Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lying to Congress… and Getting Away With It!

Now it becomes clear…

When Congress requested the heads of the big oil companies to testify about their record profits, there was a little bit of controversy about these executives not being publicly sworn in like they do for pretty much everyone. Committee chairman Ted Stevens (the man who DEMANDED that Congress blow taxpayer money on his "bridge to nowhere" or else he would resign) was very emphatic about making sure that these people NOT be seen swearing that the testimony they give be the truth, the whole, truth, and nothing but the truth… so help them Karl Rove.

It seemed a little odd… but then I came across this little bit of news. It seems that the executives were not honest about their meetings with Vice-President Dick Cheney during his super-secret energy meetings. Every Big Oil executive stood there and told Congress and the rest of the world that neither they nor any of their executives participated in the secret meetings that led to the Bush Energy Policy… which in and of itself was a joke.

The Washington Post reports that officials with FOUR of the oil companies met with the Vice-President during those "classified" meetings.

So… why would they lie about it? Why couldn’t the execs simply tell Congress the truth? "Yes, we DID meet with the Vice President. Yes, we DID offer some ideas that I’m proud to say are part of the energy policy that you passed. And no, our profits have nothing to do with those meetings." Why couldn’t they say it?


BUT at least this does solve the mystery about not swearing them in. They weren’t being seen swearing in because THEY KNEW that they weren’t going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… so help you Karl Rove…. and they didn’t want to be seen by the media taking the oath and then having it backfire like it did with the tobacco companies.

So that explains THAT mystery…

So now… Mister Stevens… you have some explaining to do. DID YOU know that they were going to be less than truthful about this? Was THAT the reason why you waived the public swearing-in procedure? Did someone put you up to it, or did you come to that decision all by yourself?

Something’s fishy here… and we’re talking ALASKAN Salmon fishy!

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