Sunday, May 30, 2004

It must be Memorial Day!

Okay, the new column is online... and I actually finished it early, which took me by complete surprise.

Figures... 95% of the time I'm busting my butt to get a new column done before midnight on Sunday, and then suffer from sleep depravation on Monday. But when I have a Monday off because of a national holiday, I'm able to get the column done EARLY.

By the way, I have to give a big congrats to Michael Badnarik for becoming the Libertarian Candidate for President. As I type this, he just won the nomination, beating out two longtime party candidates. I would sincerely hope that he does a much better job than Harry Browne did. But the party has to back him and they have to push to get his voice heard.

Will I vote for him? He'll have a better chance at getting my vote than Bush Junior or Senator Lurch. But that's not set in stone right now. Let's see what Mr. Badnarik supports first.

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