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Brutally Honest Rant - 11/09/05

Brutally Honest Special: Rioting Idiots
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Good evening, and welcome to this week’s Brutally Honest Rant. I’m David Matthews 2, writer of the weekly online column Brutally Honest.

Well my friends… Paris is in trouble again!

No, don’t mean the overrated and overhyped Paris Hilton! We’re talking about Paris, the city of lights and the capitol of the world’s biggest bunch of surrender monkeys.

The city of Paris has some problems. Actually now it’s the whole country of Socialist France. They have a bunch of two-legged mad dogs who think that their anger and their frustration entitles them to something. And the media has been putting a lot of emphasis into the fact that these mad dogs happen to be MUSLIM… however we’ve all seen this same mad-dog mentality from plenty of CHRISTIAN places as well.

I’m talking about the riots going on in Socialist France after two young and very STUPID Muslim men who were running from the police picked an electrical box to hide in and got themselves electrocuted. The Muslim community blames the police for chasing these two IDIOTS, so even MORE idiots from that community decided to raise hell.

So France has had RIOTS going on in several places around the Paris area for about a week that have essentially spread all over the country, and at one point threatened to affect the whole of Europe. The sun goes down, these two-legged mad dogs come out, cars get torched, businesses get smashed up, and people in these areas live in fear for their lives.

Now normally when you have riots, they last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But in Socialist France, these riots are ONLY happening when the sun goes down. Which means that these riots are being ORCHESTRATED.

And EVERYONE wants to talk about how we should feel SORRY for these young mad-dog rioters because they’re just "a victim" of circumstance. They’re poor, they’re MUSLIM, they’re immigrants, they have no work, and they are supposedly being… "marginalized".

Well I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that media crap.

First of all, as I understand it, all of these mad-dog rioters are FRENCH-BORN children of immigrants. That means THEY ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS! Their parents may be immigrants, but THEY are not!

Second, why did their parents go there in the first place? JOBS! And that’s the biggest BITCH from all of these social people. That’s all that they’re complaining about… "JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! We need JOBS!" Which of course is CRAZY because they’re in SOCIALIST FRIGGING FRANCE! There’s not SUPPOSED to be an unemployment problem in SOCIALIST FRIGGING FRANCE! Society is supposed to provide for all of the needs of the people! That’s what socialism is about, isn’t it? Isn’t that what the French people keep on shoving in our faces, how their way of life is somehow BETTER than American capitalism? Well if their way is better, then they shouldn’t have an unemployment problem! PERIOD! If their parents could pack up their lives and move from Angola or some other third-world nation and go to a completely different country for work, then so can THEY! So there goes that excuse.

Third, this bit about "being marginalized" is also a load of crap. These people don’t know what being marginalized is about! They have friends, they have family, and they have a whole community behind them. If any kind of "marginalization" was going on, they consciously did it to themselves!

A teenaged boy moving into a small town where his existence was not part of the area’s "divine plan" is marginalized. A young woman who gets outed for having some kind of sexual affair or is arrested for prostitution is marginalized. A convicted sex offender is marginalized. A whole community that decides BY THEMSEVLES to huddle around in one area and not mix in with the mainstream community is NOT "marginalized." That’s called "living in seclusion". They locked themselves into their little communities and then maxed out on propaganda that told them that the very society that they grew up in, the very countries that they were born into, were EVIL because those countries, those cities, cultures, and laws don’t reflect THEIR beliefs.

And that brings us to the very NATURE of riots.

Now I know that the social "experts" try to spin riots as being some form of collective revolution… the public’s vent against social injustice and that sort of crap. But you take a look at what goes on in a riot and you compare that against what goes on in an actual revolution. When you have an actual REVOLT, a revolution, you’re actually threatening the GOVERNMENT!

When rioters exploded in LA over the Rodney King verdict, did they march over to City Hall? No. When rioting exploded in Miami, was the mayor’s job on the line? Absolutely not. What got affected? LOCAL stores and businesses. LOCAL homes. LOCAL communities. "The rich" weren’t affected by these riots! The big-shot politicians weren’t threatened in the least by these people!

And that’s the TRULY STUPID part about a riot! You’re smashing up your own community! You’re not helping your cause… if you even HAVE one… you’re just making it worse for yourselves and everyone around you!

So WHAT IS a riot? Well let’s get brutally honest here… a riot is nothing more than a grown-up version of a TEMPER-TANTRUM!

That’s what a riot is, folks. You strip away the delusions of the social "experts" and all of the media speculation and THAT’S what you have… a bunch of grown-ups acting like spoiled five-year olds who aren’t getting what they want.

You ever see a child throw an uncontrollable temper-tantrum? They scream and they shout and they destroy things in order to get attention. And they’ll keep going until they get SOME sort of attention, either good or bad. Well THAT’S what you see in France today. You see a bunch of young adults throwing temper-tantrums, destroying their own communities in order to get attention! And the politicians in France really didn’t GIVE a crap about it until this spread to other communities. ONLY THEN did it become a concern!

Now, if these IDIOTS REALLY want to do something about their social and economic plight, I’ve got a challenge for you!

There are places around the world that have been hit hard by natural disasters. Afghanistan was hit hard by an earthquake. The Pacific and Indian Ocean countries were hit bad by tsunamis a year ago. These are two places with plenty of predominantly MUSLIM communities in them, and they are STILL in sore need of recovery. Just because the media has moved on that doesn’t mean that the problems in those areas are finished. These areas don’t just need money. They need help. They need people to help rebuild their communities.

You want to thumb your noses at the United States? You want to prove that Islam is really a religion of peace? Don’t sit on your croissant-eating socialist asses and start DEMANDING jobs from the French government… you go to them and you ASK if the French government could help yourselves get to these places to help rebuild.

Who knows? Maybe moving to these areas will help strengthen your religious beliefs. Maybe helping those who are living in far worse conditions than what you grew up in will help you appreciate what you grew up with and the kinds of sacrifices your parents made.

One thing is for certain, though… throwing violent temper-tantrums and DEMANDING that the government GIVE you something just because you EXIST is nothing short of an INSULT of those who gave up everything and moved to a new area looking for a new life and new opportunities. Is that how you honor your parents? I would certainly hope not, and I challenge any cleric to say otherwise!

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Longtime Brutally Honest supporters know that I’ve been somewhat critical about the French in the past, and you’ve obviously heard a few snide comments about them and their socialist system that they’ve developed over the years. Not to mention the fact that these guys will surrender to just about anything moving their way. It’s a little hard to respect a nation that could essentially surrender to the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts if they felt threatened.

But there IS one thing about the French that I DO give them credit for. They have a far better understanding for the need to separate church and state than their American counterparts. This is a nation that has an extremely HEAVY religious presence. They have a rich and FULL religious heritage. And yet, they still understand and respect the need to keep the government as secular as possible! That’s because they also have a LONG history of religious leaders using and abusing the power of government for their own ends.

And that’s something that the Muslims there should appreciate as well… because they’re still a minority in that country. And should the day come when religion DOES get to corrupt the government once again… as it does here in America… then the Muslims will wish that things were more secular.

That’s something that Americans here refuse to understand… a more secular government actually helps to ENCOURAGE the freedom of religion. It’s the mixing of church and state that actually stifles religious freedom, because it puts a deliberate bias on whatever the dominant religion is at the time. That’s only good if you’re in the dominant religion… but not if you suddenly find yourself in the camp of the minority.

Then again… the folks over in Dover, Pennsylvania, seem to have just figured out that little lesson.


Brutally Honest is a Get Brutal production, all opinions expressed are those of the commentator, and may or may not be shared by the online provider. This is David Matthews 2 saying good night, and I’ll speak with you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Well it is interesting that someone so far away is bothered to analyse the issue in La Republic Francais.
Do you speak french?, have you visited the country, which is a great holiday destination.
The current problem in France was witnessed in England 20 years ago, and we capitulated. it will be interesting to see if the French stand up to this one.

David 2 said...

It's a little hard not to be concerned about what's going on in France... obviously because of the media's attention on the subject, but also because there IS some great history, not just for Europe but also for the United States. We have a huge iron statue over in New York that came from France back in the days when freedom was the magical movement of the moment.

As I mentioned in the rant, France has a better understanding of the separation of church and state than Americans do... and of course they have a better appreciation of beauty than my puritanical moralistic countrymen.

I've never been to France... I'd like to go visit there someday. But I'd have to take some serious refresher courses because... je le parle un tres, TRES, peut.