Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nick & Jessica – How it COULD have worked

One of the big things about the world of entertainment that really bugs me is this obsession they have with relationships. Who’s dating whom, who’s getting hitched, who’s breaking up…

You know what? It’s pretty much all hype! It’s all designed to give some needless media attention to people who aren’t doing anything at the moment.

For instance, why the hell should we CARE about Britney Spears? Seriously! Why should we care about her? She’s not singing. She’s not acting. She doesn’t have a TV series going right now. She’s pretty active with her website, so she can keep people up to date about her daily activities all by herself for those who WANT to give a care. She doesn’t need to have the New York Post or MSNBC blabbing away about what she’s doing as a new mommy. The only reason why these air-fluffed people think we should CARE is because it fills up time and it keeps her in our minds.

That brings us to the tortured relationship of Nick Lashey and Jessica Simpson. Again, why should we care about them? Sure they “looked cute”. Sure they were on TV with their “Newlyweds” series. But why should we care about them now? Well the only reason again is publicity.

The insane thing is that the entertainment media is just as obsessed with breaking up couples as they are putting them together! They LOVE to put people together, get them planning for a wedding, and then once it becomes true love and the date has been set, the media is hell-bent on tearing those two apart.

You have to wonder how many of these Hollywood marriages are the sheer fabrications of the media, done for the sake of publicity.

Nick and Jessica seem like that kind of relationship. Here’s a new pop star with a member of a B-list boy band… aren’t they just the cute couple! And what do you know? Their wedding and first year of marriage are being televised for the world to see! Isn’t that just cute?

Well now the “happy couple” are splitsville. The rumors and myths are real and the hype is now the news.

The strange thing is the REASON why things fell apart. As I understand it, there’s very little reason WHY their marriage collapsed other than their careers took them into different directions. She became a big movie star and he’s…. well aside from the occasional TV show, there was really nothing on his plate.

But what’s really going to cook your noodle is this question…

Would their marriage still be stable and happy if they didn’t put their lives in the public fishbowl?

I don’t know… they really COULD have been in love. This could have been for real for them. But the problem is that the minute the media sees them apart, the media starts spinning the idea that there’s trouble. They don’t show up hand-in-hand at some party or if they do any kind of work away from each other, the tabloids start sounding the red alert.

So here’s some really serious advice from someone who is sick and tired of these make-then-break media romances: if you really think that your marriage is important, if you really think that you love that person, then do the smart thing and step away from the limelight for a while and work things out. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but it should demonstrate that you care more about the relationship and about marriage than you do about what the media thinks about you.

But if you think that your career is more important than your marriage, if you think that your life in the limelight trumps anything else, then your marriage is really just a sham, and you should own up to it.

Hey, it’s nothing new. Do the words “arranged marriage” ring any bells? How about “trophy wife”? The conservatives have pretty much written off every marriage in Hollywood since that place was first created… so coming clean about the sham of even ONE of these marriages would come as a complete surprise to them.

Either way, let's just get it all out in the open and out of our system so we could get on with some other more important subjects.

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