Thursday, June 17, 2004

Baptists back down on school threat

The Southern Baptist Convention is having their regular convention this week... these are the ones who act as if they are running the GOP, and thus the rest of America.

For the uninitiated, Southern Baptists are basically the Christian version of Shi'a Islam. (Be thankful I didn't refer to them as Christian Wahabis.) They are highly fundamentalist... often bordering on being rabid fundamentalist. These are the people who proudly proclaim "The Bible says it, I believe it, case closed!"

Few years ago, the SBC decided to pick a fight with the Walt Disney Corporation over their employee benefits. They didn't like how the "almighty mouse" was offering benefits to same-sex partners. Since the SBC declared that to be an unforgivable sin, the SBC ordered all of their faithful to boycott all things Disney.

Now boycotting a big corporation is not the same as boycotting a little small-town mom-and-pop store. Disney has their hands in A LOT of stuff, including things that these conservative holy rollers enjoy. To truly boycott Disney, then, would be to boycott Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Paul Harvey, the ABC television network and ALL of their affiliates, ESPN, and numerous syndicated sitcoms including "Home Improvement" (which at the time was quite popular).

It probably would have been easier for the SBC devotees to simply do a mass migration to Montana and live in the Unabomber's old digs than to try to consciously boycott all things Disney.

Obviously their efforts were a huge failure... but the pompous ones continued to delude themselves into thinking that it worked. After all, THEIR attendance to Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land dropped. Yeah, a drop in the ocean REALLY makes a statement, huh?

Anyway, about a year or so later, the SBC decided they wanted to remind people what the role of WOMEN was in their world. That is, of course, at the feet of their men. That got the women's groups upset... but my question was who really cared? The SBC certainly didn't care! Their interpretations of the Bible was all that mattered!

Well this year there was this idea to order all of the Baptist faithful to pull their kids out of government-run schools. The theory being that these government schools have become "godless" institutions that are promoting sex and drugs and are now hostile to any form of Christian ideas. So the idea was to just pull their kids out... to essentially boycott government schools... and either put their kids through private religious schools or to home-school them.

This week the SBC shot down that idea for two reasons...

First, half of the SBC faithful ALREADY have begun home-schooling their kids.

And second, because if they pulled their kids out of government schools, they would then forfeit any opportunity to further change those schools and impose their will on them. Essentially they would lose an important front in their theocratic campaign.

But there is another reason that they didn't mention... but you know I will. That reason is that if they went through with their plans it would only further embarrass them.

Much like the Disney boycott, the Southern Baptist boycott of government schools would be another drop in the ocean. The diehard faithful would obviously comply with the decision, even if they ended up raising a bunch of burger-flippers and toilet-cleaners.

But then the faithful would find out that the rest of the SBC members would weasel out. These are the folks who actually have to work for a living. They don't have the time for home schooling, nor do they have the money to put their kids in private schools. They're already paying for that government education with their taxes, so they're not going to give that up just because of a bunch of elitist SBC jerks got their burquas in a bunch.

So the SBC leaders decided that it was best to vote down this idea and just go back to trying to take over the government schools as a way to spread their theocracy. After all, if it worked in Middle East, it can work in America.

I would call these guys pathetic... but they're really not. They're dangerous. They're almost as dangerous as their Islamic counterparts... and the only things that separates them from being exactly like their Shiite counterparts are a bomb and an explosive issue.

Mark my words folks... if you think that the Islamic jihad is bad, just wait until their Christian counterparts here in America go off!

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