Friday, March 10, 2006

Thug Campbell Gets The Capone Treatment

Breaking news, boys and girls... it'’s Judgement Day for Atlanta’'s former thug mayor, Bill Campbell… and I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: Thug Campbell got off on the serious charges of bribery and racketeering. Even though prosecutors produced witnesses that testified that they personally brought huge sums of cash to Campbell, the jury somehow couldn’'t accept the level of corruption being displayed. Even when he was caught with MULTIPLE mistresses and how he treated them to these lavish trips, all paid for with CASH, the jury couldn'’t accept it.

The good news? Thug Campbell did get found GUILTY of tax evasion. The jury couldn’'t accept the level of corruption that existed, but they had no choice but to find Thug Campbell guilty of not reporting that money or paying taxes on it.

Hey, it if worked for Al Capone, it will work for Thug Campbell. And it'’s good that at least Campbell is going to face SOME kind of justice for his actions. I mean this guy was a real slick operator. He couldn'’t even stick around in the city after he left office. He hightailed it out as fast as possible. In fact, the only reason why he'’s even back in Atlanta was to stand trial.

Speaking of Capone... let'’s not forget what happened to him. He served his time and then got relegated to obscurity, suffering from the sins of his thuggery. If there is any true justice in this world, Campbell’'s final fate will be just as poetic.

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