Friday, November 18, 2005

Moralist Group Declares WAR on NCIS

Okay, folks, it’s time for some ACTION!

The Parents Television Council, the self-righteous, self-appointed judges of morality for radio and television, has declared a jihad against the CBS show "NCIS" for one of their episodes.

For those of you who have never seen this show, "NCIS" is a weekly crime drama that focuses on crimes that occur concerning the military. It is a spin-off of the popular TV show "J.A.G.", although this show focuses on criminal investigations instead of military life.

The PTC has pompously declared that one episode contained, and I quote, "a gruesome murder and blatant sexual content at an hour when millions of children were in the viewing audience."
The episode in question dealt with a soldier’s wife being attacked while making money doing an at-home cybersex chat. The woman was in the process of doing a striptease when she was attacked and had her throat slit in front of the camera.

Now folks, I HAVE SEEN this episode. The violence is a bit shocking, but no more shocking than the autopsy scenes they show EVERY WEEK, or the season-ending episode where one of the series regulars was shot in the head in front of the cameras. Did the PTC complain about these things? NO! And, in fact, the showing of the throat-slashing scene was essential for the plot-twist that was revealed later in the episode.

So what is the PTC REALLY complaining about? The cybersex part!

So let’s talk about the cybersex scene. The woman in question is seen on bed wearing lingerie. She teases the camera with her outfit, taking off a part of it at the request of her "subscribers". It is at this point that she’s attacked. She shows NOTHING. The camera doesn’t even HINT at her showing anything before she is attacked.

The "blatant sexual content" that is invoking the wrath of the PTC – and exposing CBS to GOVERNMENT punishment – was the very REFERENCE of cybersex!

This is a crime drama show. They show crimes taking place. This isn’t "Sesame Street". The episode was rated accordingly based on the content.

It is time to take a stand. It is time to stand up to these anti-American freedom-hating moralists!


The PTC gained power over OUR shows because they bombard the Federal Communications Commission (a.k.a. the Federalist Christian Censors) with faxes and emails. They have even created websites where their moralist drones can send form letters to the FCC for the programming that they hate.

Well there is a website called SpeakSpeak that tracks such activities, and they have set up their own ANTI-PTC letter center. This letter center is no different than the ones used by the PTC in that all messages go right to the FCC. The letter in question can be edited to express your own thoughts, and it is probably a good thing to do since this will show the FCC that you are not some mindless drone or a letter-bot.

If you are a fan of "NCIS" (as I am) or if you are simply SICK AND TIRED of hearing the nagging from these self-righteous mullahs and the abuse of power going on in the Federalist Christian Censors, then I am URGING you to join me in filing ANTI-COMPLAINTS to the FCC. It is time to show the FCC that these freedom-hating moralists DO NOT SPEAK FOR US and they sure as hell DO NOT SPEAK FOR AMERICA!

Follow this link to go to the SpeakSpeak letter center:

By the way, I already filed my anti-complaint letter.

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David 2 said...

Here is my letter as sent to the FCC:

An indecency complaint filed by the Parents Television Council against the October 25th broadcast of the CBS program NCIS alleges that "a gruesome murder and blatant sexual content" have violated the FCC's indecency rules.

I have personally seen the episode in question, and while the violent content could be seen as shocking, the content itself was actually essential to the storyline and needed to be shown.

On-air depictions of violence are not currently regulated by the FCC. Therefore, their complaint about the gruesome violence is not actionable.

Further, the "blatant sexual content" referred to in the Parents Television Council's complaint was a striptease dance, and it featured no nudity or even the hint of nudity. The PTC has described the striptease as a depiction of a "sexual function." It quite clearly is not.

This incident does not meet the standards of "indecency" dictated by the FCC's three-pronged test. Further, the implication of a sexual act is not the same as a sexual act. Implications of sex are not "indecent" by contemporary community standards in the United States of America.

It is quite clear that this is yet another baseless attempt by the Parents Television Council to sanitize broadcast television content and reduce it to the level of children. This is wrong and it must be stopped.

I therefore ask you to deny the complaint against Washington CBS affiliate WUSA. The complaints made by L. Brent Bonzell and his Parents Television Council are basless and should be immediately dismissed. They do not speak for America, and as a taxpayer and an active voter, I am offended by their subversive activites more than anything offered on broadcast television or radio.

Thank you.


David Matthews