Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Former Supreme Court Justice bashes Congress… and where’s the media?

Here’s an interesting question to all those conservatives and neo-conservatives out there:

What happens when a retired member of the highest court in the land makes a comment critical of another branch of office?

Well the cons and neo-cons will probably answer: "Well… the liberal media would headline it, because they hate the president and they hate America!"

You think so? Well then why is it that this little story somehow got past the air-fluffed ego-driven mainstream media?

Yes, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was apparently VERY vocal about the GOP-ruled Congress during a speech at Georgetown University on March 9th. She had plenty to say about the Republicans and their power-grabs and their abuse of power when it came to the judiciary, although she never actually named names. Still it’s very damning if you’re a Republican, especially since she was appointed by President Reagan.

So WHY IS IT that the mainstream media forgot to mention this? I mean, if they’re so damned liberal, why didn’t they report this? Why did a lone blogger on MSNBC, the folks at National Public Radio, and a FOREIGN NEWSPAPER catch something that got ignored by the alphabet soup media????

I’m eager to hear the explanation, guys. Go ahead and try to pull a Slick Willie on this one! I'm waiting! Give me your best Clintonian excuse!

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