Monday, March 06, 2006

Mac Cultists: yes, please get a life

One of the more annoying things that bug me about my fellow geeks are those who are, for lack of a better term, Mac Cultists. I'm talking people who live, breathe, eat, sleep nothing but Apple. I mean, yeah, I'm a Trekker. I understand the fascination with Star Trek, but there still comes a time when you have to come out of Gene Roddenberry's world and come back to the here-and-now.

I've worked with Apple computers. I've worked with the Apple IIe and the first incarnations of the Macs. Yes, the transformation looks neat, and of course the program is far more stable than Windows. That's because Apple controls 100% of the computer, both hardware and software. Your average run-of-the-mill PC running under either Windows or Linux is a hodgepodge of different companies and different providers. Your case is from one company, your motherboard is from another company, your processor is from a third company, and so on and so forth. Microsoft doesn't own the personal computer. It doesn't even come close to owning the computer. It just provides the tools to make those different applications work together. That's why Microsoft is buggy. It's trying to adapt to literally hundreds of possible companies, while Apple's Mac OS X has only had to deal with just one company... itself.

But it certainly doesn't warrant the cult-like following some Apple evangelicals exhibit, including the folks at

With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to see JoT come out with the following cartoon. Okay, it wasn't original... it was based on William Shatner's rant on Saturday Night Live... but it does speak volumes to those who have sold their souls to Steve Jobs.

Agree? Disagree? Think I'm a little off-base? Let me know by posting your reply.

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