Monday, May 17, 2004

So Massachusetts did it...

I'm actually surprised by the fact that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts now conducts and legally recognizes same-sex marriages. Not that it would happen, of course, because I've said that it was inevitable. But rather that it took effect as of midnight last night and the federal and state courts let it happen.

And has the world stopped revolving? Have the basic laws of the universe stopped working? Has there been one marriage that has instantly been dissolved because of the news that same-sex couples can get legally married in Massachusetts? No, no, and no on all counts.

Moralists, get thee to a proctologist. You've got a broomstick to remove!

By the way, for all of you bitching and crying about "activist judges", here's a little blast from the past from Doonesbury. I don't plug ultraliberal Garry Trudeau or his left-leaning plots, but on this rare occasion he actually got it right.

And remember, folks, Bush Junior can bitch and cry all he wants to about "activist judges", but he wouldn't have a JOB without a few of those "activists". He'd be sitting in the Bush compound complaining about how we're getting screwed over by the British Empire. And since the only thing that saved his own hide in 2000 were a bunch of judges, he really shouldn't be too critical about the judicial system and how it works.

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