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Brutally Honest Rant - 11/30/05

Brutally Honest Rant: The "End" Of America?
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Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

Okay boys and girls, I don’t normally head on out to the Drudge Report like I used to do. But the self-styled and self-published online reporter came up with a little blazing headline this past Sunday talking about what the TV networks are coming up with for 2006.


Apparently the networks are buying up these shows for next year that have in their overall storyline either a post-apocalyptic America or one where the United States Government has just been completely destroyed. Both ABC and CBS have supposedly picked up two shows each where the United States as we know it is no more.

And I’m sure that has the flag-wavers in a bit of a tizzy. After all, isn’t this what the TERRORISTS want to have happen? Isn’t this what Osama bin PigBastard has been promising all this time? The "End of America"?

Well the truth of the matter is that the terrorists NEED to have America around. Seriously. They need SOMETHING to demonize in this world to take attention away from the fact that these people are complete and utter dickheads!

Pick a country, any country, where the populace has become so BLINDLY obsessed with the overwhelming hatred of and hopeful destruction of the United States, and I’ll tell you right now that THIS will be in their future should the US of A crumble and fall. They will obviously celebrate for a few days. They’ll party and get drunk and whoop and holler and have mind-blowing sexual encounters that will result in a new baby boom nine months later. They’ll do all of those things and then some.

And then they’ll realize that they have been SO obsessed with hating the United States that they never even realized that their hatred has not helped their own lives out one iota! They’re still living crappy lives, in crappy parts of the world, being dictated to by corrupt hypocritical religious leaders and tyrannical dickheads who have managed to stay in power by diverting the public’s attention to the overwhelming hatred of a country that no longer exists.

Whole nations would eventually fall into bloody revolutions the likes of which haven’t been experienced since the French Revolution and the great anarchy that followed. We’re talking mass executions, quick coups that last for a few weeks before the next dickhead rises to power, infighting between the various regions, sects, or factions, and a general collapse of the local economy. And this will go on and on until the next so-called "superpower nation" steps up to the plate, and then that nation will be the convenient target of hatred and scorn around the world.

Then there’s Osama bin PigBastard and his merry band of criminals. Without the US to pick on, they would have to make good on their promise to take out the Saudi royalty. And it’s not like the Saudis would be going broke if the US suddenly folded, because guess who would step right in and buy all of that oil? China and India! So the Saudis would still be sitting pretty, with money to spend and whole nations still addicted to their petroleum drug. That doesn’t bode well for Osama and his thugs.

So let’s get brutally honest here… these same terrorists who are pledging the death and destruction of the United States actually NEED the US of A around! They need something to pick on. They need something to rally all of that hate and blind loyalty towards so they wouldn’t have to actually accomplish anything.

But let’s get back to this initial idea of the United States coming to an end.

This idea is really nothing new. How about the 1984 movie "Red Dawn"? You know, the one with a bunch of teenagers leading the "great resistance" from the Soviet-occupied Heartland.

Then there’s "The Handmaid’s Tale", based on the classic book with the same name. Cripes, talk about liberal AND conservative extremism! That movie actually had BOTH!

Let’s not forget that failed abortion on ABC called "Amerika" (spelled with a K instead of a C) starring Kris Kristofferson. I’m sure many of you already did forget it… until just know. Sorry about that.

Or how about the TV series "Dark Angel"? It was James Cameron’s little pet project starring Jessica Alba back when she was a brunette and easily mistaken for jailbait. Remember the initial premise of that series? Big nuke goes off in space, electromagnetic pulse destroys the whole Western economy… anarchy reigns supreme. That sounds like something you’d see on Al Jazeera.

There was another TV series out around that same time that also played on the whole "end of America as we know it" theme… it was called "Freedom". It played with this idea that there was a coup in the government and a band of resistance fighters would be coerced into sacrificing their lives to help put the status quo back in charge. Nice idea but it sort of kind of soured because it got lost in the mundane storylines.

But you didn’t hear about any complaints about these shows, did you? Of course not! Because the whole idea of the US suddenly collapsing or being easily taken over sounded ridiculous! I mean… look at the mini-series "Amerika"… the whole premise was that the Soviets took over the United States in a bloodless coup. Not one shot was supposedly fired. The US had supposedly went bankrupt and the Soviets, along with several other nations, just waltzed on in. It was supposedly a "mercy takeover". The JOKE is that the opposite actually happened. It was the Soviets who went bankrupt and collapsed.

But the truth of the matter is that in a way, America IS in danger of collapsing. But not because of some evil terrorist organization or some rival superpower… rather it is dying from within.

It is dying because the very concept of FREEDOM has become bastardized into being just another political buzzword.

We have a judicial system that is OBSESSED with maintaining order AT ALL COSTS. They default on this asinine concept that the government is ALWAYS right and that freedom is something that is given out as a LUXURY. If certain freedoms HAVE to be curtailed, then it’s ONLY because it’s in OUR BEST INTEREST. And the courts will actually MINIMALIZE these encroachments. "Oh, well it’s ONLY for this time period, or it’s ONLY for this one instance, or it’s ONLY for THIS kind of activity, and nothing else." Yeah, right. An excuse for one instance is an excuse for all instances when it comes to the government. In that regard they are a proud equal-application institution.

We obsess over religion and over religious symbols, and in doing so destroy the very concept of religious freedom. Now the only concept of religious freedom that exists is the freedom of those in the majority to lord over the minority. They essentially tell the world "oh, you can celebrate your little cult-like observances at home, in private, away from our notice… but never forget that this is OUR country, and OUR religion reigns supreme here!" That’s their attitude. That’s the only "freedom" that they support when it comes to religion… the freedom to be overbearing self-righteous dickheads.

Our right to privacy and the right to own and use our own property have been destroyed in the name of "eminent domain" and "national security". The stuff you own can be taken away from you on the mere ACCUSATION of wrongdoing. Your own activities can be tracked and monitored without you even knowing about it, or even knowing WHY you’re being tracked. Your home, your own land, can be taken from you by the government for less than its value, and then handed over to some rich developer on the mere PROMISE that he would bring in more tax revenue for that land than you ever could.

Do these things sound like the America that we know? Does this sound like the kind of a country that our founding fathers would take up arms to defend?

We are a nation HEAVILY into debt, and it’s not just a Republican thing, although this IS the party that promised fiscal responsibility. Democrats are to blame for this as well. Both parties are blowing tax money like there’s no tomorrow… and they actually throw public temper tantrums when there’s talk of cutting their favorite pork programs. Worse yet, we have a Rube Goldberg tax system that punishes success, and any MEANINGFUL attempt to correct this is immediately and viscously shot down as being a tax cut for the rich.

And it’s not just government debt that concerns me. We are continually being pushed into eternal debt as individuals as well. Car loans, home mortgages, credit cards… we are being told to leverage EVERYTHING. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you the number of times that I have received junk mail offering to loan money for a home that I don’t have! And put EVERYTHING on credit cards. Get five or six of them and blow them to the max! Then they offer to refinance your debts for you so you can start the process all over again. And bankruptcy? Well those rules have been changed. We may be pushed into bankruptcy by the lending institutions, but unlike the big corporations, we then have to PAY that debt before we can be "absolved" of it.

It is called "entrapment", folks, and there’s really no other way to phrase it.

We are being FORCED to become dependent on the government to help us out and to regulate our lives. We are being told by both liberals AND conservatives that we HAVE to have every nuance of our lives regulated and monitored and supplemented. And if there is some aspect of our lives that is NOT regulated by the government… then the media will do an in-depth exclusive on it and some career politicians will wail and moan about this being some sort of "loophole" that needs to be "immediately patched".

We are a nation that is HEAVILY dependent on foreign oil. We have built whole communities around driving around in our own cars, and it is hard for us to break from that social trend. But rather than encouraging the making of cars that use LESS fuel, our government actually gave tax breaks for people to buy gas-chugging vehicles! They actually encouraged us to WASTE MORE fuel. Our government has actively prevented the construction of new oil and gas refineries in this nation, hindered the exploration of new sources of oil, and forced us by rules and regulations to become dependent on foreign oil. We have a Secretary of Energy that has publicly admitted that our future – OUR FUTURE – rests with how much oil FOREIGN NATIONS provide us with. That’s what I mean when I said we are addicted to oil. It’s a sociopolitical drug, and the foreign nations are our drug pushers.

Do you see what’s happening here? We’re becoming heavily dependent on others for our own survival, both as individuals and as a country.

And the very concept of freedom, the thing that supposedly makes this country so great, is whittled away and sold off in exchange for more government. We should be EMBARASSED to hear people say that they have to go to Europe to enjoy certain freedoms! We should be EMBARASSED to get a lesson in separating church and state from countries like France. We should be EMBARASSED when our own law enforcement agencies start acting more and more like the Soviet police and calling those abuses of power "necessary tools".

We don’t need to worry about terrorism destroying this nation, people! We’re doing that all on our own! We are well on our way to becoming our own second-world nation.

So, yeah, we should be concerned about what the world would be like without America. But more than what it would be like afterwards, we should be concerned about how we would get there and what it would take for us to step back from it and to change things so that kind of a future would remain simply hypothetical. Much like the apocalyptic movies during the Cold War, we need to stop seeing these things as flights of fantasy and more like warnings of a very dark future.

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You know… there was a book that was written a few decades ago that mapped out exactly what would cause a country like the United States to self-destruct. It doesn’t happen from a sudden terrorist attack or some great biological catastrophe. There’s no talk of epidemics or pandemics. No weapons of mass-destruction… no evil terrorist organizations… nothing that would suddenly and immediately destroy the nation. Rather, it happens over a period of time. It happens gradually, rotting away from the inside. It happens when people forget about things like self-determination, personal responsibility, independence, and freedom.

It’s a book that many people have mocked and made fun of and criticized and ripped because they don’t see the symbolic references being applied here and now… but they are happening. Sure the book focuses on industries like railroads and steel mills that were huge powerhouses in the 1930’s. But the attitudes of the participants in regards to success, business, relationships, the government… these all can be applied HERE, today.

This 1957 book is from Ayn Rand, and it is called "Atlas Shrugged", and I’m certainly going to try to get a copy of it for my own library.

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And by the way, I’m going to toss out one more thought in this little rant.

I would dare suggest that the people who fear the end of America through terrorism or pandemics are actually HOPING that such things happen. Not because they love misery, death, and destruction, mind you, but simply because it absolves themselves of their roles in the GRADUAL destruction of America.

They really WANT the end to happen from a terrorist bomb or from some new disease so they can wash their hands clean and then proclaim that it’s not THEIR fault that America went down the drain. That it wasn’t THEIR programs, or THEIR rampant political spending, or THEIR greed, or THEIR self-righteous posturing, or THEIR coveting of their neighbor’s success that poisoned this nation. No, they really WANT it to be something that would be quick and dirty and outside of their responsibility. That way, future generations wouldn’t look back at the things that happened and figure out who were the REAL villains in this tragedy. That’s how they want the future to view them… not as the instruments of fate, but rather as the helpless victims of it.


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

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Kent Rogers said...

You are extremely correct. Right on

Kent Rogers said...

I retract my previous statement, you were going good for about 5 paragraphs then you turned into Michael Moore, I'm sorry and I hope the diet goes well. HAHA

David 2 said...

Michael Moore doesn't see the big picture. He doesn't even pretend to see it. He gets hints of it and then gets lost in the minutae. And if you think I was doing fine as long as I was bashing terrorists and the people who blindly hate America and not looking to our own faults and our own downward spiral, then you're more his counterpart than I am.

We've got a long ways to go before we can be the people we think we are.