Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wilbanks Disappearance: Where are the apologies?

Okay, here's the skinny: Jennifer Wilbanks was supposed to be married this past weekend. Everybody who knew her were ready for this to happen. All of the arrangements were made for this. She comes from a very successful family, so you know that this would be a big, extravagant ceremony.

So she tells John Mason, her fiancee, that she's going out jogging. No big deal, right? She jogs all the time. But this time she goes out jogging and she doesn't come back. There are manhunts to try to find this woman, but they can't find her anywhere in the area.

Meanwhile people are pointing fingers at John! They start suspecting that he killed her, much like Scott Peterson did to his pregnant wife a couple of years ago! The GBI wants to question him and force him to take a polygraph. The media starts suspecting him of being another "Peterson", and if you listen to talk radio even the listeners start sounding off and pointing their fingers at him. "He has something to hide," they kept on saying.

Well it turns out that Jennifer has been alive and well all this time! She just hopped on a bus to Las Vegas to clear her head because she had wedding jitters.

So where are the apologies, people?

Where is the public apology from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for insisting that John Mason take a polygraph and considering him to be a suspect to a crime that never happened? Where's the public apology from the media for ever suspecting he had anything to do with his fiancee's disappearance? Where are the apologies from every person who started comparing him to Scott Peterson?

Look, I'm glad that she's alive and that it was all just an extreme case of wedding jitters. She certainly needs some help, and she needs to hear some of the things that her family, friends, and especially the man she loved went through because of this. But at the same time it doesn't excuse the deplorable actions of those who were quick to declare this to be something it wasn't, or for them to try and convict an innocent man. We've been down this road before, my friends, and needlessly ruined one man's life because of it.

So let's get some apologies out there. John Mason certainly deserves them.

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