Friday, May 14, 2004

Survivor's other big winner

Ok, Brutally Honest fans know I'm a fan of Survivor. A good friend of mine was asked to be in one of them but had to turn it down because of a prior commitment. This same friend was the one that got me hooked on the show.

So last night, CBS finally wrapped up their All-Star Survivor challenge by having a second live reunion show. Amber Brkich ended up winning the $1mil challenge, and getting a nice engagement ring from 2nd place Boston Rob. Ok ladies, get mushy... Ok, enough! I didn't want either of them in the final 2, and the other players should have figured out they never would have had a chance as long as the two of them were in the running. But they blew it, and because Rob pissed off too many people, Amber won.

Well CBS decided to throw in an extra $1mil to the All-Star contestant that viewers wanted. Yes, it was "Survivor Idol". 38 million people voted either through text messages or online, and they picked the guy I was pulling for all along... Rupert!

Why Rupert? He's a likable character! Yes, he's devious at time, but he also played the game honestly. He really represented the underdog.

So congrats Rupert! You may have lost twice in Pearl Islands, but at least you have the victory that matters.

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