Tuesday, June 29, 2004

WHEW! Free speech online is safe... for now

Okay... have to exhale here...

The news report just came in that the US Supreme Court has upheld the judicial block on the "Child Online Protection Act", AKA COPA, CDA 2.0, or the bastard son of the anti-American "Communications Decency Act".

COPA/CDA2 makes it a felony to have material online that is "harmful to minors" that isn't under some for-profit credit card membership service. The freedom-haters thought that they had a winner with this law, but the lower courts saw through their lies and they shut down the law, citing ACLU versus Reno and a score of other judicial precedents.

Now there are PLENTY of things that are wrong with this law... the big one being that it is simply not the government's job to protect your children online! It's not! The government didn't provide that computer. The government didn't give you an ISP account. The government isn't paying for your phone line or DSL line or your cable modem line. YOU ARE! It's YOUR bill, so it's YOUR responsibility!

Second... under this law, any non-profit organization that deals with sensitive matters involving human sexuality would be forced to put their material under a for-profit website. Essentially it would destroy their non-profit status!

Third... "harmful to minors" can mean a great deal of things, and even if the law spells out what those things are, they would also be subject to change. As members of Congress were approving of this law back in 1998, they were reading a certain report by Kenneth Star that would have been ILLEGAL to post online. All of the major news agencies would be considered CRIMINALS if that law was enforced! Not to mention that news agencies would not be able to post some of their more salicious stories online.

Even the federal COPA committee that met in accordance to the law said that this law would not work! What more do you need?

And this was a close one too. Last time it was 8-1. This time it's 5-4.

Unfortunately... it's not over yet. Because the justices did NOT shoot down the law itself. They simply upheld the lower court's order blocking the law. Now that lower court has to have yet ANOTHER trial!

Essentially, boys and girls, the US Supreme Court PUNTED YET AGAIN on a sensitive legal issue instead of doing the right thing. What a bunch of black-robed COWARDS these old farts are becoming! If they did the right thing and struck down the law outright, then it probably would have slammed the door shut on this matter, because this was the freedom-haters' most detailed attack to date. The matter would have been over with, and the justices would never have had to deal with this matter ever again. But NO.. they had to bounce it back one more time.

And given the fact that the real architects of COPA are now members of the Department of Justice, you know that they will fight tooth-and-nail for their unholy demon-child.

Yes, we are at war, boys and girls. We've been at war for quite some time now, and the bad guys aren't just fanatical Muslims!

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