Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to 2006!

2005 is over and 2006 has begun, and here are just a few quick notes…

Glad to see Dick Clark back hosting the New Year’s Eve show, but you can tell that he wasn’t up to snuff. He tried, though. You gotta give him credit for trying. The person I really feel sorry for is Regis Philburn. He was hosting the party over on Fox, and when Mariah Carey did her “live” performance on ABC, you could hear it on Fox. Regis couldn’t even do his interview inside the studio because of Mariah’s performance. Oops! Sorry Regis. I guess you can tell who won that little annual competition.

Speaking of the veteran New Year’s Eve announcer, move on the part of ABC to catch a quick peek of Dick getting a 2006 tongue-kiss with his wife. That was just bad taste.

Mariah’s performance… Nice dress! I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction, but she must have dunked her puppies in superglue to keep them in that dress. Oh, and Mariah? You got some serious CURVES! Your ex-husband was a FOOL to drop you. As for the music? Well, the prefab medley of your “Emancipation of Mimi” album combined with the rap performances was a big turn-off for me. You’re a big girl, Mariah, you don’t need to have rap stars leaching off your music to give you cred.

By the way, what the hell is up with fireworks on New Year’s Eve? It’s bad enough to have drunks partying about on midnight, but to have them shooting off bottle rockets and firecrackers too? Well, at least I didn’t spend New Year’s Eve on the roads.

Okay, on to some more important stuff…

2006 marks an important milestone for me. TEN YEARS of doing online commentary in one form or another! Ten years! That’s a lot of columns. And believe me, the retooled website in it’s new home will reflect that milestone.

Speaking of online commentary, I’m planning on mixing a brand new theme song that I’m sure you’ll recognize. The “Eye is Watching You” tagline from Powerman 5000 has been great, and certainly appropriate given whose in the White House, but it’s time to retire it. And obviously I can’t call this song “Real American Remix” because I’m not mixing in the old Rick Derringer song anymore. But I think you’ll like the new lead-in music.

The key dates to bear in mind: the NEW Brutally Honest columns for 2006 will be up in its NEW home on January 22nd, with the first recording of the new audio rants on January 25th. Stay tuned to this blog site for more details.

Oh, and please don't forget to take part in my blog poll: MP3 or Real Audio. Which audio format would you prefer to hear?

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