Friday, January 20, 2006

Osama’s “truce”?

People are making hay about how Bush Junior wanted to bomb Al Jazeera… hey, given that they seem to be the preferred messenger service for terrorists around the world, I’D want to bomb them too! Especially after their latest “courier” message from Osama bin PigBastard.

Dead-Terrorist-Hiding is claiming that the only reason why there haven’t been any more terrorist attacks in America is because they haven’t had time to plan for one… yeah, right. Oh, but he’d be more than willing to offer a “truce” so that HIS people could rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m sorry, but this guy needs to die in the worst possible way. I don’t mean capture, tried, and executed. I mean DIE. Horribly, dishonorably, and then have his body buried in salt mixed with pig’s blood. This guy forfeited his life the moment he claimed credit for 9/11, and the longer that he continues to run and hide like the cockroach that he is only prolongs his fate and makes the call for his death that much stronger.

And I find it to be a little TOO much of a coincidence that this recording should come up NOW… when the PATRIOT Act needs to be renewed and when there has been some serious talk about cutting down on the forces in Iraq. Because you know what the Bush Imperium’s reaction to that kind of talk is going to be… it’s going to basically validate everything they’ve been harping on. Osama bin PigBastard’s little “talk” is basically the biggest talking point the Imperium could ever wish for! It actually JUSTIFIES us sending even MORE troops into Iraq and Afghanistan. It actually JUSTIFIES renewing the PATRIOT Act and pushing for even more restrictive, repressive, tyrannical, anti-American measures. It even JUSTIFIES the illegal and unconstitutional abuses of power that the Imperium has been committing through the NSA. Bush Junior doesn’t have to come up with any more reasons. All he has to do is point to the tape and say “THAT’S why!”

So yeah, Osama needs to die. Every effort should be made to find this guy, hunt him down, pull him out of whatever spider-hole or cave or caravan that he’s in, and kill him.

But I just don’t see that happening right now… because he’s just too convenient a villain for the White House.

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