Monday, November 28, 2005

The OFFICIAL End-Of-Year schedule for Brutally Honest

Okay folks, here is the OFFICIAL year-end schedule for Brutally Honest.

The last column for the Brutally Honest website will be on December 11th. This will be the 2005 Brutally Honest Awards, my annual look at the year gone by andgiving mention to the best and worst of the year.

The last audio rant for Brutally Honest will be on December 14th, and should be made available for listening either that night or by the 16th.

After that I'll be on holiday hiatus. No columns or audio rants until mid-January. There are some changes going on that will involve shuffling the Brutally Honest website around, so by all means please keep an eye on the Blogsite for any news.

Mind you, I will continue to send out quick rants in my blog even during the year-end hiatus, so I won't completely fall out fo the net. It's just that I spend so much time coming up with columns and audio rants that I have to take a few weeks off at some point so I can work on other things.


liberate2educate said...

You better not be gone too long!! D2, I have been an avid reader of your blog for quite sometime now. I never felt the need to speak up until now. What am I supposed to do until mid-January? It's about time someone took a stand and became the voice of America and the way it should be. Rush Limbaugh is the King and you my good man are the Prince. I can't tell you how great it feels to know that someone has picked up the torch and isn't afraid to lead the way with "Brutal Honesty". The truth hurts and you've got them beat black and blue. Continue oward and let's all join the fight!!! Keep those rants a comin'!!!

David 2 said...

Thanks! I definately appreciate your words of encouragment.

Your2StupidToBeBlogging said...

I think you two ought to get a room.

What the hell is it with all this 2 crap?

David 2 said...

I can't speak for liberate2educate, but the 2 at the end of my name is for real. It is a real part of my full name.