Thursday, May 13, 2004

MS to block adware/spyware - about time!

Came across this report from Wired News. It appears that Microsoft will be adding in some safeguards in the XP Service Pack 2, scheduled to be released this summer.

Well I for one am glad to hear that! It's bad enough that people have to pay through the nose for regular anti-virus programs and get firewalls put up in their computers as well as their networks. Now they have to worry about stupid adware and spyware programs being installed and destroying their computers. And yes, I've SEEN how this stuff really messes up people's computers. These aren't "enhancers", they're destroyers!

And what bugs me is that this stuff is showing up on some mainstream websites! I get annoyed at having to constantly add sites to my restricted security list just because one of their advertisers decide to shove some spyware crap on people.

Oh, and the other thing that MS is thinking about adding? A pop-up blocker. But don't worry, if you don't trust MS Bill, you can always get your own free blocker at Google or Yahoo or just about every service provider you can find. Still, mighty nice of Billy-boy to finally join the party.

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