Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Orleans Mayor Flakes

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin just pulled a Robertson.

Nagin, who got tremendous media attention and sympathy over the destruction of his city through Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, said on Monday that New Orleans needs to be a "chocolate" city again and that these storms are a sign that "“God is mad at America."

Now remember when Pat Robertson said something similar after Hurricane Katrina went through? He said that God was PUNISHING New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We called him a flake. We wanted to slap him upside the head and walk him to the old fart's home.

So why is it that when Robertson says something outlandish and kooky that he'’s rightly called a flake, while Ray Nagin says something similar and he'’s "“respected"” for it? That'’s called HYPOCRISY! You can'’t get around that kind of double standard!

Ray Nagin, you blew it! You flaked out. You just pissed away any kind of credibility you might have with the people who would help you rebuild the city. Why should any community want to help out New Orleans now?

He should have stuck with the things that have worked for the city... the cruel and senseless victimization of the city by the storm and by the government. He should have focused on the challenges that still need to be overcome, and challenged the people to do more for themselves, so they can in turn come back to the city and be better people because of it. Instead, he pulled a Robertson.

What a waste!
Update (01/17): Nagin issued an appology about his comments, claiming that he was simply trying to energize the black community... oh, and some of the stuff he was talking about MAY have been taken "out of context".

In other words, he pulled another Robertson!

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