Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JUST a little extreme...

The really disgusting part is that these are the SAME SYCOPHANTS that spent the last eight years telling the rest of us that we all had to bow down to the will of the Bush Imperium, that their holy savior George W. and his apostles, Saint Karl, Saint Condi, Saint Gonzo, and especially the exalted most high Uncle Dick, were the only people that could keep the unworthy and unclean safe from the evils of the world.

These hypocrites that are screaming "NO" today were as recently as last year SCREAMING for government control, DEMANDING government action, and said that NO PRICE WAS TOO HIGH for the Holy Bush Empire!

As someone who TRULY understands and appreciates freedom... these hypocrites are DISGUSTING, DISHONORABLE, and DISRESPECTFUL!

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Carrie said...

And if McCain won, they'd still be the same way.