read on the air on May 31st. Please feel free to include your comments for deliberations here.

Limbaugh's "Chaos" sequel - Operation F-N NUTS!

How could I have ever consider him to be credible? Seriously! Maybe it's the meds that made him loopy. Or maybe he was always loopy and it's just getting to the point where it's become noticeable?

Rush Limbaugh supposedly had a fool-proof plan called "Operation Chaos". It would supposedly get Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries and caucuses. The ORIGINAL reasoning was that Limbaugh DID NOT want to back John McCain... same reason why Ann Coulter said she would rather support and vote for "She of the pantsuit banshees".

But then somehow that got morphed into "let's support Hillary because McCain can beat her in November". Wait... I thought you said that you DIDN'T want McCain to win, Rush. Did Karl Rove or Dick Cheney call you up and shout sweet nothings into your deaf ears?

Well now "Operation Chaos" is turning a new corner now that Obamamania is still running wild and Hillary's chances are getting more strained than her voice. Now Limbaugh is saying that "Operation Chaos" is actually doing what it was meant to do, which was to create dissension within the Democrats. Now Limbaugh says that "Operation Chaos" needs to start backing Obamamania, because it would drive the Democrats over to McCain in droves.

You know, guys, I USED to listen to Limbaugh... I still have his books somewhere in storage. But somewhere between then and now, this guy has lost it. Maybe it's the pills. Maybe it's him going deaf. Maybe it's the seven years of neo-con reign that has driven him mad. All I know is this asinine logic of "I was for McCain before I was against him" is showing that he's really not all out there.

Well, I'll tell you what... I've got a new plan. It's called Operation F'N NUTS! To all of you Dittoheads who originally didn't want John McCain to get the nomination, go ahead and cross-vote in the remaining primaries and caucuses for the Dems, but instead of voting for either Hillary or Obamamania, vote for MIKE GRAVEL! Yes, he's still on the ballots, even though he switched to the Libertarian Party a little while ago. VOTE FOR GRAVEL! Because voting for Gravel will show just how strong you cross-party players are, PLUS it will cause an even GREATER upheaval with the Democrats because now they have to start factoring in those Gravel supporters, which will further drive a wedge between the other special interest groups.

AND THEN Rush will take credit for all of this and then we will all know that he's F'N NUTS!

Really quick thoughts about...

Jenna Bush is getting married this weekend. (Actually by the time of this post she probably will already be married.) And I say congrats. Seriously. I may have issues with her daddy being a Doofus, but that doesn't mean I wish ill of the family.

And her getting married will hopefully put to end all of the jokes that were being circulated about her and her twin sister being wild and reckless. They've both been very low-key of late and that's good for them, although it means that the media has been spending more time focusing on Junior's failings.

The other good news was that they decided to get married at home, on the family ranch in Crawford, AWAY from the media! In fact I APPLAUD them for doing it! THANK YOU! Thank you because that means that I as a taxpayer won't have to FUND your wedding! Of course my tax money IS going to pay for the military imposing the security blackout for the whole area... and for the Secret Service watching over the dignitaries... and for Air Force One. But the rest is all Junior's to fund!

So congrats Jenna... not only for getting married, but also for making sure the ceremony isn't a media circus. Now we can go back to bickering about who will be cleaning up your daddy's messes... or if they will ever be cleaned up after January.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/10/08 Show Notes

Brutally Honest on ShockNet presents…


An online court of public opinion where YOU the listening audience get to make the final decision!

Listen in THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern on ShockNet Radio for the special mock trial, with David 2 representing the people, former prosecutor Myron Weasels representing the FCC, and with Judgeware 1.0 presiding. Then take part in the online poll, where YOU the listeners become the jury!

Look for the special “Government Out of Control” section this weekend for details and instructions.

And don't forget, Brutally Honest on ShockNet can also be heard on Freethought Radio and on iTunes Radio in the Talk/Spoken Word and Classic Rock sections!

The new age of heresy begins here!

Media's double-standard

So Obama's ex-pastor is a lunatic fringe moonbat...

But John McCain's political BFF's were somehow okay?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The New Rules of Voting

Bear in mind, Keith Olberman originally found it hard to dis the mighty banshee earlier. Now it's like shooting fish in a barrell...

To borrow from Animal Farm...

All votes are equal...

But some votes are more equal than others.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/03/08 Show Notes

Brutally Honest... UNLEASHED!

That's pretty much the theme for this week's all-new FULL HOUR show. UNLEASHED!

We have the prelude to the new season of "Government Out of Control" series... namely why I'm doing this, what is it all about, and what will happen. This will be something that YOU the listening audience will be taking part in as well, so this is CERTAINLY something that you should be paying attention to. I'll also let you know who... or what... else will be assisting me on this venture this time around, because it's not just going to be me talking about these instances of abuses of power. There are some other characters involved... and you'll just have to listen to find out what kind I mean!

PLUS, last week I talked a little bit about Net Neutrality as part of the "Off the Wire" news segment. Well I have more to say about the subject, and this time it's directed at the Internet PROVIDERS, because these companies think they're doing themselves a favor and making profit in the process... but in truth they're creating FAR more trouble for themselves than they realize.

All that AND all the news stories "Off the Wire"! Plenty of stuff squeezed into an HOUR of Brutally Honest commentary!

Listen in this Saturday from 7-8pm EST at ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Freethought Radio and on iTunes Radio. And be sure to come back here afterwards and put in your own 2 cents in the comments.

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins HERE!