Thursday, May 20, 2004

Are we gas sadists or what?

Okay, so let's see if I got this straight...

1. Gas prices are expected to break the $2/gallon average over the summer. Some places may even go to $3/gallon.

2. People are saying that we're getting fleeced at the pump. They're upset at paying higher and higher gas prices, and those added costs are now starting to affect our recovering economy.


3. People refuse to stop driving, and are planning on driving more this summer than in years gone by.


4. Air travel could reach pre-9/11 levels this summer, putting an even greater strain on our petrol resources.

What the hell is wrong with this picture???

Come on people! If you think that you're getting fleeced at the pumps, then not changing your plans will only show that you're not really upset, and that gas prices are not high enough. You should be upset! You should be fuming! And if you think that you're paying too much now, what's going to happen when the prices keep on going up between now and Labor Day?

And what makes people think that tapping into the Strategic Oil Reserve would fix things now? The problem right now is the lack of refineries, not the lack of oil. And most of the oil that would be coming here to keep the prices low is going to China. There's your demand.

Oh, and no, a single-day gas protest would do NOTHING to properly show your anger. Go to and check out the truth to that little cruel joke.

You want to know what will REALLY hurt the oil companies? Cancel your vacation plans. Don't fly. Trade in your gas-chugger for a hybrid vehicle. THAT will hurt Big Oil far more than anything people expect Congress to do right now.

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