Monday, May 02, 2005

The great move of 5/5/5...

For those of you who didn't hear the Brutally Honest rant of a few weeks ago, yours truly will be moving the Brutally Honest Command Center.

I've been doing these hour-long commutes to and from my bill-paying job for eight years now, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the insanity. I'm sick of paying $60 per week on gas when it used to cost me half that much when I first started playing this game. I'm sick of spending a fortune on car service every month-and-a-half instead of every three months.

So on 5/5/5 (that's May 5th, 2005), I'll be starting the big move from my nice and scenic place to a smaller place that's well within the Greater Atlanta Area. Of course, as always, I'm not going to tell you specifically WHERE it is, but friends and family know exactly were this place is, and it does come well-recommended.

As a matter of fact, if you read the Brutally Honest article entitled "The Atlanta Revolution", you'll have some idea of where I'm moving to.

In the meantime, though, I'll be taking a few pictures that I'll share with you on the move. The first one is already up at the Brutally Honest album.

So for the next week or so, please bear with me if things seem a little chaotic, or even a tad late. As you can understand, I've got a lot of stuff to deal with right now.

Update (05/04): I'll be updating the Brutally Honest album over at Fotki pretty often, so be sure to check in to get more on the move. The next pic of "box city" is up now.

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