Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July, my fellow cyber-Americans....

Yes, it's time for some more pomp and ceremony. It's time for some more flag-waving, speech-making, and gaudy displays of one's patriotic spirit.

Well I hope while you have the hamburgers and the bratwurst and the hot dogs on the grill, you take a minute to remember just what it is about America that makes it so special that people will do anything to get here, and why terrorists will do anything to destroy it.

Actually, the terrorists don't have to do anything to destroy what this country is really all about. We're doing that to ourselves just fine.

Be sure to listen to my 4th of July special on how we're doing that. Some of you may have heard it before... but I spent quite a bit of time tweaking it since then. You definately have to listen to it... don't just ask for the transcripts. Anyway, be sure to listen in and then sound off on it here at this blog.

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