Friday, March 10, 2006

Greenspan: Third-Party Candidate a serious threat!

It seems that former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan is making some new predictions about the future, and this one doesn’t bode well with either the Democrats or Republicans.

Greenspan is predicting that there could very well be a serious threat to the two-party duopoly either in the 2008 or 2012 elections.


Now when Greenspan was running the FRC, the financial world would quake with his words. Stock prices would rise or fall on even a glancing word form him. He was the financial world’s version of God, so hopefully what they say about old habits will still apply here.

This is good news for Libertarians like me, because our day IS coming. But it sucks for both the Democrats AND the Republicans, because their days in the sun ARE numbered!

For the GOP, this means that their majority status is at risk. They’ve pissed off way too many people by placating the freedom-hating moralists, and they have taken the less-government-crowd for granted way too long. They talk about a big tent, but they forget to mention that it’s still a Gospel revival tent! Either they’ll have to divorce themselves from big religion or else be seen as the Christian equivalent of the Taliban… minus the bombs and guns and acts of terrorism of course.

But for the Dems, this news will be their swan song. For far too many years, the Dems have sat back and carried out this delusion that they were the only alternative to the moralistic bible-thumpers in the GOP. They squandered key opportunities to present themselves to the masses as a TRUE alternative to the GOP, and it cost them BIG-TIME in 2004. If they don’t capitalize on this new opportunity and retake Congress in 2006, then Greenspan’s prediction of a third-party opportunity WILL BE REAL in 2008! Count on it!

And if (or when) that happens, then the Democratic Party will be DEAD. It will be finished. It will be the Whig party of the 21st Century.

But what would really suck would be the screw-ups that will probably happen between 2006 and 2008. If nobody is in power to keep the GOP and the Bush Imperium in check, then there may be some serious hard times for this country. I mean, FEMA, FISA, Harriet Miers… do we really have to see what’s next?

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