Sunday, May 23, 2004

CBS News: Libertarian Party is a threat to the GOP!

CBS News is reporting on their website that the Libertarian Party is poised to be just as much of a spoiler for the Bush Junior campaign as Ralph Nader is going to be for the Kerry campaign.

I suppose I should be glad that CBS has even BOTHERED to mention the Libertarian Party, although I would dare say that they're doing this only because it makes Bush Junior look bad.

Rememeber, boys and girls, CBS is owned by VIACOM, and as I've pointed out, they have an ongoing pissing contest with the GOP and the Bush Junior White House.

Few things that are, of course, inaccurate about the CBS report.

First: libertarians are NOT "right-leaning". They are not conservative in the same vein as Bucannan or Novak. They are UP-leaning. Up towards freedom. Go check out the folks at the Advocates for Self-Government to see what I mean about that.

Second: Contrary to what Robert Novak says, if Bush Junior happens to lose in November, then the GOP will NOT turn to "the left". They didn't do that when Bush Senior lost in 1992, and they certainly didn't do that when Bob Dole lost in 1996. They will stay conservative to the bitter end because their key supporters are all such and they will NOT give up one iota of stroke in that party, even if it costs them elections.

Third: Also contrary to Mr. Novak, Rudy Gulliani, the patron saint of 9/11, is NOT a left-leaning Republican. He is a political thug, no better than that thug mayor in Chicago was for the Democrats in the 60's. His sins may have been forgiven in the eyes of New Yorkers after 9/11, but not in the eyes of anyone who gives a crap about freedom.

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