Monday, March 27, 2006

I didn't say this but it is sad and true

This creative poem was found in today's Vent in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

There once was passed the First Amendment,
Upon which press freedoms are all dependent.
But it’s sad to say,
That if we asked today,
Some would tell Congress to rescind it.

And I wish it wasn't the case, but unfortunately too many people have absolutely NO IDEA about what the First Amendment is or what it does. They have NO IDEA that it was designed to RESTRICT the power and scope of GOVERNMENT. They don't know what free speech really means. They have no idea what freedom of the press really means. They have no idea that prohibiting Congress from passing laws RESPECTING the establishment of religion that IT IS separating church and state! They don't know these things... and they don't WANT to know these things because then they'd have to admit that they were WRONG about what they did know, or that they essentially sold their souls to people who were WRONG about these things (i.e. Falwell, Hannity, Robertson).

And then they want to wrap themselves up in the American flag and get in the faces of anyone who doesn't share their ignorance and call them unpatriotic, and NOBODY calls them on it!

I would say where we're going with this, but unfortunately that's a completely different rant for another day.

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