Friday, November 11, 2005

Ayatollah Robertson “Threatens” Dover!

Can you believe the sheer GALL of Pat Robertson?

Seriously. A few weeks ago this jerkoff was calling for the MURDER of the president of Venezuela. Then he weaseled out of it when public opinion started putting him in the same category as Islamic terrorists. (Gee, I wonder how people could get THOSE two things confused!) Then he started rambling on about how the people of New Orleans had to be punished by Hurricane Katrina because of their "sin" of letting Mardi Gras happen. (I guess, by extension, God also punished the rest of the victims in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the rest of the nation for that same reason.) Of course he didn’t explain why God decided to "punish" the people of Texas for Hurricane Rita, but I’m sure he’ll mention some kind of immorality going on over there.

So now Robertson has put the Pennsylvania town of Dover on notice. GOD will punish them!

Why, you ask? Because the people of Dover used this week’s election to expel all eight members of their school board that were up for re-election. These eight Republican members all pushed for "intelligent design" to be taught in the schools.

So… if "intelligent design" is not creationism… then WHY did Ayatollah Robertson issue his televised fatwa against the people of Dover, saying that they "rejected God"? He certainly didn’t give that argument any help!

And YES I know that, once again, the Republicans will just trip over themselves to publicly distance themselves from Robertson. He’s old. He’s senile. He doesn’t "represent" the millions of Christians who support "intelligent design". He doesn’t "represent" Christians. He doesn’t "represent" the GOP. Blah-blah-blah. Lies, lies, lies, and more damned lies.

Ayatollah Robertson didn’t create the Christian Coalition because he was bored. His acolytes didn’t proclaim in 1994 that THEY run the new GOP-controlled Congress as a joke. Robertson put himself up as the leader of the Shiite Christians in America, and he STILL wields that power today. And just like the Islamic counterparts, when Robertson says that "GOD" will make something bad happen, that’s usually an invitation for his supporters to make it happen.

So let’s just go ahead and put Pat Robertson on notice: if anything bad SHOULD happen to the people of Dover, Pennsylvania, and it even HINTS of being man-made… then GOD won’t be blamed for it. YOU WILL! That town’s fate is in YOUR hands, reverend, not God’s.

Oh, and don’t worry about your immortal soul, reverend. Your place has already been prepared for you by your own words. I just hope you don’t mind the heat and the smell of sulfur.

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Anonymous said...

1) Pat can't have it both ways. If Intelligent Design IS religion, then it DEFINITELY doesn't belong in science classes (of course, the ID adherents are claiming vociferously that it's not religion). And if ID is NOT religion, then the Dover residents are in no way rejecting God. Big OOPS there Pat!

2) Recall that this is the same Pat that claimed a hurricane was going to strike Orlando, because Disney refused to bar gays from their park. Guess what? The same year, a hurricane struck Virginia Beach. Home of the 700 Club.

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