Sunday, June 13, 2004

Quick DVD review: Fight Club

Finally managed to pick up the collector's DVD of "Fight Club" and watch the whole movie from start to finish. The 2-disc edition was certainly worth the price.

This whole movie is a mind-screw, right up to the very end. I really can't describe it to you without blowing the secrets. You've got an insomniac who needs to go to all of these therapy sessions just so he can feel good about himself. You've got this eccentric babe who also shows up at these therapy sessions. And then there's Tyler Derden... soap salesman.

Now for those of you who actually listen to my rants, every so often you'll hear me throw in what I call the "Tyler Derden Rant". Basically it's a collection of Tyler sayings. The reason why I insert those into my rants is because for the most part they ARE true! That's part of the reason why the movie hits a cord with so many people. It's not just mindless entertainment with the occasional plug for IKEA or Starbucks. It's the whole consumer mentality that's turned upside-down. It's about how we define ourselves as adults. It's about those of us who have been pacificed and left out and dumbed down to conform to someone else's system while others reap the benefits of that same system.

And yet, at the same time... it IS entertainment. These guys aren't trying to change the world. They're not there to save the whales or push for gun control. They're just taking our so-called "civilized culture" and throwing it back in our faces. Even the ending doesn't really solve anything. The world isn't "saved" or anything like that. Even the ending of the movie has a unique "Tyler Derden" touch. (And that's all I can say about it without giving it away.)

This 2-disc DVD has a whole bunch of extras thrown in as well. Behind-the-scene footage with multiple angles, several deleted or re-edited scenes, all of the promos for the movie including the Internet ones, and even its own music video.

All in all, DEFINATELY worth the money!

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