Sunday, November 20, 2005

T-Day for One (and a half)

I've given it some thought and I decided to do Thanksgiving dinner by myself. I haven't done something like this in a while, and I figured now would be the perfect time to figure out how to do all of this cooking. At least this way I wouldn't have to worry about poisoning anyone else besides myself and a very demanding cat.

I've been doing a little research... in other words I've watched the Food Network and visited their website looking for recipes. Obvioulsy the super-big turkey dinner with all of the fixings is out. I wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing. I'd have turkey for the rest of the month, including making turkey soup, turkey a-la king, turkey sandwiches with turkey for bread, and I'd still have to throw a good part of it out because it would be spoiled. There's just one person here... me. And while my cat is very demanding (and somehow picked up the desire to be hand-fed), even he wouldn't be able to help me finish off a whole turkey. I'd have to pair things down a bit.

So here goes... here's the D2 entree for Thanksgiving Day:

  • Boneless turkey breast (small enough to feed me for a few days)
  • Asparagus with mushrooms and diced onions over turkey gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pitted jumbo olives (always a favorite)

Of course I'll also be looking for a nice bottle of wine to cap it off, but I think that's still a pretty good meal. What do you think?

(Can you believe this little kitty can eat just about anything I eat?)

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