Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel Comics - in 4 words






Anonymous said...

Well, I definitely wonder how the Mouse will treat some of the titles flagship characters and I wonder whether they will try to tone down the violence, artwork and story lines. Will be interesting!!

Carrie said...

They can't wreck it any more the Quissada (sp) did.

David 2 said...

Oh it could be worse.

Bear in mind we've seen what happens when you have a huge all-encompassing mega-corporation take over a major title. We see it with DC Comics, now a subsidiary of Time Warner. Their latest project has been to take some of the greatest stories in DC's history and turn them into animated movies... oh, and then make sure they fit into their Cartoon Network timeslots. They did that with "Superman/Doomsday", they did that with "Justice League: The New Frontier", and I'm hesitant about getting excited about the forthcoming "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" movie because they may decide to nerf that one as well.

This probably explains why they've been putting aside the remake of "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract". A promiscuous chain-smoking sociopathic 16-year old girl? Yeah, I don't see that selling too well at Cartoon Network, especially after they nerfed the Titans their own way.

And now we have Marvel, which got rid of the CCA stamp a few years back, now about to be run by the mega-corporation spearheaded by a talking mouse.

Can't get worse? How about "Marvel Team-ups: Mickey Mouse and Spider-Ham"???

Carrie said...

From what I hear, those animated movies were pretty good.

I have my own mixed feelings on how they treated the Teen Titans. Some of the stories were good, I liked a number of the redesigns and Control Freak was a fun villian. But I didn't like how they dumbed down Raven and Starfire's personalities. Judas Contract would be a hard one to pull of since they did wuss out on killing off Terra (as well as her personality) in the cartoon.

Who knows if Disney can allow their company to make Beverly Hills Cop (an R rated movie), maybe they'll not totally sanitize Marvel.