Saturday, May 21, 2005

Senator Santorum's REAL "Mistake"

So Senator Rick "The Dick" Santorum has uttered the dreaded "H-word" on the floor of the Senate this past week.

No, he didn't say "Hell" or even "Heck". He said the OTHER "H-word". The one that you can't say in Germany.

He invoked the name of Adolf Hitler and compared it to the Democrats when it came to changing the rules of the Senate to eliminate the filibuster.

This is what he said:

The audacity of some members to stand up and say, "How dare you break this rule". It's the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 declaring,"I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me! How dare you bomb my city! It's mine".

Ooh! He invoked HITLER! On the floor of the Senate no less! For shame! (All sarcasm intended, of course.)

Of course the liberals and the Democrats have been invoking the H-word to attack the Bush Imperium since day one. If you ever listen to the liberals talk about Bush Junior, you'll see more references and comparrisons to Hitler than in Senator Robert Byrd's diary!

And personally I have no problem with Santorum invoking his role model's name. Oh.. wait a minute... I'm sorry, Santorum's role model is Torquamada, not Hitler. Sorry. You know how it is, we can't tell one self-righeous thug from another. Anyway, the point is that if Santorum wants to invoke the "H-word" and use it to insult the Democrats, by all means do so. That's what free speech is all about anyway!

What bothers me is that now Santorum is backpeddling. He said that it was "a mistake" to use the "H-word".

Well I'm sorry, Rick "The Dick", but I gotta call BS on that!

This the same US Senator who went into an unsolicited tyrade on the record about the U.S. Suprme Court even CONSIDERING to rule anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional. This is the same U.S. Senator who believes that YOU do not have a right to privacy AT ALL! He considers EVERY aspect of your life to be an open book for people like him to view at will and without permission.

Simply put, Senator Richard Santorum is a self-rightous THUG!

Not only that, but he's the Republican Whip, which means that it is his job to inflame the passions of his party! He can't have moderate Republicans calling the shots and trying to take away from HIS faction's power-grab.

It's not a mistake for Santorum to invoke the "H-word". He truly sees any oppostion to his faction's power-grab to be a form of tyranny, because HE'S supposedly on the side of the "good-guys". He's on the side of GOD and JESUS and everything that he considers to be good and just in the world. THEY aren't with him, so THEY are the enemy in his eyes. THEY are scum. THEY are evil. THEY are everything he despises, and it's his mission to paint THESE PEOPLE in as vile terms as possible... hence the Hitler remark.

No, invoking Hitler's name wasn't a mistake. Santorm's real mistake is that he's in the wrong country! Santorum should be in Singapore or Iran, where such self-rightousness and thuggish behavior is accepted in government. His mistake is that his party is busy trying to be a bunch of "polite" thugs. They want power, but they don't want to be seen a being tyrannical. They want to be a "dainty" 800-pound gorilla who applogizes before stepping on you.

In short, Santorum's real mistake is not that he made the statement, but that people from both sides of the outdated 2-dimensional spectrum had the audacity to CALL him on it.

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