Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"American Idol" hysteria

Okay folks, from what I've been seeing from this whole "American Idol" crap, I've come to a couple of conclusions:

- Paula Abdul likes sex. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! She's not married, but she's not dead either. She was smoking hot before hooking up with Emilio Estevez, and every time I see her on TV she still looks hot.

- Paula may be a "judge" on the show, but she obviously doesn't have any pull over who wins, because her alleged boy-toy got voted out. So she gave him some hints about looks and songs... big hairy deal! It's the VIEWERS who decides who wins here.

- Fox News threatening to "escalate" this matter by "investigating" ABC News is stupid and childish. In fact, the retaliation threatened by Fox only served to keep the hysteria going.

- It must be a REALLY slow news time for ABC and Fox to come up with this pissing contest and to have it last longer than 24 hours.

- ABC wasted an hour of broadcasting over something that should have lasted maybe fifteen minutes. If that.

- And finally... hey, hey, Paula! If you're still looking to get freaky, stop playing with the boy-toys and hook up with a guy more your age. Did you know I used to do musicals on stage and was once a part of the choir? Let's trade auditions.


Tito Maury said...

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David 2 said...

Thanks Tito!