Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A few pre-SOTU thoughts...

Just a few quick thoughts for Tuesday.

  • So the Number Two dead-terrorist-hiding is calling Bush Junior the “Butcher of Washington”. Empty words for someone who is spending his time hiding in caves and is not afraid to send women and children to their deaths in his name. The next time he sticks his head out, will someone PLEASE drop a MOAB on his sorry ass?

  • Larry King was supposed to have controversial talk radio hosts Randi Rhodes and a few others on last night… and instead I wasted an hour listening to endless blabbing about a wounded ABC journalist and his cameraman. One of the callers was right, why SHOULD we care about this reporter more so that the THOUSANDS of servicemen and women who died? They know the risks. They’re out there in the thick of things knowing that at some point they may get wounded or killed. It doesn't warrant wasting HOURS of airtime about the subject. At the very least King should have apologized to the few people who actually put “24” on TiVO (or in my case VCR) to watch something that wasn’t going to happen. It's called "bait and switch", and the folks at CNN should be ASHAMED for pulling that stunt.

  • So the big entertainment story is that Jessica Alba is the average guy’s ideal girlfriend, huh? Hey she’s a cute girl and all, but the operative word here is GIRL. That may have been good whenI was in college, but that was then, and this is now. My ideal girlfriend is more of a woman than a girl.

  • The filibuster to stop Samuel Alito from becoming a Supreme Court Justice has failed. No big surprise. You know, all of you Democrats who voted for these Senators really need to get your act together. I know the Libertarian in me should be relishing the demise of one of the two big parties, but I don’t like having it happen at the expense of destroying this nation, which is what’s going on with the neo-cons running things. Alito is a big-government yes-man and he WILL do the bidding of the neo-cons in charge, and that’s not good for America. But you Democrats blew your chance to do something about it.

  • ENOUGH with this crap about “Brokeback Mountain”! I don’t care about the movie, and the more hype that I hear about this movie, the more that I’m going to NOT watch it! A controversial movie does not have to win awards for it to gain respect, no matter what the subject is. And it actually cheapens a movie to have directors and producers and the performers act like the only reason WHY they did this movie was to win awards. Whatever happened to doing it simply to tell a story? Oh, yeah, that’s right, it also has to make huge profits… forgot about that.

  • Neal Boortz once again pulled out his bit about “Freedom has taken a back seat to security” as he gave HIS ideal version of the State of the Union Speech. Ya, nice of you to remember the word FREEDOM there, Neal. Meanwhile, you’re backing the Bush Imperium as it continues to destroy our freedoms in the name of security. That’s not helping your own cause.

Well tonight is the State of the Union, and I’ll probably spend it doing the “freedom count” again and screaming “BS” (or the long version of it) at the TV every time Bush Junior says “freedom” or “liberty”. And then I'll watch the Dems refuse to even say those words. I'll give you the whole count in a bit... but remember, if you voted for either the Dems or the Reps in 2004 simply because they were the "lesser of two evils", you threw your vote away for nothing.

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