Monday, June 21, 2004

War and politics

Ok boys and girls, the new stuff is all online. Last week's rant went up on Friday, and this week's column was of course uploaded last night.

One thing I want to touch upon with my column concerning war and whether terrorists should be considered prisoners of war. I do believe this is a war. We didn't declare it. Osama bin PigBastard and his ilk did a few years before 9/11. And that's fine. If they want this to be a war, then we'll treat it as a war. Kill or be killed. Enemy combatants must be treated as prisoners of war.

The point of my column this week is to kick the cons and neo-cons in the ass and get them to fulfill their own moral obligations in this war. If they want to call this a war, then they must TREAT it as a war and not play these BS games of declaring people by some half-assed POW synonym.

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