Thursday, May 27, 2004

Click THIS! (And I'll show you where to shove that ticket!)

You know I'm getting really SICK AND TIRED of seeing that damned commercial for "Click It Or Ticket". I'm SICK of it! Seriously!

YES, I know that seat belts save lives! I know that first-hand! I've gone to the accidents and I've seen people who have been killed because they didn't have their seat belts on. And I've been in a few accidents myself, and I know that I would have been dead if I didn't have my seatbelt on.

But I'm sick to my stomach at the ads that are coming out to supposedly "warn" people about this new GOVERNMENT push to ticket people for not wearing seat belts.

What's worse is the bold-faced, Grade-A Clinton-quality LIE that they tell in shoving this commercial down our throats!

"Cops write tickets because seatbelts save lives..."

NO! I'm sorry but that is a DAMNDED FILTHY LIE! Whoever in the state came up with that should have their ass kicked twice... once for shoving this commercial down our throats every 10 minutes and the other for spreading this LIE!

Cops DO NOT write tickets out of concern for the safety of other drivers. Cops write tickets because it is the only way they can generate REVENUE! It's all about MONEY for the state and local governments.

Oh sure, you'll hear cops say "I'd rather write a ticket than have to go to an accident." Well OF COURSE you would! It takes far less time to write a ticket than it does to fill out an accident report. Plus most people won't fight a ticket... they'll just pay it and be on their way.

Listen, if you're going to warn people about these seatbelt crackdowns, be honest about it! Tell them you're starving for revenue and that you're just enforcing the Big Babysitter laws that our inept Big Babysitter politicians continually enact.

Oh, and STOP running that damned commercial every 10 minutes! 30 minutes is fine. An hour is even better. But not every 10 minutes!

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