Friday, June 18, 2004

Breaking News....

The news reports are coming in now that the American hostage Paul Johnson Jr. was brutally murdered at the hands of a Saudi-based terrorist group linked to al Qaeda.

The terrorists threatened to kill Johnson if the Saudi government didn't release all of the captured terrorists. Since the Saudis don't negotiate with terrorists, the terrorists could only do one of two things.. they could have either released Johnson or killed him.

NOW here's my prediction for the next week: you're going to hear the media drone on and on about how this is all the fault of Bush Junior. You're going to hear that especially from Mr. Johnson's family, who were critical of us being in Iraq in the first place. They're going to blame this on Abu Graibe and the other instances of abuse that are already being investigated and prosecuted, and then they're going to blame it again on Bush Junior specifically. And of course they're going to bring up the brutal death of Nick Berg again, since he was also brutally beheaded for no reason whatsoever.

Now.. what you're probably NOT going to hear... you're not going to hear that this is really all the fault of the terrorists. You're probably NOT going to hear the other Muslim clerics condemn this barbaric act.

And this is what you're not going to hear is this from either the American leaders, the Saudi leaders, or for that matter even the clerics. This is the speech that NEEDS to be said, but no cleric will have the balls to say it.

"It is not enough to say that the terrorists responsible for this cold-hearted act of barbarism will be hunted down and brought to justice. These men are dead men. They have forfeited their lives the moment they decided to take the life of an innocent.

"And in accordance to Islamic Law, not only are their lives forfeit, but their souls are forfeit as well. They have brutally murdered an innocent man who had received the prayers and spiritual protection of a faithful Muslim and was an ally of Islam . These men will never get the spiritual rewards that they so desire. Indeed, they will only know that which they have needlessly inflicted... agony and death. With every praise that they utter for their foul deeds, they spit on Allah and the words of the prophets. Look not upon these men with anything but the total disgust that is deserving of them, for they have become a curse to anyone of faith."

You won't hear that from the clerics... and that is what really needs to be said. Maybe then the Islamic world can wake the hell up and realize that what is going on is nothing less than their own self-destruction.

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