Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Geting started - and a quickie thought already

Hey folks! Just kicked off a new service with Blogger. Hopefully this will generate some more feedback for the Brutally Honest website.

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Don't worry, I'm just getting warmed up here!
Let's start off with a few quick thoughts...

The brutal and cold-blooded murder of Nick Berg by terrorists really put a hold to the stuff I was going to work on for tonight's pre-recorded broadcast. I had initially started work on a real "winner" of a politician who decdied to show his true colors in a voicemail (and I even had the audio message). Then that was put aside so I could talk about the investigations on the Iraqi prison abuses. And now even that was pushed aside.

I want you to think about this name: Leon Klingoffer. Who was he? He was the Nick Berg of 20 years ago. More on that in my show.


Price of gas is still going up. Now some group is claiming that the reason behind it has to do with the lack of competition. Well at least that beats the usual pop theory (Iraq war).

That's one OF the reasons, folks, but not THE reason. Gas-chugging trucks and SUV's are part of that reason. So are the lack of refineries. So are the myriad of gas "blends" that have to be made for various states thanks to the EPA. So are the state and local governments tapping into the pump prices for extra tax income.

You want to show that you're sick of these prices? It's really very simple. Stop Driving! That'll send a pretty loud message.

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