Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One down... just not the right one...

Well a member of the Bush Imperium Inner Circle just took one for the team.

Andrew Card just announced his resignation as White House Chief of Staff. He will be replaced by Joshua Bolton, Bush Junior's budget director.

Well it's good that there IS a shake-up in the Imperium, but in this commentator's opinion the wrong person is getting the boot. Darth Rove, the sith lord of Machiavellian politics, is still in charge from his modest role as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Now the strange thing is... if Rove is the deputy chief, why wasn't he elevated to take Card's place? You'd think that would be the normal course of events, right? The chief goes away, the deputy takes over. The head guy leaves, the underling moves up. So why is Darth Rove still "Deputy Chief of Staff"?

Answer: because his role as "Deputy Chief" actually has MORE responsibility and MORE authority than the Chief of Staff! This was something that was put in play after the 2004 elections that got very little media attention. In other words, Rove would actually LOSE POWER if he moved up!

I think that Card's departure is just another scapegoat for lacking poll numbers and the genuine threat that the GOP MIGHT lose power in the November mid-term elections. Like former FEEBLE-FEMA director Michael Brown, Card is being asked to fall on his sword for the sake of the Imperium, only without the cloud of incompetence that surrounded "Brownie".

Wrong guy, Junior. It should have been "Turd Blossom". I guarantee you if Darth Rove got the boot instead of Card, that would have eliminated a HUGE dark cloud of scandal from the White House. The whole mess about Valerie Plame and the leaking of CIA information would essentially become a non-issue if Rove was removed from the White House, leaving only Scooter Libby to worry about his obstruction of Justice charge. The GOP would probably keep their jobs in November and YOU, Mister President, would never have to worry about being IMPEACHED!

Do the right thing, sir... and tell Rove to go hunting with the Vice President.

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