Sunday, June 06, 2004

Lots of stuff...

In case you've been wondering why I've been silent about a few things this past week, well it's because I've had a lot of stuff going on and not enough time to sit down and crank out the blogs.

Ronald Reagan's passing is the subject of this week's Brutally Honest column. I actually had another subject I wanted to discuss this week, but that one can wait. Reagan's death was a timely issue, and as you know, timely issues take priority.

Smarty Jones lost. Well he came in second, but he still failed to get the Triple Crown. I figured that would happen. He was just hyped too well for him to actually be the first TC winner in almost thirty years.

Last week's show is online now, and it's something that has sort of been bothering me... namely the Abu Graib prison situation.

Now my rant wasn't really about the servicemen and women who committed the acts that made this situation so despicable. The military system is trying to deal with that now. My rant was focused on the people who are now excusing the abuses and trying to justify them. Those are the ones who are rightly deserving my criticism.

So CIA Director George Tenet has fallen on his sword, huh? Well I knew that SOMEONE had to take the blame for the mistakes that were made over a great deal of issues, from 9/11 to the WMD reports. Who better to do so than a holdover from the Clinton Regime?

Oh, by the way, the media is not really reporting this, but there WERE WMDs found in Iraq! Remember that exploded shell that contained enough Sarin gas to kill 60,000 people? You don't just make ONE shell! You make dozens. You make hundreds. In other words, you STOCKPILE them!

The really scary part is that this was a WMD that was never REPORTED from the 1991 war! That means that somewhere in Iraq is a stockpile of unmarked and undeclared chemical weapons that could be used to slaughter millions that has been sitting there for well over ten years! We desperately need to find that stockpile and (1) dispose of it... and (2) make the liberals and their friends in liberal media EAT THEIR WORDS!

I'm hearing that the leaders of Socialist France, those surrender-monkeys in the Axis of Weasels, are telling Bush Junior that they will support a new UN resolution recognizing the new Iraqi government. I'm more concerned with what is NOT being reported... like whether or not Socialist France will agree to the resolution only if we drop the whole investigation on the "Food For Oil" program. Right now the info makes France, Germany, Russia, and even the UN Secretary General look bad. I'm sure they would be willing to do ANYTHING that will make that scandal go away quickly and quietly.

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