Sunday, June 27, 2004

Reuters: Stern still gets Infinity backing... for now.

Well Howard Stern may have lost his biggest supporter in Viacom, but it appears that Infinity Broadcasting (Viacom's radio subsidiary) is still going to go to bat for him, and for all of their talent.

Reuters is reporting that Infinity's chief operating officer announced in a panel discussion at the Radio & Records convention that, quote, "We're going to support Howard (Stern) and all of our on-air talent 110 percent".

Well isn't that nice?

The thing is... I remember a certain Clear Channel executive tell two Atlanta radio show hosts that same thing. ON THE AIR, mind you. And just a few weeks later, they were fired for something one of their engineers did!

So you'll forgive me if I don't take a corporate executive at his word. And since Stern has been in the radio biz for decades, I'm sure he's not taking them at their word either.

But there is one thing about the Reuters article that people should note... ever since the FCC went on their religious crusade against Stern and all other shock jocks, Stern's ratings have been steadily climbing! Even MORE people are tuning in and listening to what Stern has to say!

Remember what happens when moralists try to ban a book or a movie? People flock to see it. The more the moralists try to ban Stern, the more people will listen.

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