Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quick DVD Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Okay, so I was curious to see Brad and Angelina working together, since this WAS the movie that put them together and ultimately helped to undo Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston. You know, maybe if they cast his wife in the movie theirmarriage would still be rock solid. Just a thought.

Anyway, the movie had just enough action in it to be enjoyable. If you saw the trailer, then you basically caught the whole plot. Two of the best killers in the world unknowingly meet and get married, and they have absolutely no idea what the other one does for a living until they end up being given the same target to kill. And that's where half of the fun comes in. The other half... well, I won't give it away but you can probably figure out what happens after that.

The movie borrows ideas from other movies, such as the interview process and flashback being borrowed from "When Harry Met Sally", the house bickering from "War of the Roses", and the high-tech super-spy toys from "True Lies". Actually a lot comes from "True Lies". Vince Vaughn picks up Tom Arnold's bachelor sidekick role from "True Lies", and there's even a tango scene, although it's a little more violent than the one done with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee

This is a violent movie, though. I wouldn't have given this a PG-13 rating. This should have been an R-rated movie.

And by the way, where are all of these super-professional contract killers in the real world? Every time I turn on the news and I hear about a contract killer, it's usually an undercover cop doing a sting. What's up with that?

Extras are limited here. You have some trailers, some commentary, some behind-the-scenes look at one scene, and then there are some "deleted scenes" that promised "more action and hilarious fun" (according to the box cover) but they just seemed to be too long-winded. Nothing to really appreciate in them.

This is a good movie to rent. Probably not own; just to rent. And if it's a "date rental" then make sure that it's with someone that you've known for a while. Don't let your "prospective other" think that this is how you see relationships to be.

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